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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Houston, Fairley and Murray, oh my!

A few afternoon notes for your Wednesday:

- Georgia OLB Justin Houston is one of five finalists for the Nagurski Trophy, given annually to the nation's top defensive player. Houston leads the SEC with 10 sacks and is second in tackles-for-loss.

A fellow named Nick Fairley, whom I understand plays for Auburn, is also one of the Nagurski finalists. The others are LSU's Patrick Peterson, Clemson's Da'Quan Bowers and Boston College's Luke Kuechly.

So yeah, the best five defensive players in the country play in the SEC and ACC, at least according to that measure.

- Speaking of Fairley, Auburn head coach Gene Chizik was asked on the SEC teleconference what he thought of people saying that Fairley was a dirty player.

“I don’t know how people refer to him. I’m not really sure what you’re talking about," Chizik said. "But certainly no one teaches that. He’s a very try-hard guy. He plays with great effort and great passion for the game.”

Chizik also opened his appearance on the teleconference by saying he would only take questions concerning Cam Newton's "play in the first 11 games."

- On the same conference call, Georgia head coach Mark Richt updated the status of quarterback Aaron Murray. It sounds like Murray will be held out of Georgia's next practice, Thursday, but Richt said he was "very hopeful" that Murray would be able to practice Monday and "do everything" at that practice.

Murray is dealing with a bruised sternum and a bruised knee, which he suffered, in case you hadn't heard, last Saturday upon being hit by Fairley.

- The Bulldogs are just having a lifting day today. But the coordinators and some players will be available to the media later, and I'll have updates after then.


David not Hale said...

My hatred for Chizik keeps growing everytime he opens his damn mouth. W.T.F

Army Dawg said...

I guess the internet, tv and radio airwaves haven't made it over to Auburn University yet? His wife can watch Fairly play and recognize dirty and yet the head football coach of a major Div 1 SEC school can't? No wonder he and 'Trooper' egged on the ugliness at the end of the game last Saturday evening.

joeski said...

Good lord: this in the wake of the AP article on Chizik touting his integrity just makes me laugh my ass off:

Anonymous said...

When Regis and Kelly call you dirty, you're dirty.

Anonymous said...

You know I thought the Auburn coach with the hat turned backwards having to chase Fairley after Auburn had players ejected really made Auburn look good on national TV.Especially when Fairley made those hand gestures toward his crotch.Classy.

Willb said...

I just read an article on Yahoo about how Chizik brought integrity to Auburn! He says he wasn't hired based on his coaching record but his high integrity. Seriously, that's why he was hired! This was kind of like listening to the announcers on CBS tell everyone how this was such a "feel good" story at Auburn.

Maybe one day Disney will turn this heart warming feal good story into a movie! A down and out QB that was kicked out of his first school for stealing a computer refuses to give up! After one year at a junior college showcasing his talents he proceeds to shop his services around to various colleges looking for the highest bidder eventually ending up at Auburn! A school that promotes above all else "integrity"!

The story doesn't end there though! Accusations of cheating at Fla! Is he even eligible? A defensive player who can get away with anything short of actually killing another player! Some of the classiest fans around! Oh and mr integrity himself running the show! That is a heart warming story if I have ever heard one!

I wonder who would play Chizik? What would the name of the movie be?

Anonymous said...

Toby Maguire in Turn a Blind Eye Side

Anonymous said...

Emilio Estevez in The Mighty F**ks.

ChrisDawg said...

Great idea willb! I could picture it now. The Rock as Cam Newton(I know age and race doesn't add up), with Tracy Morgan as his dad Cecil, and Chris Rock as Kenny Rogers. Chizik could be played by Will Ferrell. Tom Hanks could bring back Forest Gump for the role of the SEC commisioner.

I would watch that movie!

WAREAGLE88 said...

georiga fans come on.. stop hating on auburn so much and start worrying about your own team. they are struggling for a BOWL game right now. Im a student at Auburn and ive yet to run by such cry babies about this dang Nick Fairley crap! yeah he did take a cheap shot but who cares! its football and this is the SEC! Im pretty sure BULLDOG players have had a couple of cheap shots in their day. Sit back and relax and hope we go to the National Championship because the SEC is looking pretty darn weak right now. If anything people should be hoping we go! Im from GA and all my life i grew up with redneck UGA fans who didnt even go to the college talk crap about auburn.. for no reason. we are 11-0 for a reason. thats cause we know how to WIN. Murray will be a great QB in the future. and i hope a win from yall to GT and atleast be bowl eligible. Get over the loss and start thinking about what yall can do NEXT year kids. WAR EAGLE! go CAM NEWTON!

Anonymous said...

WAREAGLE88, I just printed out your ridiculous blog comment at my office and used it to wipe my fanny. It flushed ok in the toilet, similar to what is going to happen to your program once Lowder and Crew get indicted for all the wiretapping and bribery evidence the FBI has now collected. Mark my work, the plains is going to burn! They will get it worse than SMU did.
Believe it WARBEAGLE88! Now get back to automotive class or farming or whatever they teach at the Polytechnic University. I've got work to do son.

WAREAGLE88 said...

Redneck Georgia guy, Yeah ill get back to my automotiveclass. Especially since we have one of the most beautiful campuses in the SEC. Have you ever even been to Auburn? Actually, have you ever even been to Athens, did you even know that UGA is located in Athens, GA? But im sure the "FBI" has found evidence. NOT. This will still be going on after i graduate at Auburn with a finance deegree and also when i am accepted to UGA law school that i will turn down. Ill be your boss one day SON. WAR EAGLE

Anonymous said...

WARBEAGLE88, Been to Athens a few times considering I received my MBA from this great university. Your Farm Animal 101 professor is asking you to get off the computer and grab a hold of a cow leg. Focus son!
UGA Law will never extend you an invitation btw...Keep dreaming boy.

WAREAGLE88 said...

Ha your funny guy. I hope your wussy QB can recover from that domination on the field last saturday. We do have the rep of hurting qb's haha i love it! and i also love how we are old school and have a great agriculture school. im pretty sure UGA does too dumb ass. but im sure it sucks being in Athens (thug city). See ya next year mr. MBA dick. oh and im sure my score of 163 LSAT and 3.9 GPA will get me into any shity law school in the southeast. which im not intrested in. with that said, why dont u pay attention to your "office job" and stop fussing with a junior college studet. ha WDE and hope the best for the dawgs against GT. honestly. See atleast i can show some sort of class pulling for your awful football team.

Anonymous said...

WARBEAGLE88 seems obsessed with a UGA blog. We on this blog suggest you take your foul mouth and uninteresting commentary back over to an Awbun blog!

WAREAGLE88 said...

im not obsessed with this blog and this is my last comment. I'm officially sick of Georgia fans feigning outrage over the alleged dirty play of Nick Fairley Saturday night. I've never heard more crying after a game in this series ever. You'd think that a dignified fanbase born in the Junkyard Dog tradition and accustomed to gritty and hard play would surely recognize a man playing on fire and give him credit for garnering not only a significant portion of Georgia's offensive pre-game plan, but being in virtually every jail break pass rush Auburn could mount against QB Aaron Murray. Fairley got double and tripled teamed all night but still mounted more and more pressure as the game went on. Georgia knew they were going to have to run a virtual two minute offense all night long to try and keep up with ours, maximizing the talents of AJ Green, and having Murray constantly running for his life was NOT part of that plan. Georgia got frustrated because other AU defensive linemen were getting through too, so someone decided to try a cheap shot on Fairley to slow him down and chop blocked him. WDE yall watch for us in the national championship!