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Monday, November 8, 2010

News out of Boulder

Dan Hawkins is out as the head coach at Colorado, according to a television report in Denver.

If it's true, and the firing is immediate, that means Hawkins' final win in his five years at Colorado will have been against Georgia.

The Buffaloes were 3-1 after holding on to beat the Bulldogs, 29-27, on Oct. 2. They dropped their next five, with the worst one coming Saturday: The Buffs blew a 28-point fourth quarter lead and lost at Kansas, 52-45.

The Hawkins news might be of interest to Georgia and SEC fans for another reason: LSU head coach Les Miles has been linked to the job because of his time as a Colorado assistant in the 1980s.


BulldogEd said...

no way he leaves LSU for Colorado

diving duck said...

he didn't bolt for michigan. not a chance he transfers to boulder. lsu is a top 5 job.

King Jericho said...

He was clearly kidding...wasn't he? Geez Seth, now I know how people feel around me and my sarcasm. You just never know.

Anonymous said...

They can hire the Boise coach, I heard he was number 1 over the past 5 years.... er, nevermind.

BuLLdawg said...

I thought our head coach was # 3 in Wins All-Time in the history of college football and the # 1 best college football coach at Georgia, ever.

Then, a list of 16 coaches at WINS

is provided

Current Coach at Current School

Win %

And, Coach Richt is # 16.

This is for his entire tenure here at UGA, all 10 years and he is # 16 in the nation in Win Percentage of all current coaches at their current school, their entire careers too, there at each of the 16 schools.


Also, a list is provided showing the


the last Five (5) Years and The Georgia Bulldogs are

# 20 in WINS last 5 years

The Georgia Bulldogs ( Go Dawgs ! ) it turns out are 1 of 25 teams who average 10-win seasons over these last 5 years including this one.

But, all you can talk about is Boise State.

It would seem to me if you spent more time reading, you would break news, not discuss Boise State. For example,

But, no, all you can talk about is Coach Richt's


not very impressive really, is it ?

Anonymous said...


BulldogEd said...

ESPN NCAAF - Auburn's Cam Newton was caught in 3 instances of academic cheating while at Florida

Anonymous said...

Should we send the Colorado AD BoBo's cell number?

BullyMack said...

Take it to the AJC douche. You and your drivel are beyond tiresome.

How the heck we managed to lose to those guys is still beyond me. Boulder is a great town, but the people suck. Here's to their program being out of the national conversation for another 10 years.

Nick said...

Mike Leach to Colorado?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Paul said...

Sarcasm aside, no sane person would leave LSU for Colorado. Which means Les just might.

CSA said...

I suppose that after a disappointing season at Alabama, Saban just might jump ship and head on over to a lucrative job over the Dallas Cowboys?

These guys have dream jobs, I don't really see them going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Saban and Petrino will be gone sooner than later.They'll be in demand,can get big raises and are too high profile to hang around places like Tuscaloosa and Fayetteville very long.