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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Richt: 'Anybody is innocent, unless there's some proof'

Mark Richt does not know much about Auburn’s backup quarterback. The Georgia head coach said he and his staff have no expectation other than Cameron Newton being under center for the Tigers on Saturday.

“There’s nothing that’s been proven, that’s been done, that’s been inappropriate in any way. But it’s just amazing the amount of noise there is around it,” Richt said. “That’s the thing about it, whether somebody does it or not, there’s just a lot of attention put on things that are accusations that may or may not be true. I’m not even talking about this one in particular.

"Someone gets accused of something, and it’s like a bomb goes off. Whether or not it’s true, and I don’t know if some people care if it’s true or not, they’re gonna sensationalize it, and make a bit deal of it.””

Georgia went through this a couple months ago with A.J. Green, who was suspended four games for selling his jersey for $1,000. Given the harshness of that penalty, Richt was asked if he felt it would be unfair to be playing against a quarterback with a pending investigation over something more serious.

“I think anybody is innocent, unless there’s some proof that they’re guilty,” Richt said. “So that’s America. That’s how we’re trying to operate. That’s the way we should operate.”

Richt brought up Green’s circumstance: He alluded to the “young man from North Carolina,” (Marvin Austin) tweeting about being in Miami. And then it led to the question of whether Green was there, for reasons Richt still isn’t sure.

Newton’s reputation already appears to be taking a hit, whether the accusations are true or not. Richt was asked if he felt Green’s had taken a hit too.

“I think there’s a lot of people out there who would sympathize with what happened,” Richt said. “I don’t think anybody agrees with breaking the rules. I don’t think, it put a little dent in him, but I don’t think it’ll be very long-lasting at all.”


Anonymous said...

If people are innocent until proven guilty then why was AJ Greene sat out the 1st game when he hadn't actually been found guilty of anything yet? Just saying is all.

In retrospect it was the right move to sit AJ out that 1st game, but these are some pretty serious allegations and this isn't the court of law. That's the only place you're innocent until proven guilty....

Anonymous said...

We sat A.J. Green because we already had "some proof he was guilty".

Our biggest mistake was that we (and A.J.) did not properly prepare him physically during his suspension.

We lost an additional game because of it.

Andy said...

Good points, indeed, CMR. I just wish, when you answer things like that, you had a little bit of your Miami "anywhere, anytime, that punk Cam better be playing, etc." mentality in you. Sic 'em, Richt, don't lick 'em.

Anonymous said...

Anon- really? AJ Green specifically said that he had worked harder than he ever had during his suspension. He had a great game against Colorado. He can't be blamed for our defense giving up 29 points and for Caleb King fumbling in the red zone. Please don't sound so ignorant.

Billy said...

A.J. hung 12 points on CU with the first 2 passes thrown his way.
You can't blame that loss on him, cramps or not.
Those 2 catches alone, should have been enough offense to beat CU.
Our Defense lost that game for us.
As far as the situation surrounding Newton, I agree 100% w/ Coach.
My only hope is that he's playing in the NFL next year and not for AU.

Anonymous said...

A.J. missed most of the second half the Colorado game due to cramps.