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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halftime thoughts

- I mean, really.

- You wonder if Idaho State coach John Zamberlin might use halftime to wander over to the Georgia locker room and say:

"Is it OK if we just left right now? No one would mind that, would they? I mean you're gonna just play your walk-ons in the second half anyway, what with the Auburn game next week. ... And we'll still get our $525, right?"

I wouldn't blame him. It's still cold enough it hurts my hands to type.

- Speaking of Auburn, it has a 41-7 lead on Chattanooga with 11 minutes left in the second quarter. Wow. I guess that Cam Newton story isn't much of a distraction yet.

- On the Twitter feed, I made two Blazing Saddles references in regards to Idaho State DT Jeremy Munga. (He's only a pawn in the game of life, and shooting him will only make him mad. And one follower added that he's not so much a who, but a what.) If we missed any other good ones, lemme know.

- At this rate, we will spend a lot of the second half making movie and music references. If you have any good suggestions, jump in.

I'll start if off: "Inception", was it a dream at the end or not? (And I don't think I'm giving anything away.)

1 comment:

UGAHAWK said...

Love the blog and really love that last comment! You've taken some undeserved heat on here from the annoying fan base. I might be way off, but I picture them as a cross between Frank Castanza, Cliff Claven, and Dwight Schrutte!!! Know-it-alls who are hyper-sensative. I give you mutch credit for showing patience and still working your a$$ off!