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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Richt teleconference notes

There wasn't much in the way of news or bulletin-board material on Mark Richt's Sunday teleconference.

Some quick notes:

- Two backups who were hurt against Idaho State have a good chance of playing at Auburn. Nose tackle Kwame Geathers (ankle) and receiver Logan Gray (jaw) are both probable, with Geathers receiving the most optimistic prognosis.

- Safety Alec Ogletree's performance was graded well on film, and the freshman has a good chance of starting at Auburn. Richt said Ogletree had one "mental error," but otherwise showed he has a good grasp on the defense.

- Interestingly, Richt didn't embrace the idea of this being a chance for a signature win at Auburn. When told a few players had mentioned that on Saturday, Richt wondered if the players had simply been answering a leading question.

“The bottom line is it’s another Southeastern Conference game," Richt said. "It’s very important to us. It’s a big-time rival game.”

- As of Sunday, Richt hadn't watched Auburn offensive game tape yet. (It's a good bet the defensive coaches have been.) Mississippi State is the only team to hold Auburn under 20 points.

“That’ll probably be the first one I look at when it comes to watching the Auburn offense,” Richt said.


Anonymous said...

Lets hope the offensive coaches take the time to watch what Auburn gives up instead of running the same old tired plays.

The Shuffle said...

Saban would have watched film on at least 5 Auburn games before his teleconference.

Anonymous said...

And Saban would lose anyway.

Anonymous said...

How many games did Saban watch of South Carolina and LSU?

Anonymous said...

jack says..

i still say the DC we should've hired is at MSU...can we give Manny a call??

Jack said...

Wait a second....
I didn't say that!

PTC DAWG said...

Speaking of Saban, have they started heaving bricks yet? LOL

Dallas is going to be calling his name..

Will said...

I'm actually rather surprised by the clarity of mind exhibited by most of the Alabama fans I know regarding this loss. Usually, we assume these people are insane (don't get me wrong, they are), but they're taking this loss to the Mad Hatter in stride and not breaking out any pitchforks after a pretty good year.

Anonymous said...

Anon 748....


Anonymous said...

Yes Saban is a god among football coaches.... He can do no wrong. Not saying Richt is better or worse but he has a better all time winning percentage and he is a much more loyal coach.

We can have Richt as long as we choose. Saban could easily be gone after this season and all that talk of Bama stealing our recruits will end very quickly.

BuLLdawg said...

Winning Percentage Coach at Current School :
.934 # 1 Chris Petersen Boise State 57-4 year 5
.863 # 2 Chip Kelly Oregon 19-3 year 2
.828 # 3 Urban Meyer Florida 63-13 year 6*
.822 # 4 Jim Tressel Ohio State 102-22 year 10
.805 # 5 Bob Stoops Oklahoma 124-30 year 12
.804 # 6 Mack Brown Texas 132-32 year 13
.800 # 7 Nick Saban Alabama 40-10 year 4*
.786 # 8 Les Miles LSU 59-16 year 6*
.782 # 9 Gene Chizik Auburn 18-5 year 2*
,772 # 10 Gary Patterson TCU 95-28 year 11
.770 # 11 Brian Kelly Cincinnati 37-11 year 4
.756 # 12 Bo Pelini Nebraska 28-9 year 3
.756 # 13 Kyle Whittingham Utah 56-18 year 6
.754 # 14 Bret Bielema Wisconsin 16-15 year 5
.750 # 15 Joe Paterno Penn State 400-132-3 year 45
.748 # 16 Mark Richt Georgia 95-32 year 10*

* 5th best coach in The SEC - winning percentage current school

Program Record last 5 years on field, current head coach
57-4 Boise State last 5 years, Chris Petersen 1
54-10 Florida last 5 years, Urban Meyer* 2
52-9 Ohio State last 5 years, Jim Tressel 3
52-10 TCU last 5 years, Gary Patterson 4
49-12 Southern California last 5 years, Lane Kiffin 5
49-13 Texas last 5 years, Mack Brown 6
49-15 Oklahoma last 5 years, Bob Stoops 7
48-13 Utah last 5 years, Kyle Whittingham 8
48-14 LSU last 5 years, Les Miles* 9
48-15 Virginia Tech last 5 years, Frank Beamer 10
47-14 BYU last 5 years, Bronco Mendenhall 11
46-15 Penn State last 5 years, Joe Paterno 12
46-15 Wisconsin last 5 years, Bret Bielema 13
46-17 Alabama last 5 years on field, Nick Saban* 14
45-15 West Virginia last 5 years, Bill Stewart 15
45-16 Oregon last 5 years, Chip Kelly 16
45-18 Missouri last 5 years, Gary Pinkel 17
44-17 Cincinnati last 5 years, Butch Jones 18
43-18 Auburn last 5 years, Gene Chizik* 19
43-19 Georgia last 5 years, Coach Richt* 20

* 5th Best Program in The SEC won/lost on field last 5 years

Anonymous said...

BuLLdawg is like that guy in Rain Man that just repeats mindless phrases over and over."Buy my underwear at Kmart,buy my underwear at Kmart."

Muckbeast said...

@Anon 5:23 AM:

He has to keep repeating it because idiots keep suggesting that Richt of the last 5 years is comparable at all to Richt of the first 5 years.

Anonymous said...

So he keeps telling us Boise is Number one? Very informative!

Anonymous said...

Even the NFL network was talking about Sabans wanderlust.Let's see,one of the greatest cities in Dallas for more money,coaching the best players in the world or Tusky after abeatdown by your rival.You make the call.

Anonymous said...

BuLLdawg has at least moved past "anonymous". On the AJC he is Boweevil, where he posted the exact same thing this morning.

Anonymous said...

2 Words you'll never hear from BuLLdawg or boweevil.GO DAWGS!

BullyMack said...

Unfortunately that is what is going to be the downfall of this blog -> Idiots gravitating over from the AJC blog which is complete garbage. How much longer this remains the best place to actually read and talk about the Dawgs amongst other sane fans remains to be seen.

Charlestowne Dawg said...

"We can have Richt as long as we choose"

...I don't know if I'd be so sure about that. I've wondered lately if all this pressure and hot seat talk from the fans is going to end up driving him away.

I've recently heard (and I'm not sure how reliable the source is) that Miami is going to be targeting Richt pretty hard....things could get interesting this offseason.

Anonymous said...

What?Nobody wants Boise's coach?I heard he was number 1 over the past 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Charlestowne- Richt relocated his entire family to Athens. He's not going anywhere unless he's forced to.

PTC DAWG said...

Beat the BARN!!!

Charlestowne Dawg said...

I've read all of that about him relocating his family as well...but the way this situation has played out this year, it really wouldn't surprise me if he started considering a change of scenery. Especially where he played college football.

I am for Richt finishing out his contract and I hope he doesn't go, but I've just been worried for awhile that, ultimately, it might not be the University of Georgia that makes that call.

Willb said...

AJC posters have got to be about the worst on the Internet! With posters like BuLLdawg this blog is moving closer to that. I have also seen him on Bleacher Report posting this same crap.

I don't even read AJC articles anymore. The last article I read I remember a bunch of posters were calling for Murray to be pulled as the starter and about everyone on there agreed. Also the articles suck for the most part to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and he'll be right back at it once he gets home from middle school.