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Saturday, November 13, 2010

From the locker room

The chippiness of the game carried into the postgame.

Georgia's defensive players didn't give much credit to Cam Newton. Head coach Mark Richt appeared irked at some of Auburn's actions during the game. The smiles, understandably, were few and far between.

Richt offered up one of the only ones when asked if he'd have any interest in the job at Colorado, which reportedly has interest in speaking to him.

"Georgia's my home," said Richt, after thinking a moment and laughing.

Here are the other highlights from the Georgia locker room:

- Justin Houston didn't exactly heap praise on Newton, the Heisman Trophy frontrunner who ran for 151 yards and two touchdowns and passed for 148 and two more scores.

"He's human," said Houston, the Georgia linebacker and SEC sacks leader. "Me personally I didn't think he was that special."

Safety Bacarri Rambo also said that while he thought Newton was good, he feels Arkansas' Ryan Mallett was better, according to Gentry Estes of

- Asked about the fighting at the end of the game, and what led to it, Richt said:

"I'd prefer not to say. Because I don't think any good will come of it."

Later, Richt was asked if it was fair to say some of the anger arose from perceived late hits leveled by Nick Fairley on Aaron Murray.

"I'm not gonna answer that question," Richt said, leaving it at that.

Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs came in after Richt's press conference and spoke briefly with the coach and Georgia A.D. Greg McGarity. But it was unclear what they were talking about.

- Murray was not available to the media after the game. But no one appeared worried about his injury, which Richt called a blow to the knee. The coach said it was nothing "structural," and that Murray wanted to go back in the game.

- Richt was asked about Auburn's successful onsides kick to open the second half.

"I guess you could only tell them so many times. We alerted them that it could happen," he said.

But the coach added that it was a "dilemma" for the front five on kick return, between watching for the onsides and preparing to block.

We'll have more coverage in the papers Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I live in Alabama and while I love UGA, have liked Auburn. That ended today. I have never seen such dirty play and will be pulling for the Tide in the Iron Bowl.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I totally agree, I will never pull for Auburn in anything. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Auburn is so dirty. I hope they get the death penalty. No respect for their team or program. Shameful display.

Bulldog in Exile said...

Annon 8:39, there are plenty of times to blame the media for stuff, but the coaches and players (generally, love the Bacari Rambo statement) took the high road. Unlike their opponents tonight.

Anonymous said...

I can only hope Cam Newton is innocent. If he is knowingly guilty and that arrogant...I'd just want to punch him in the damn face.

Anonymous said...

I was just waiting for that to happen, haha.

Seth Emerson said...

Blog commenting has gone to the moderation phase. I'll let you know if we change course.

Covered a hoops game last night, doing a blog and story for the papers, didn't get home till 11 p.m.

Woke up at dawn, drove to Auburn, sat in traffic for an hour. Got to stadium, posted stories on McGarity saying Richt will be back, did a blog during the game, posted comments afterwards, currently working on two stories for the paper.

I didn't do all that so I had to come here and read some of the stuff that's been posted. I know y'all are frustrated, but it's a free blog, don't take it out on the messenger.

Schlagdawg said...

You've done a good job juggling everything, between updates and getting post-game reactions Seth. Kudos.

Muckbeast said...

Seth: I cannot even imagine what someone could possibly attack you for. You started rough but did a bang up job the rest of the season. You had a tough job taking over for David Hale who people (myself included) really liked. I didn't see any of the comments you deleted, but it sounds bad.


We came out and had a great 1st quarter, getting up 21-7.

After that, Auburn absolutely destroyed us 42-10.

As soon as we shriveled up like cowards in the 2nd quarter (conservative offense, running out the clock when we had a minute and a timeout, giving up an onside kick to start the 2nd half) the game was completely over.

Against a better team, you CANNOT let off the gas. This game is another huge, glaring example of why Bobo needs to be fired, and possibly Richt as well.

Anonymous said...


You do a great job keeping us informed on the Dawgs and its a shame that a few knuckleheads can't make any constructive comments to your posts. After reading a string of comments to some posts that had absolutely nothing to do with the post itself, glad you switched to moderation.

Anonymous said...

Being passionate doesn't excuse ungrateful and indecent behavior. Keep up the good work, Seth. You are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Seth sorry you have had to take the moderator route - more work. What is it about morons and the Internet?

Bryan said...

I actually thought Auburn was a team of integrity that the whole SEC could be proud of and root for in the NCG. Looks like they're nothing more than a bunch of thugs. Great work covering everything, Seth.

Anonymous said...

If we had just tried to score at least a field goal before the half, we take momentum into the locker room. Instead Auburn took the momentum into the locker room and it showed the entire second half. Another below average job by our coaching staff. Do we have to play Tech? Do we really need to go to a bowl?

David said...

I hope the NCAA lays the hammer on Auburn soon. I hope all those fans in Jordan-Hare for such conduct soon know the pain of the death-penalty,

No Honor amongst thieves.

Anonymous said...

Must say that your commentary was great Seth. Don't let a few fools get you down.

Auburn was truly classless tonight. I would have had a philosophy of hitting the qb every play if I were playing against Murray, but not to the extent that was saw from Fairly. Also, CBS's coverage was shameless. I don't know that I've every heard Danielson defend a defensive player on a clear late hit until tonight.

The Camcrush, Cramush, or Camrush...I'm working on it...of Verne & Gary was embarassing. Gary, who I think is a good analyst, needs to step back from advocasy. Anyway, Seth, know you are appreciated by a lions share of your readers and forget the idiots.

Jackdawg said...

If Newton is ruled to have been ineligible for the ga game any time soon what are the rules to that? Do we get the win? Say we lose to Tech next week would Auburn count as our sixth win then and we go to a bowl game. Or is it just Auburn doesn't get the wins?

Anonymous said...

Auburn dirty? Ummm... no. Did you actually *watch* the game?

Better yet... Have you actually watched any Georgia games under Richt? Richt's boys have turned "UGA" into "Thuga."

Anonymous said...

Cheap shot time! Such a horrible foul. Should've been ejected.

BulldogBen said...

We got beat by the better team tonight but we had our chances as well. Still, the Defense couldn't get them off the field and we didn't make the plays much like we haven't all year long. This still falls at the coaches feet. The players played their guts out.

Agree that we haven't seen a team play this dirty against us since UT in the late 90's. It was shameful and I won't cry a single tear if Auburn eventually gets the hammer dropped on them.

I know believe that unless Richt reaches Atlanta next year he is gone. He is the 6th highest paid coach in all the land and this is simply unacceptable.

Mike Yarbrough said...

I guess its o.k. to chop-block a player and try to injure him...I guess its o.k. to jump on a player when he is on the ground and hit him and try to drive his face into the ground...then jump up and run away when help comes, while striking a player who gets ejected when he strikes back...#60 ran away like a girl after he attacked Fairly on the ground...Fairly was penalized when he broke the rules of hitting the QB late...much more than I can say for Charles "I am a THUG" Grant who did MUCH worse to Brandon Cox...THUGA U has no room to talk...

Anonymous said...

Good chance the East is won by either UGA or South Carolina next year. Florida's schedule is an absolute nightmare (Bama, LSU, Auburn, and Georgia consecutively+at South Carolina). South Carolina gets Arky, Auburn, and Miss St. We get Ole Miss, Miss State, and Auburn.
While I have not been on the Fire Mark Richt side of the fence ever, if we don't win 11 games next year and finish in the top 10, then a change may need to be made. But again, unless we can replace him with a sure fire candidate, I think all of the fire Mark Richt talk is premature.

Joe said...

Hey Seth, sorry a small, albeit vocal, minority of our fans are being tools. Unfortunately we weren't the better team. I'm pretty sure life goes on.

Anonymous said...

Can we grow up and stop referring to every player (Auburn or Georgia) that gets penalized as a thug? They, for the most part, are all law abiding student athletes. Athletes get in trouble from time to time, but it is rarely for murder, rape, armed robbery, etc. You are not a thug for hitting someone afterthe whistle. You are selfish for costing your team 15 yards, but not a thug. Read a book, learn some new vocab. Go Dawgs!!

Bryan said...

Ok the chop block wasn't clean, but the other stuff is just part of every football game that occurred on both sides tonight. I know #60 personally and Clint wasn't gonna stand around and get a penalty for getting in a fight with Fairly, but he wasn't gonna just let him get away with constant dirty hits on Murray such as driving him in the ground and blindsiding him way after the pass. Cam also threw a jab early in the game along the sideline which I believe should have been penalized. Then throwing punches at the end....just no class at all.

Willb said...

Can you guys believe that college football is almost over? It seems like it just started. Hopefully Ga beats Tech and we get a bowl game. I couldn't imagine if we lost to Tech and it's just over.

I know a lot of fans think it will just be a meaningless bowl game and don't really care but a Ga game is always a big deal to me no matter who were playing. Also I know the players are really wanting to go to a bowl. It means more to them then us. All the work they have done.

Also It could be worse. Look at Texas. I don't even think there gonna go to a bowl. Who would of thought that?

Fretran said...

Auburn University - the university of choice for Georgia residents who couldn't get into UGA.

Anonymous said...

Willb, are you kidding? This has been the longest, most torturous season in 20 years.

I'm ready for it to come to a merciful end.

Anonymous said...

It's been quick for me cause I drank away my memory of almost every game

Willb said...

I have never agreed with the whole thug thing myself either. I wonder if a player like say Clint Boling or possibly Aaron Murray does something dirty on the field he is called a thug? He would be called a dirty player, but I don't think he's called a thug.

Ealey, King or Rambo does something dirty they get called a thug. See what I'm getting at? I don't know if it's racIst but it is racially motivated in my opinion.

Chomate said...

Well said, Will.

Anonymous said...

The thug comments are definitely out of hand. If there is a fight in the NBA tomorrow, it is front page news. They are called every name under the sun. But when (not if, when)a fight breaks out in a hockey game tomorrow, it will be cheered and promoted.
I'm not saying it is racially motivated....actually that is exactly what I am saying.

Anonymous said...

I love the NFL, and don't really want there to be a work stoppage. But seeing AJ play for Georgia next year would be the greatest Christmas gift ever.

Muckbeast said...

Anon 10:40 PM:

1) Have the guts to use some kind of username.

2) Watch:

3) Thuga? For a bunch of speeding tickets? Anyone who does anything serious gets kicked off the team - not praised as being a "great kid" in press conferences. Sorry, if you want thugs, look at Fairley and Cam. Dirty hits, cheating on exams, stealing other kid's papers and turning them in as your own (not just cheating, but potentially hurting someone else's grade with an incomplete), buying a stolen laptop, and getting paid to play.

There's a reason Auburn and Alabama lead the SEC in probations and sanctions.

Muckbeast said...

Regarding Texas.

Wow, they picked the right year to use all 4 of their non-conference games on mega cupcakes (all with losing records).

Rice, Wyoming, UCLA, and Florida Atlantic.

Assuming Texas can beat lowly Sun Belt FAU, they'll need a win over Texas A&M to get bowl eligible.

While I'd love to see Texas get no bowl, I have a feeling they'll eke out that last win and make it. But who knows.

Joe said...

Willb, I frequently disagree with what you have to say, but regarding your comments about the application of the term "thug,"

RIGHT ON!! You said it better than I could have. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to those who have pointed out the inappropriate connotations the word "thug" has taken on in recent years. It needs to be put to rest.

Dirty is dirty. Classless if classless. Dancing around using the "suck it" gesture on national television might not be too cool, but it doesn't someone a person a thug.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pastor Mike!...Thanks for your cheap shot comments. all very impressed with your comments. "It only takes a spark", and all that.

Anonymous said...

Actually for once I agree with Muckbeast. Except I do not know how to have a user name. Everything else is right one.

VAdawg said...

Seth, I am sorry that a minority of readers decided to take their anger out on you. Most of us acknowledge all of the hard work you put into the blog and we really appreciate it. Keep up the great work, my friend.

As for the game... what is there to say? We got up by two touchdowns, freaked ourselves out and blew it from there. I had a bad feeling as soon as we tried to run the wildcat play with B. Smith, and I think that's where to MO started to flip.

Now, I've always been an extreme Auburn hater, but I'm taking it to a whole new level now. I hope the NCAA absolutely drops the hammer. Fairly was dirty the entire game and deserves an ass whooping of Biblical proportions. The worst part is that their coaching staff encourages their shenanigans. I guess that's what you get when you get a backwards hat wearing fool like Trooper Taylor on the sidelines. What a joke.

Oh and on a side note- completely agree with you Willb, the whole "thug" language is completely racially motivated.

Anyone ready to take a step back into the mid 90s to watch the sub-par slugfest that will be Georgia-Georgia Tech?

Rory said...

Great blog Seth - Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Chris Low on ESPN's comments.

AllBarn was classless tonight. For 25 years I have lived in Alabama and rooted for AllBarn except when they played us. That ended tonight. Allbarners should be ashamed. You were the much better team, but Fairley is not what you used to represent.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Pastor Yarbourogh! Way to make excuses for your cheatin' cheapshot artist team!
Way to represent. If you post your addy we'll all send you some money just like y'all did Cecil!

Dawgffan17 said...

Seth you do a great job, sorry some people love to use the title "anon" as an invitation to use the same class the AU team shows. For all the AU fans who think it was UGA and that AU didn't do anything wrong then why is your coach embrassed by it all? Why is every neutral observer pointing out what AU was doing? I didn't think it was possible for me to have a lower opinion of AU but I do now. I hate AU so much that in back to back weeks I'll be cheering for AL (not too hard to do though not fun) followed by cheering for a Spurrier coached team (that makes my skin crawl). I Hope AU loses both games, then their bowl game followed by the NCAA putting AU on bowl ban for 10 years and a loss of 20 schollies a year and probation for the rest of time.

gastr1 said...

Y'all leave Pastor Mike alone. He's not responsible for Awwbarn's animus and illegality. He didn't even go there, didn't you see??

Couldn't get accepted, I'm sure. Might have wanted to work on spelling the names of players on the Awwbarn team so's they'd have known you were serious about wanting to go to their fine university in the Barn, Pastor Mike.

BuLLdawg said...

To answer your question, and to correct the poster yesterday as well – if Auburn is stripped, they are called Wins which are Vacated. No win for Georgia, ever in this game, no matter what. Auburn would not be 0-11. They would be 0-0.

When you get over the comments that Auburn played dirty, what you have left is that they hung 50 on us and out-scored us 10-42 once we so quickly went totally conservative in our entire game plan. It takes the energy out of a team to get the ball with 51 seconds remaining and 2 time-outs and run the clock out against the # 2 team in the nation.

5-6 is something the players are not prepared for.

After 8-5 last season, the best they can hope for is 7-6 this season.

And, it is down to 2 weeks from now ‘Tween The Hedges against a team we also can make 6-6.

The other teams are hovering around Coach Richt. Florida State is making overtures. Now, Colorado. There will be plenty more. I think the question each would have to ask Coach Richt is that after 10 years as a Head Coach, what does he know now about hiring a coaching staff, that he has not shown yet ?

I am quite certain that FSU and Colorado do not want the staff Coach Richt has assembled. And, I am just as certain that something will be written into the contract which stipulates a bonus if their team does not make the Fulmer Cup Top 10 every year. In fact, he may be a performance-based coach in his remuneration not only off-the-field but on the field the as well : For example, since there are 25 teams who average 10-wins a season each of the last 5 years nationwide, we certain have expectations here at Colorado or here at FSU, etc. that we would be one of the Top 25 teams.

In fact, if you look at just The SEC in the Coach Richt Era to-date :

61-22 Ten years SEC games 2001-2010 Florida
58-24 Ten years SEC games 2001-2010 LSU
54-26 Ten years SEC games 2001-2010 Auburn
55-28 Ten years SEC games 2001-2010 Coach Richt UGA

Steve Spurrier had a graphics put up about him last night : It read he had lost 27 games in 12 years at Florida; then, he lost 20 games in less than 2 years with the Washington Redskins.

Huge Difference.

27 losses in 12 years Steve Spurrier at Florida
33 losses in 10 years Coach Richt at Georgia

122-27-1 and 87-14 vs SEC in-conference 12 years Spurrier Florida

95-33 and 55-28 vs SEC in-conference 10 years Coach Richt UGA

PTC DAWG said...

Thanks for the blog...keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Cecil Newton: "Je$u$ $aves$!!!"

ChrisDawg said...

BullDawg your a one trick pony! Say something else! Is that the only way you know how to talk? You look through numbers and find ways to say your team sucks. Thats all you ever do! I could go through richts uga numbers and make him look great. It's just about how you spin it. All of those teams you listed are just a few wins or losses away from eachother. It's not like ga is light years behind everyone.

Also I remember in a ealier post you said at least four or more juniors were leaving and you never named them. Name them.

Joeski said...

Hm. The number 2 ranked team in the country beat an unranked opponent... and this is a surprise... why? As optimistic as I was at the beginning of the year, the truth is that with a new defensive coordinator (who was installing an entirely new scheme) and a redshirt freshman QB, we should've expected a down year.

I think the thing that bothered me the most about the game last night was the way that the Auburn players behaved. Fairley would've been fined over $200k (and likely suspended) in the NFL for his repeated late hits/driving Murray into the ground, and Newton celebrated every score, not with his team, but by running to the fans.

It appears that Chizik is turning Auburn into exactly what everyone else in the country hates about the SEC: players with a sense of entitlement, who take cheap shots and make late hits, and who behave like gangs more than like teams.

I have always pulled for Auburn when they weren't playing UGA, because my college choice literally came down to Auburn and Georgia. But not anymore. The behavior of their players, along with the fact that it seemed to not only be tolerated but encouraged by the coaches (I'm looking at you, Trooper Taylor), really turn my stomach.

If you're an Auburn fan, I'm sorry: while I can understand being happy with the record, I can't understand how you wouldn't be troubled by everything that is going on with the football team right now.

I just have this terrible feeling that an implosion of some sort is coming for Auburn.