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Monday, November 1, 2010

News in other sports

Greg McGarity is not messing around, at least when it comes to the volleyball program.

The Georgia athletics director, hired in August, has fired volleyball coach Joel McCartney with seven games still left in the regular season.

The Bulldogs were 11-14 overall and 3-11 in the SEC this season.

Chad Hanson, formerly an assistant coach, will take over an interim basis. The Bulldogs' next game is Friday against Florida, the school McGarity served at for 18 years before returning to his alma mater.

“After a careful review of our volleyball program a change of direction is needed,” McGarity said in a statement. “I appreciate Coach McCartney’s years of service to the University and Athletic Association and wish him well.”

(Yours truly spoke to McGarity earlier this afternoon about a few other matters. I'm kicking myself for not asking whether he had any concerns about the volleyball program.)

McCartney was in his fourth year as the Bulldogs' coach. The team won 17 games in each of his first three season, but never had a winning record in SEC play.

In happier news ...

Georgia junior Kristie Krueger has captured the SEC cross country championship on Monday.

Krueger finished first on the 6k course at Fort Jackson in Columbia, S.C.

She became the second Bulldog runner to win the SEC title, after Sarah Madebach in 2007.


Anonymous said...

A shot across Richt's bow, I'm sure. As volleyball goes, so goes....oh nevermind.

Anonymous said...

He should get rid of Bobo while he's at it.

KeithT. said...

Seth, this is totally off topic, but could you ask Coach Richt about the whole "Todd Grantham choking gesture" thing that was on Get The Picture that some UF blog is all bent out of shape about? I assumed it was a play signal. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Who gives a flying F@*% what any Florida blog is all bent out of shape over what CTG gestures about. Why dont they worry about Crier letting a damn felon play on his team. All that matters to UF is winning and running a crooked program. Wouldn't trade Richt for that piece of shit coach for any reason.

Anonymous said...

Who is this felon that Meyer let play?