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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Grantham on Phillips' firing, more A.J. Green on Newton, and more

It's been a busy day here on campus. But before I pack up to go watch the ESPN documentary on Marcus Dupree (which I recommend you watch too), here are a few late notes:

- Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham hadn’t spoken to anyone in Dallas since the Monday firing of Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips. Grantham was the defensive line coach the past few years under Phillips in Dallas.

“Tough situation,” Grantham said. “That’s a good example of how hard it is to win in this league. I mean we were what, 11-5 last year, and then now. It’s a tough situation, just because a ball here or a ball there and you can win some games. And then you get confidence. Just a tough situation.”

Paul Pasqualoni, who replaced Grantham on the Dallas staff, was elevated to defensive coordinator in the aftermath of Phillips’ firing.

- The one Georgia player who knows what Cam Newton is going through is star receiver A.J. Green. The junior was suspended the first four games of this season by the NCAA, and reiterated earlier comments that he sympathized with Newton’s plight.

“I don’t even think it’s true,” Green said of the mounting allegations against Newton. “I just think he’s doing so well and somebody’s trying to haul him back. But I hope it’s not true. He’s a great player.”

Green added that all he knows about the Newton situation is what he’s been watching and reading about.

- Parker Welch is a walk-on, scout team quarterback. But he may have one of the most important roles on the team this week in practice: He is imitating Auburn star quarterback Cameron Newton.

It’s not quite a perfect fit: At 6-foot-2, Welch is four inches shorter, and he’s also not an athletic quarterback. But it’s the best the Bulldogs can do.

Welch laughed when asked if he felt he had a lot on his shoulder this week.

“Of course, definitely,” he said. “It’s hard to imitate Cam Newton himself, and it’s just going to take everything I’ve got and the rest of the scout team to imitate and give the defense the best look we can, so when they see it Saturday it won’t be anything new to them.”

Welch was already feeling one of the effects of the role.

“I got hit by Justin Houston today,” he said. “That didn’t feel good.”

- Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray imagined a pregame conversation with Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley going something like this:

“I may say, Hey how’re you doing today – Please don’t kill me,” Murray said.
Murray may have only been half-kidding. So far this season Fairley, a 6¬-foot-5, 298-pounder, has given one opposing quarterback (Arkansas’ Ryan Mallett) a concussion, and body-slammed another (LSU’s Jordan Jefferson).

“I don’t even want to think about that. That’s not a pleasant thought,” Murray said. “I’ll do some extra praying this week. Hopefully I don’t get a concussion if it does happen. Maybe I’ll treat the offensive line a little better in practice this week and make sure they have my back this weekend.”


herci said...

Watching this 30 for 30 right now. Kind of ironic that they're talking about the money involved in recruiting. This looks like it's going to be one of the better ones.

NCDawg said...

Watched 30 for 30. It was like watching Herschel. Amazing talents. Oh for the days when you could beat DE's and LB's to the sidelines.

As good as he was, his OU season didn't make ESPN's top 25.

Taylor said...

ESPN NCAAF - Schad: Cam Newton and father said in phone conversation that money would determine college choice

Anyone surprised? NOPE!

Willb said...

Great 30 for 30 on Dupree. Reminds me very much of Herschel Walker.

I know things turned out a little better but I would love to see a similar show about Walker.

Anonymous said...

Herschel,Bo Jackson and Duepree came out back to back and then Cornelius Bennett came out and they moved him to DEFENSE and the college game was changed forever.

Anonymous said...

People lining up saying Cam and his Dad had their hand out now.Hard to see how he plays Saturday but if Rainey can play I guess anything is possible.Thirteen traffic violations in a little over a year show he thinks the rules don't apply to him.Three academic cheating episodes and a theft.Cam claims he didn't know the computer was stolen then why did he throw it out the window when the cops show up.Shame for the SEC and college football in general.I have always appreciated how well Herschel has represented UGA.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I'm a little annoyed with AJ defending Newton, and even more annoyed with Murray showing fear about getting hit by Nick Fairley. Why would you let another player on an opposing team know that you're afraid of him? That just makes it that much easier for him to psych him out. What is going on?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure they're just talking up the opponent. I'm pretty sure Murray was joking and I doubt he's actually scared of Fairley.

However, I wouldn't really blame him if he's allowed to do this and not get called for a flag.

BuLLdawg said...

I believe Cam Newton cheated at Florida. It means nothing. The University of Florida doesn’t give a crap about Academic Integrity and never has. I believe the person who levied these silly charges is laughable.

I don’t believe Cam Newton or his father have been or will be proved to have been accepting money or offering to accept money to attend any college at any time, during the time he is actually at Auburn. This also means nothing and has not, does not, and will not affect him playing in football games in the time he is actually at Auburn. The NCAA has proved that they will proceed in their own sweet time, maybe 5 years, to go forward during which time they tell the people that none of them can say 1 word. Not 1 word. This cloud hung over Southern California for years on end, with post after post defending Southern California, and defending Reggie Bush the whole damn time. As the NFL has proved with Reggie Bush, they don’t care either. Do I trust Missy State agents ? No.

I do believe he stole the laptop, personally. Those charges have already been dropped upon his completion of the program for 1st offender.

I believe that Cam Newton has a dozen traffic violations. None I have seen yet involved a hit and run, a DUI, or even a driving the wrong way on a 1-way street even. There is a driving on a suspended license alleged; that is the only thing I have not studied. Maybe I should.

I do believe he is the greatest college football player this year and would be next year too; and that he will be the number 6 quarterback to out-perform on the field of play, our quarterback who is clearly our best player all season long and that we have as a result or will have as a result lost all 6 games. Our Offensive Coaching Staff and our Head Coach look like dolts nationwide for saying they saw Cam Newton as a TE in 2007 when we did not have a TE on the entire roster, not 1.

Anonymous said...


OZAM said...

Could BuLLdawg be Anon from the David Hale days??? That was one of the best blah blah blah rants in a while!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully with all the distractions of the past two weeks AND the SI cover curse, Newton will play poorly this week so we can get the upset.

However, the way this year has gone for us - Newton will use it as motivation and Auburn hangs half a hundred on us to beat us by 20.

Willb said...

I never really thought about that. Herschel, Dupree, and Bo Jackson came out back to back to back. Three of the greatest athletic specimens to ever come out at the RB.

None of them were really great in the NFL. I always have wondered what Herschel would of done if he hadn't gone to the USFL. He was still the best out of that bunch anyways. College and pro. Herschel was really good in the NFL but not as good as people thought. I think Herschel could play a game for the Dawgs today! Has anybody seen the guy.

The greatest RB athlete to come out similar to those since then is Adrian Peterson in my opinion. Speed, power, vision. He looks like he's gonna have the better NFL career too if he doesn't get injured.

PTC DAWG said...

Check Herschel's total yardage in the NFL and get back to us about not being great. He will NEVER get props from the NFL, mainly because he had the nerve to sign for more money with the USFL.

FYI, so you don't have to look it up, Herschel, is 8th in NFL total yards, 10 years after his retirement.

King Jericho said...

It's blowing my mind that someone can be so cynical about our program, but is willing to give the benefit of the doubt in the face of disaster to another. Please go share your opinions with the Auburn blogs and spare us here.

Anonymous said...

I remember that 1 year in the NFL where he had run,reception, and kick return all over 90 yards.Awesome.

Willb said...

PTC Dawg I am well aware of how good Herschel was in the NFL. All I'm saying is people at the time were expecting greatness. He was very good. Certanely not a bust by any means. I just think that everyone expected more than two 1000 yard rushing seasons in his career. Although he was one of the greatest rb's at catching the ball and returns.

He was one of the greatest athletes of all time in any sport. The standards he set were just so high.

Really good in the NFL but not an all time great. I'm not saying he was bad I'm just saying when you talk all time great NFL RBs you don't mention Herschel.

PTC DAWG said...

How many yards had Herschel already rushed for in College and the USFL before he even entered the league? Wear and tear had to be tough.