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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Second quarter blog

1:01 left in second quarter, Georgia leads 41-0

Good for Bruce Figgins.

The junior tight end just caught his first touchdown pass in three years - you have to go all the way back to the Oklahoma State game in 2007.

Figgins, from Columbus, was mobbed by teammates after the catch just now. On a lot of other teams Figgins would start, but with Orson Charles and Aron White ahead of him he struggles to see the field at Georgia.

Meanwhile, Idaho State has put in a new quarterback. Well, it's about time.

5:32 left in second quarter: Georgia leads now ... well you get the point

Originally, I imagine that last 46-yard touchdown pass to A.J. Green was just meant to get the first down over the middle. But once Green caught the ball, and realized the safety played for Idaho State, apparently he decided to go ahead and finish off the drive.

So Green stopped a second, dodged a very weak tackle attempt, and turned on the burners down the left side of the end zone.

That right there shows the difference between I-AA players and an NFL receiver.

The looming question now is at what point do the Bulldogs pull Green, Justin Houston, Aaron Murray and other important players. Maybe they feel like they don't want to disrespect Idaho State. But I'd say the Bengals' 1-7 record and performance thus far has done enough damage.

10:40 left in second quarter: Well, that escalated quickly

They've been honoring various former Georgia football teams, including the 1940 and 1950 teams. I'm wondering if those guys could beat Idaho State too.

One possession after Bacarri Rambo returned an interception for a touchdown, Brando Boykin nearly did too. The cornerback picked off a pass - well, it was thrown directly at him - at the 19, and was hauled down at the 3.

Next play, A.J. Green hauled in a pass from Aaron Murray, and now it's 27-0, Georgia.

It seemed like just a few minutes ago it was only 6-0. Because it was only minutes ago. Idaho State's offense is unbelievably bad, and this could continue to get worse if the Bengals don't switch to a triple-option or something.

11:50 left in second quarter, I'm a friggin' prophet

See my earlier note. Fourth paragraph. "I'm still calling for a pick-six at some point here soon."

Well that didn't take long. Bacarri Rambo hauled in a pass thrown right at him, and ran 39 yards into the end zone. It's now Georgia 20-0, and the score is looking like it should given the two opponents.

It was Rambo's fourth career interception, and the second he has returned for a touchdown. The first happened at Tennessee last year.

12:55 left in second quarter, Georgia leads 13-0

Georgia's offense has finally gotten going. Caleb King runs it in from a few yards out, and the Bulldogs now have their first touchdown.

King helped set up the score with a 21-yard run down to the six. The first play of the drive was a 22-yard pass by Aaron Murray to Tavarres King.

Meanwhile, the Georgia defense has been as stout as expected, yielding just one first down. And we may look back and wonder how Idaho State got that first down.

I'm still calling for a pick-six at some point here soon. The Bulldogs have been getting their hands on a lot of passes, with nothing quite to show for it yet.

Alec Ogletree was credited with a blocked punt earlier, even though the caromm resulted in a punt of 20 yards or so. It was Georgia's first blocked punt since Bacarri Rambo had one in the Independence Bowl last year.

Meanwhile, the crowd actually filled out a bit here. I'd estimate there are about 75,000 fans here, which may be well under the announced sellout, but it's still pretty good considering the weather and everything else.

And after some early booing, the Bulldogs are giving them something to be happy about.

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