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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Green: 'Always a possibility' college career could end soon

Not for the first time, and not for the last time, A.J. Green spoke Wednesday night about his upcoming decision on whether to turn pro.

The Georgia junior receiver said he still hasn’t made a decision yet, and will only do so after the season ends. The Bulldogs hope that’s in a bowl game, if they achieve their sixth win by beating Georgia Tech in their season finale.

Green, projected by many experts as the draft's top receiver prospect, acknowledged that game, a week from Saturday, could be his final one at Sanford Stadium.

“I think it’s always a possibility,” Green said. “But like I said I’m not even thinking about that yet. I mean I would love to come back. There’s so many things you have to deal with if you come back, getting hurt and all that. You’ve gotta put that all in perspective. And you’ve gotta do what’s best for you.”

The prospect of an NFL lockout looms large in Green’s decision. He said he plans to follow the situation, and expressed concern that the NFL could miss half of or an entire season.

“That’s really gonna play a big part in my decision,” Green said. “Because if they’re talking about a lockout, there’s really no point in me leaving.”

In the past, Green has also said he felt like he owes Georgia fans after missing the first four games of this season. On his radio show Monday night, head coach Mark Richt said he felt it would be “a blessing” both to the program and Green if he were to play his senior season.

Green said it was his dream to play in the NFL – but it was also his dream to get a college degree. He said he’s 20 hours away from doing that, and on track to graduate next December.

“My mom’s real big on that,” Green said. “I’ve gotta do what to make her happy. So if she’s telling me to stay, I’m gonna stay.”


Anonymous said...

Momma knows best. Momma, don't let your AJ get shipped off to somewhere like San Fransisco to play ball. You know what kind of people they got in San Fransisco?

Anonymous said...

At a minimum, they have people who can spell San Francisco.

Anonymous said...


TrboDawg said... a 15 year veteran of the bay area, I can unequivocally state that not everyone in San Francisco can spell San Francisco... and some don't even know they're IN San Francisco... but I agree. AJ, listen to your Momma, she won't steer you wrong

King Jericho said...

It's always great to hear a football player talking about getting a college degree as their dream. What a great guy that AJ Green is.

Anonymous said...

AJ sounds like a very, sound guy, but I don't think he will improve his chances by staying an extra year. He has blessed Georgia with 3 great years. I will certainly understands if he goes to the NFL this year.

Muckbeast said...

This is sweet and all, but there is absolutely no freakin' way AJ doesn't go pro.

He'll be one of the top 5 picks, and with no rookie salary cap yet the sooner he goes the better for him.

If I was a friend or family member of AJ's, I'd be telling him to keep saying these nice things (just to be polite), agonize over the decision a reasonable amount, and then declare for the draft.

Frankly, if I were a friend/family member of AJ's, I'd be hoping the dawgs lose next week so AJ can start living it up by signing with an agent.

Anonymous said...

I rarely read recruiting news about those who don't want to sign with UGA, go where you want to go. I never worry about those who leave early, thanks for the memories but no one is irreplaceable. The big news is about those who are 100% Bulldogs and on the team NOW.

Anonymous said...

San Francisco wouldn't pick him anyways, they drafted Crabtree 2 years ago.

Joeski said...

Muckbeast, not trying to be a jerk, but the CBA will run out after the '10 season. That means that players in the '11 season will be bound by any contract limitations in the new CBA for the '11 season... including if there is a rookie wage scale implemented, so if AJ was going to jump to avoid that, he would've had to do it last year.

Now, it still very well may benefit AJ to come out sooner than later, because I've heard talk of a 'temporary continuance' to the CBA while the new one gets hammered out, and I've heard of a gradually implemented rookie salary scale; but to say that AJ has to come out this year to make the most money is not really a 100% for-sure thing right now.

The best thing we could hope for as fans would be for a lockout in the NFL: AJ could take a huge insurance policy out on his health and keep playing football for UGA-- after all, a player who plays (and doesn't get injured) will be more attractive than one that only did drills for a year.

But we'll see. The only thing I will say for sure is that there is no way I will hold AJ's decision against him: he has already given the Bulldog Nation as much as we have any right to expect from him.

GreenDawg said...

It's great to hear that AJ and his family actually value him getting a degree. But 20 hours is a little more than a semester. He could easily finish his degree in an offseason or two, so I doubt that keeps him from going pro. Much like Rennie and Reshad last year, I certainly won't hold his decision against him. Rennie had a family to take care of and Reshad had already earned his degree. AJ's situation is a little different, but he essentially has nothing to gain from coming back. He's had three faithful years of service to UGA and I don't know a single person that won't hope the best for him in his pro career.

Muckbeast said...

To everyone: Don't you hate it when someone says they disagree with you (or say something like "not trying to be a jerk") and then what they post doesn't actually disagree or discredit what you wrote?

Joeski: That's my point. There's no rookie scale YET. Until one is agreed on, its still time to get out while the getting is good. There's a real possibility that they'll just extend the status quo for another year while they keep negotiation (as you noted).

You didn't make any point that was contrary to what I said.

Joeski said...


Please explain to me how the statement "He'll be one of the top 5 picks, and with no rookie salary cap yet the sooner he goes the better for him"

is the same as:
"That means that players in the '11 season will be bound by any contract limitations in the new CBA for the '11 season... including if there is a rookie wage scale implemented, so if AJ was going to jump to avoid that, he would've had to do it last year."

I'm sorry, I must of confused you by following that with admitting that there were still some scenarios in which your statement might be correct.

So let's change that.

You're wrong. The statement "and with no rookie salary cap yet..." is factually incorrect, because there is no CBA for the '11 season at all... meaning that whoever AJ might hire as an agent can't even negotiate a contract for him yet.

I put the caveat on there because your previous posts seem intelligent and rational, and I really didn't want to come across as a jerk. Since you came back at me like a sanctimonious toolbag, I suppose I won't worry about it in the future.