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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Richt comments on some things, not so much on others

I suppose I could come on here and try to embellish, try to pretend there was real news and something profound on Mark Richt’s Sunday teleconference. But … I won’t.

Being the start of a bye week, Richt gave his coaches the day off. Richt himself was calling in from home and hadn’t spoken to athletic trainer Ron Courson, so the coach he declined to comment on any injuries, including quarterback Aaron Murray.

The freshman quarterback took a blow to the knee near the end against Auburn, but was walking around fine after the game. We’ll have to wait for Monday’s practice to get full confirmation that Murray’s injury is nothing to worry about.

Speaking of practice, Richt has set the bye week schedule: Practices on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, the latter day being the most likely to be full-pads. The team will also have a lifting day on Wednesday, when assistant coaches will be on the road recruiting. But Richt said he would ask the coordinators to stick around Athens so they could at least have a walk-through.

Then the team gets the weekend off. As do, hopefully, beat writers.

Richt was asked several times about the contretemps at the end of the Auburn game. Much like the injuries, Richt clammed up.

He wouldn’t comment when asked if he planned on sending any of the Nick Fairley hits on Murray to the SEC office.

He also said he didn’t need a call or apology from Auburn head coach Gene Chizik, who said afterwards that he was embarrassed by having two players ejected in the final moments of the game.

“I know our guys were highly emotionally charged also,” Richt said. “I’m not gonna sit here and try to say their guys were doing one thing and our guys were doing another. I know that I had enough concern with what was going on that we took a knee to try to diffuse that situation.”

Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs did visit the postgame locker room, but Richt said the fighting issue didn’t come up.

“He just said hello,” Richt said. “I’ve come to know him a little bit through the years. He might have been there just to see Mr. McGarity, I don’t know. It’s not very unusual for an athletic director to be at those type of those of things.”

As always, we’ll have more coverage in Monday’s papers.


Anonymous said...

Seth: Pretty please stop calling this week a "bye week" and instead refer to it as an "off week." Thanks. Byes are for tournaments, regardless of what the NFL and ESPN say. You can look it up.

MikeR said...

The only thing I want to hear from Richt is this.
"Hey Dawg fans I am sorry for our play the last two years. I am responsible for this team and how we play. I know where the problems are and will fix them at the end of this season. If you fans do not see a big improvement in the way we play, the amount of games we win and the way we prepare for and approach our games next year I will resign and let the team move on without me".

Anonymous said...

For goodness sakes, does Mark Richt always have to "turn the other cheek"! Can't he defend his program and our players? When we beat UF in 2007, Urban Meyer made sure his players hated UGA every day for a whole year. They beat us badly the next year. When someone slaps us in the face, we tell the teacher. How about taking it out on an opponent on the field, instead of whining to Mike Slive. UGA football is woosified.

Dave said...

I know much of the dirty talk is about Fairley, but does anyone remember the stiff arm (right punch) Newton threw at Rambo. He was warned by the refs, but that same punch got those other Auburn players ejected. I may be reaching a little bit on this one, but that stayed in my mind during the game as AU players started taking the dirty shots.

Taylor said...

Anon @6:59: can you pretty please not ever comment again? Bye week / off week, we all know what he's referring to, don't be "that guy".

In reference to Richt, I do wish he would say SOMETHING in regards to this whole fiasco that was Saturday's game. It has to get frustrating sometimes covering Richt due to his lack of emotion and unwillingness to actually speak his mind

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend off Seth, I appreciate your blog.

Todd said...

Anon 6:59, will you please move out of your Mom's basement and get a life? You have plenty of time to do so during this BYE week.

Anonymous said...

Hey Seth have some fun on your Bye week :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As for Richt not speaking his mind, he went out to the refs during the fight and told them something along the lines of "that's what you get when you don't call late hits."

Anonymous said...

Gene Chizik is challenging the SEC on the ejections of his two players and their mandatory suspensions for the Alabama game.

It will be interesting to see if the SEC office rolls over.

Anonymous said...

diffuse (verb)

1. to spread or cause to spread in all directions
2. to undergo or cause to undergo diffusion

defuse (verb)

1. to remove the triggering device of (a bomb, etc)
2. to remove the cause of tension from (a crisis, etc)

I don't think Richt wanted to diffuse the on-field fighting. He wanted to DEFUSE it.

Army Dawg said...

Seth, if the SEC office is going to 'punish' Fairley for his blatant unsportsmanlike conduct, spearing and pile driving the qb in the ground after the qb has delivered the ball, when would be the typical day of the week that the league would do this? Or do you just show up at the next game and not play like the SEC did with Ben Jones for the Colorado game?

Anonymous said...

I watched the replay of the game on CSS tonight and I paid particular attention when the near-brawl came up. Two observations: 1.) Ealey got away with a punch that probably should have gotten him ejected along with Goggans. 2.) Fairly is an absolute thug. There is no other way to put it. He pantomined being handcuffed after sparking the whole thing. Good practice. He's likely headed to real handcuffs at some point.

BuLLdawg said...


At least you have your name on your posts, which is a lot more than can be said for the rest of them on this blog, spouting their B.S. that they are here to talk about football - and, talk about nothing but what a good person Coach Richt is, not football.

Good person despite the fact he has lost 20 games these last 5 years already. 20 divided by 5 years is an average of 4 losses per year. Pardon me Joeski, but I don't care what kind of man Coach Richt is. He is the football coach, the last time I looked at the # 11 college football program in 1-A wins.

He is in a state which finds but 3 other states in the entire nation with more high school recruits who go on to the NFL. Georgia tek certainly does not sign them as their average recruiting ranking of Number 51 for all the years Paul Johnson has been there with his figured out high school offense eschewing the pass for just only run like other teams cannot load 8 in the box, or cannot take out the pitch man and hit the option quarterback is such a hard offense to figure out. How can you have the # 51 recruiting class every year in a state finding only 3 better states in the nation ? The same way you can sit there and say what was taken away from UGA in the last great Depression did not deserve to be and that our students should only pick and choose among every other Major but Engineering. If you are a student at UGA, you have to want to go to a school that the FOOTBALL PLAYERS in this state, damn sure don't want to go to, if after you are at UGA, you decide that you want your Major to be Engineering. By the way, NONE of the student-athletes at Georgia tek are Engineering Majors. None in ANY sport.

I never wanted to go to Georgia tek. Never.

Neither does anyone else. So, give them a PROTECTED Major Engineering, and we are limiting our kids AWAY from those Majors. That's B.S. and that is why it is OVER that which you stole from us.

So, the question I have is, since we are THE University of The State of Georgia, and average BEFORE all the kids recruited here by Coach Richt are ARRESTED / SUSPENDED and then KICKED OUT or misapplied as to their talents, or redshirted so we see them 2 years before NFL, or coached by nincompoops so they are WORSE in Game 11 than they were in Game 1, or shown that discipline doesn't matter to the coaching staff on or off the field, and we therefore end up with a Effective Recruiting Rankings (removing those NO LONGER IN THE PROGRAM) of about Number 51 ourselves, just how great a FOOTBALL COACH is Coach Richt with his 20 LOSSES these last 5 years, 4 a year.

How great is his ability after 10 years On The Job Training at $ 3 million dollars a year state salary, to hire a coaching staff when in 12 months time now, he will have fired every single coach he hired ?

Please let's talk about Auburn celebrating and nothing about our own guys, playing the # 2 football ranked team in the nation, undefeated, beat :

Missy State ranked # 22 today
Climpsum Farmers
Spurrier's So Carolina ranked # 17
Arkansas more than 3 TD # 13, 8-2
LSU # 5 at 9-1
Georgia by almost 3 TD
now faces AL # 10 at 8-2
then # 17 South Carolina Champ game
then a BCS Bowl game no matter what

And, we are out there celebrating on the field like we have beat them.

No respect.

AJ Green out there offensive pass interference on EVERY rout he ran.

We chopped blocked their players; is that not dirty ?

I am sorry, but we are not without blame.

BuLLdawg said...

The officials watched him lift little Aaron Murray into the air and come down on him his helmet in his chest and called NOTHING. You want him protected ? Tell him not to get sacked so much. Our Total Offense at UGA is # 55 in the nation. Middling. Coach Richt AVERAGES all 10 years the # 52 Total Offense and we are WORSE this year on Offense than we have been in the 10 years of Coach Richt failed Offense at # 52 Average and # 55 for 2010 with Aaron Murray our QB now. Our Total Defense is # 24 in the nation. We have lost 6 games already. 6. You tell me who is accountable for 6 losses Joeski ?

# 64 in the nation at being sacked, Aaron Murray at 2 sacks a game, every game, all season long.

He has a nice pass efficiency rating to be proud of; he has had fumbles which cost us game; the interceptions have resulted in loss as well. He is our best football player for the season. He's been 1 of the few clean kids on the team. He is a very likable sports hero for all of us.

He's small. There is no way that Aaron Murray on a tackle of Cam Newton at 6' 6" and 257 lbs. of faster 4.51 speed than Aaron Murray at 5' 11 and 1/2" at 198 lbs of 4.7, would result in Cam Newton leaving his feet, being tackled by Aaron Murray.

This is a game of football.

The Officials ALL called no penalty on the sack lifting him into the air and be slammed backwards on his backside by Nick Fairley - who by the way does that at a rate ranked # 33 best at SACKS in the Nation. Didn't you know that Nick Fairley is a load ? I did. He came in the game with now 15 tackles for a loss this season, in just 11 games now. They are Legendary Tackles for a Loss. If he were at UGA, Joeski, you would be touting him as a 1st Round NFL Draft Pick. Aaron Murray is small. Nick Fairley has another 6 Tackles for a Loss where one of his teammates was in on it too, and we saw one of those as well on Aaron Murray. He is 6' 6" and weighs in at 305 lbs. He is also 1 of the top defensive lineman in the country, obviously. He runs a 4.93 in the 40-yard dash at 300 lbs. He is a load. A guy 100 lbs and half a foot shorter, is going to get creamed. Yes, Nick Fairley is projected to be the # 1 Defensive Lineman taken in the draft after next season, if he stays that long. Aaron Murray will not be drafted. These plays would be replayed, as to why. Otherwise, Aaron Murray is a great college quarterback, our best player, and he was out-played by the Auburn QB last night for the game number 6 this year the opposing Quarterback out-played our QB in the game, all 6 losses. I am not making excuses for the play of Auburn's players; I am telling you we got clocked by nearly 3 TD by Auburn, whom we had a 21-7 lead on; giving up consecutive points of 42 for them to our 10 the final 3 quarters. They were MUCH BETTER than us. Nick Fairley was much better than us.

The late hit on little Aaron Murray was a 15-yard penalty on 3rd down and led us to a score when we would have punted. Aaron was not hit hard. He is fine from that. In fact, they beat us by 4 TD if Nick Fairley had not committed that penalty. Little Aaron, jumped right up pumping his fist and applauding, but Cam Newton cannot do that. And, you run in here Joeski acting so Holier than Thou about Auburn.

We were clocked by a far better coached football team, who despite all the distractions, beat our butts. Not like 4-6 Colorado did not too, because they did as well, and they just FIRED their head football coach.

But, heaven forbid, that anyone from Auburn could come in here and tell you that we are an after-thought and they utterly wiped the carpet with us, especially their quarterback compared to ours.

BuLLdawg said...

Down 21-7, their QB scored a TD already and then he scored 6 MORE TD.

We sitting there settling for field goals instead of trying. We running clock out with 51 seconds and two time-outs, like we are going to beat the # 2 team in the nation like that.

"I told them to look out for the on-side kick," once AGAIN blaming the players, not the coaches who brought the players here touted as top recruits only to see them arrested / suspended 1 a month every month for 10 years.

Our Running Backs held on to the football and our quarterback was not intercepted, and we still got slaughtered 49-31. We got the snot knocked out of our football team, for the loss number 6 this season and loss number 20 over the last 5 years now. You sit there and wiggle in your seat behind your keyboard trying to dream up yet your latest excuses, now that we didn't play dirty and that Nick Fairley did on the Sack of Aaron Murray where Murray left his feet and went straight backwards on contact ending up pinned on his back. No flag. Oh, that's the fault of the Officials. The other gave Georgia a score, a score we otherwise did not get and Aaron Murray jumped up unharmed, pumped his fist and celebrated the 15-yard penalty for the late hit - like UGA has never done that.

Get over it Joeski.

We got slobber-knocked. It's football and the better team, better coached, better prepared with better athletes on the field playing in the crucial plays of the game, won as they should have.

You thought that a team who has lost 6 games including Colorado and I point out that Florida is NOT RANKED AT ALL WITH NO VOTES in the Coaches' Poll nor any vote in the AP Poll also beat us; and, you thought we would win. You told us all that Joeski. No sir. They picked us up like rag dolls and slammed us down in football by their # 1 Defensive Lineman in the NFL Draft Pick. They also did so with their # 1 QB in the NFL Draft Pick QB compared to our own, as well. If you did not know that before the game, then learn it now Joeski.

Yes, Georgia Bulldogs have a rabid base of fans and some of us our honest and call it like it is, while we are far more annoyed by your excuses and lies than you are by those of us who look at this 20-loss football program of the last 5 years, and say, hmmm, ain't very good.

Anonymous said...

I think GA played well overall. It has always been difficult to beat cheaters and cheap play. Reverses are for Wusses cause they cant run it up the middle. My first game watching Scam newton and i wasnt impressed. The whole world saw the game and knows Auburn is officially FLa in its ethics. The coaches support it. The fans obviously support it. The coach giving fist bumps to Fairy supports it. Aub is Thug U at its finest. And noone is distancing themselves from it. AU Coaches AU Fans or the SEC commish. Wake up AU! what happened to Fla sat night will be Au next year.

Bic Dawg said...

BuLLDawg. If Fairley impresses you then you just said alot about yourself. Because every Football fan in the country except AU is distancing themselves from him.

Bic Dawg said...

Question for the Mailbag. Seth, please pose the question for Bill Shanks as to why he wishes UGA would have went after Cam Newton? One minute Bill wants to boot everyone off the team and the next he wants Cam Newton playing for us and faults Richt for not getting him. If UGA had him and was dealing with the negative press which will eventually be found to be truth the Bill would be blaming Richt for Recruiting him. Im sure Richt wishes he has the privilege the Bill enjoys sitting back on Mon and criticizing. Richt didnt go after Scam Newton because Richt was willing to pay 200k for him as Meyer and Chizik were. watch and see

Joeski said...


I've stopped reading your drivel. You've made it abundantly clear that you chose to view things in your own warped way and will not listen to reasons or facts; also, it's obvious that you have deluded yourself into thinking that people care about your long-winded opinion, despite having multiple people ask you to shut up and/or go away.

I'm sorry your life is so pathetic that you feel the need to spew your illogic, twisted statistics, and bile over readers of this blog. I, however, don't have the time to waste on you, so when I see 'BuLLdawg', I'm just going to skip the post.

One last bit of advice, however: I would strongly suggest you find another team to pull for, because I get the sense that Richt is going to be around for a good long time. Failing that, get a different hobby, because the hate and the lies will eventually eat you up inside.

Joeski said...

Oh, and to first Anon about the bye week, Bill Simmons of ESPN actually did an article on this:

How ironic.