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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Cam Newton situation and Georgia

On Thursday night, it broke that the NCAA was investigating the recruitment of Auburn star quarterback Cameron Newton. In case you haven’t read it yet, here are stories on, The New York Times and the Clarion-Ledger of Jackson, Miss.

I’ll get to the question a lot of you have: Will this affect Newton’s playing status for the Georgia game a week from now?

The short answer: Probably not.

Auburn has known about this for months, and has been allowing Newton to play. Tigers head coach Gene Chizik was adamant on Thursday night that Newton is eligible. “Period. End of story,” he added.

Well, it’s not the end of the story. But the fact that Auburn has continued to play Newton lo these nine games means that a) it’s confident nothing is there and there’s no danger of having wins vacated, or b) the Tigers are taking a huge, brazen risk.

In the case of A.J. Green, when the NCAA came to him with the $1,000 from Chris Hawkins, Green admitted it. Knowing there was a ruling pending, Georgia sat him down for one game, and then came the suspension. That process has been echoed at Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina.

But Auburn and Newton are not admitting any wrongdoing.

Basically, for Newton’s eligibility to be in question before Nov. 13, something would have to happen for Auburn to say, “Uh oh.” It hasn’t decided to do so for months; all that happened on Thursday night is the public found out about the investigation.

All that said, this has a chance to be the major story of the college football season. It now appears to be in the hands of the NCAA, and everyone will be watching to see how quickly they will – or can – act.


Justin said...

unless the NCAA sits him, he will play.

Auburn's 9 wins are because of him. They can't save the rest of the season by sitting him. Those wins will be vacated if he is found guilty.

I can't think of a reason to sit him, unless your of high moral standards. But this is college football...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't see Auburn sitting him until this is resolved, but I don't think that means there's nothing there. I'm sure Florida fans can remember Newton's "history".

BullyMack said...

If it is the same investigators that looked into AJ, they will not rest until they find he didn't pay for some Halloween candy he got from a booster. It is interesting however that what I've read insinuates there may be a connection btw. the church Cam's Dad runs hurting for money and low and behold it got a nice sprucing up not long after he decided for Cam to go to Auburn even though he was supposedly favoring hooking back up with Mullen. Who knows though, it might just be sour grapes on Miss. State's part. I'm sure the Bammers are loving this and hoping it serves as a distraction down the stretch. It will interesting to see if anything comes of it, but the worst part to me is that true or not it will serve as another black eye for the SEC and one more thing for the West Coast douches to point to as the "dirty SEC."

Anonymous said...

I heard this story months ago from an LSU fan and blew it off as another rumor. Did any of this happen? Who knows.

As the old saying goes though...

"where there is smoke there is fire."

Anonymous said...

The real question is--was Kenny Rogers involved by the Newton family in the recruitment of Cam Newton? If this answer to that question is yes, Newton should pay the price for the actions of Rogers. Kids don't need agents or liasons to get recruiting. These agents or liasons are there for one purpose--to make money. We saw it with the recruitment of Bryce Brown and it appears we are seeing the same thing again.

Bic Dawg said...

Well we hope Newton plays for the sake of the best game. All due respect to him because he is playing the game in a way most wish they could. I cant necessarily bad mouth Chizik nor Auburn either. However, The sad part is Auburn has had a mancrush on FLa and its program for so long that they have thrown a rich history of tailbacks into the toilet in pursuit of flash and dash. Just as Meyer built his program around 1 kid, Auburn has done the same thing and might have him for 1 more year and or may lose him retroactively 1 year. I just dont see building football programs around a kid that comes around once in a blue moon. UGA wants and needs to play against Newton. We have nothing to lose.

Willb said...

I agree Ga needs to play against a player like Newton. Only him and James from Oregon are still in the heisman race. Possibly Kellen Moore but I have a feeling that Boise isn't going to finish undefeated. Actually I don't think Auburn will be undefeated either so if they are going off record James will probably get it.

Remember ga against Tebow in his heisman year? That was the only year we got the best of him. Fla fans have been telling me Tebow had a shoulder injury that game. I'm not buying it. We can do the same against Newton.

Newton in ways seems more unstoppable than Tebow. I think he's a better athlete. It wouldn't make our whole season but it's the only way Ga is going to get into the BCS conversation.

I'm just wondering did we recruit Newton at all? He's from Atlanta so I would of thought we would of. I guess we had Stafford and chose not to recruit a QB that year. Fla had got Tebow the same year we got Stafford and they still got Newton though. Anyways it's easy for me to look back on things like this now...

Anonymous said...

When the NCAA starts digging, do they go all the way back to his "decision" to attend UF? His father said that Cam transferred because he wasn't going to sit behind Tebow any longer yet he knew Tebow was the man when he signed with them.
Multiple schools also quickly backed off Newton during his high school recruitment. Wonder if the old man had his hand out even then....hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I hope Cam plays against us. If we beat Auburn without him, sure, it's another win and we may knock off number 1, but the victory will be hollow. If we beat Auburn with him, then we've done what no else this season has done.

UGA69Dawg said...

Unless K Rogers tells the NCAA where the body is buried this is all just a rumor. NCAA can't compel anyone outside of the NCAA to talk to them.

Wild Fire said...

I'm one of the horses that trampled willb's head on that fateful 4-H outing. I also put varnish in his chocolate milk. I am sorry.

BuLLdawg said...

Here is what David Hale said before he left this blog :

“fair to say there’s a real problem with behavior on Georgia’s football team”

“that needs to be addressed and resolved rather than simply explained”

WINS over Final AP Poll Top 25 SEC East teams last 5 years :
2006 NONE
2007 only beat 4-Loss Florida as only ranked SEC East team beat
2008 NONE
2009 NONE
2010 NONE

You cannot pick and choose what CMR did with Jim Donnan recruits his 1st five years and disregard what his “coaching staff” has done for CMR the last 5 years. You cannot tell that you are a better Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Fan because you do choose to ignore what CMR record is these last 5 years.

And, don’t give me this B.S. that it is just this year that All Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Fans have shown their color.

I’ve been in here telling you this since after DJ Shockley graduated with Honors after the 2005 season. Only you said I was FOS. Really ? Who is FOS ?

12-10 last two entire years.

I told you so.

I am not picking and choosing when I am a fan; you are – I am not satisfied with this on-going B.S. on the field and off the field the last entire 5 years, and You are as a Blind Homer determining that you will run in here and brag on this team and CMR before you wake up.

Anonymous said...


Son, are you really patrick ?

"Newton in ways seems more unstoppable than Tebow. I think he's a better athlete. We can do the same against Newton. It wouldn't make our whole season but it's the only way Ga is going to get into the BCS conversation."

Just checking Willb, but were you kicked by horses, drank paint thinner, or really think that Georgia can get into BCS Conversation by being 6-5 beating Auburn ?

God Almighty, put the damn pipe down Willb.

BuLLdawg said...

Bic Dawg said...

"The sad part is Auburn has had a mancrush on FLa and its program for so long"

During the Coach Richt Era, Auburn has beat Florida 3 of their 4 games including being the only team to beat Urban Meyer Chris Leak and Tim Tebow 2006 Florida National Championship and beat Tim Tebow his Heisman Trophy Season as well.

I hardly think Auburn with a 3-1 record over Florida during the CMR Era, has any damn mancrush on friqin' Florida.

It is CMR 2-8 vs Florida since 2001 who cannot beat Florida, NOT Auburn 3-1.

Here is another :

Anonymous said...
I hope Cam plays against us. If we beat Auburn without him, sure, it's another win and we may knock off number 1, but the victory will be hollow. If we beat Auburn with him, then we've done what no else this season has done.

November 5, 2010 5:07 PM

Here is my word verification :

Anonymous said...

Newton plays against Georgia, but he will sit against Bama.

John Bond is a former Valdosta High QB and friend of Buck Belue.
MSU has no dog in this situation. MSU is more concerned about Mullen and Diaz staying at MSU.

Is this a serious issue and investigation for Auburn? Think so. It has been going on for awhile and the NCAA has not said the situation is resolved. They say no comment. Ummm. Big dollars alleged here...probably more than NCAA involved. But Auburn and Newton have a great deal of assurance there is nothing here.

What I take from this..UF, MSU, and Auburn are in the spread...Newton is built for this scheme. Mullen was at UF and knew Newton. Did and would he have pushed for Newton...not with that baggage and allegation...a program killer. Newton is not the last spread QB out there. There are many.

The other take. Aaron Murray and Orson Charles. Mullen has stated UF wanted Murray. Not as big and fast as Newton. But then Newton does not have the arm and accuracy of Murray.

Our dawg in the hunt for a SEC title? Where does our offense go after 2011?

BuLLdawg said...

Where do we go after 2011 ?

My God.

8-5 for all of 2009
4-5 for all of 2010 so far

Lose 14 seniors and 4 juniors after 2010

We face 2011 w/o them w/ rough schedule

And, you want to know where we go AFTTER 2011 ?

How about a new Regime

Willb said...

Are you guys serious? I meant if ga beat the number one or number two team in the BCS we would change the BCS standings.

Willb said...

Who are the four juniors we will be losing? I only count two. Also many of those seniors you speek of aren't even starting.

BuLLdawg said...


2 juniors ?

Name them

Willb said...

From our current depth chart here are the players leaving. Only a couple of important def players. Green is the only player you can't replace on offense.

Defense leaving: Dobbs, gamble, Houston, dent.

Offense leaving: Boling, green, Durham, chapas.

This isn't that bad at all.

Willb said...

Starters leaving I meant. I'm still trying to figure out what juniors your talking about. Boykin maybe? I only have Houston and Green leaving early.

Anonymous said...

Bulldawg, how do you think 2011 is a rough schedule.8 home games and no Bama or LSU?Trade Arky for Ole Miss and Colorado for some Cupcake.We lose 14 Seniors?How many start?By my count 5.

Anonymous said...

BuLLdawg, should change your handle to BuLLoneydawg.