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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Richt says Grantham probably not proud of choke incident

Todd Grantham’s choke sign at the end of the Florida game came up during Mark Richt’s weekly news conference. Richt was aware of the brouhaha around his defensive coordinator.

“I’ll just say that emotions run high and people do things that they probably wish they wouldn’t do,” Richt said. “I think that was what was being communicated. I don’t think he’s necessarily proud of it. We're just gonna learn from it and move on.”

Quarterback Aaron Murray was also asked about it. He said he hadn’t heard about it until an hour before the press conference, but after being apprised didn’t believe it was anything to get worked up about.

“It’s not like he charged the field at the kicker and tried to do something to him,” Murray said. “I don’t think it’s too big of a deal. I think people are making too much of a deal about it. Emotions run high. … It was nothing dangerous or illegal or stupid or anything like that, so I don’t see the big deal about it.”

Plus, that’s just Grantham, a fiery kind of guy, according to Murray.

"I mean during the game this past week, he was getting me pumped up, getting me going, saying , ‘Get in the end zone.’ I love coach Grantham," Murray said. "He has some fire to him. I think the guys love it, I love it personally. He’s yelling and going crazy, it gets me pumped up to see him getting after a defense and getting them ready to go. That’s his mentality and I think it’s awesome.”

A few other notes from Tuesday’s availability:

- Senior receiver Kris Durham will sit out the Idaho State game with a bruised lung, according to Richt.

But Durham shook off the significance of the injury.

“I’m fine. I mean I don’t hurt or anything,” Durham said.

Durham coughed up blood on the sideline after the hit. (He held onto the ball for the catch.)

“I’ve never coughed up blood before, but it’s what happens," he said. "I felt fine. It doesn’t really hurt me to play or anything. I’m gonna continue to play.”

- Richt said he was not going to use the Idaho State game to play any younger players.

“No. My focus is to win these games. Play the best players,” he said. “If they’re freshmen that’s good too.”


1950DAWG said...

Interesting that the internet is all abuzz about Grantham with screen shots, etc. I guess what he did is much worse than Meyer playing "Time to Die, B***h", after he miraculously cleansed himself of his trangressions just before the Georgia game.

Anonymous said...

I admit I'm glad Grantham was doing that. This is a violent, passionate and rough sport. So what if he was wanting the Florida kicker to choke - I was too... I'm willing to bet there wasn't a Georgia fan who didn't want him to choke. It's college FOOTBALL not college square dancing. Bottom line is the kid didn't and we lost... this is just a really dumb thing for people who have nothing better to do to keep bringing up. As far as I'm concerned all the coaches should have been doing it. I hate Florida and if we had won the game 1,000,000 to 0 I would have wanted us to keep going for 2 point conversions and if other people don't they're not true Dawg fans!

Anonymous said...

The big controversy about the end of the game should be the fact the refs did not give Fla 30 yards in penalties for the excessive celebration on the interception in OT. We did the same thing in 2007and received two 15 yeard penalties. Where is the SEC Ref office on this bad no call.

Anonymous said...

not a bad no call. they thought they had won the game.

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate it I think the ref's making a "no call" on excessive celebration was the right call in that situation.

Adam said...

I, for one, am proud of Grantham. Chas Henry said he heard it and that means Grantham got in his head. If Henry had missed the kick would more folks defend Grantham? Is icing the kicker poor sportsmanship (same purpose - different means)? The feigned outrage by UF is laughable. As mentioned earlier, this is football - not square dancing. I like having a 'gamer' for a coach. As a former college player, I can assure you that this can be used in recruiting by UGA. Would you want to play for the team that's crying? Many W's will come soon Dawg fans...the signs are there if you look.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, whenever opponents have trash-talked to me, it fires me up and makes me focus even harder. When Grantham yells and screams at his own players, does that motivate them or scare them into playing worse? If it motivates them, then one can easily see how Grantham's tactics backfired in this case. So in the future, Mr Grantham, act professional and focus on your own team.

UGA69Dawg said...

If this had been done to any other opponent of UGA I might care a little but to hear the poor downtroden Gayturds complain about poor sportsmanship is like hearing the local whore complain about the moral decay of society. Consider the source. GATA Coach G.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter that they thought the game was over, it was a violation of the rules. Do you think Penn Wagner would not have called it against GA? Maybe the kid misses the kick if he is 15 yards back. There is a double standard in applying these rules.

Anonymous said...

Finebaum is killing CMR over this choke thing. Said it CMR had any balls, he would fire Grantham today over this.
Don't think Finebaum thinks much of CMR.

OldDawg55 said...

All the outcry is ridiculous...I even vexed the kicker with the evil eye and shouted "monkey dust" another no avail. My family didn't cringe or say it was a no-no. CTG used an old method of vexing the kicker..I don't think it hurt the lad..nor invoked any curses on his family or lineage. Shultz was stupid to use the mildest word I can think of...just another columnist trying to start controversy. I do blame Richt for not saying.."to comment on that would be ridiculous" He should be proud one of his coaches has enough fire in his belly to get into the emotions of the game. Not an "oh dear, we've just gotten defeated!" What would Erk have said?? Enough stupid talk on a stupid issue!

Anonymous said...

I am PROUD OF TODD GRANTHAM , way to go .
I wish everyone on the DOGS was as fired UP AS TG !!!

@ss !!!!