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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Still nothing on A.J. Green

I’ll preface this by saying there is still little sign that A.J. Green’s eligibility is in question. And no one at Georgia is acting like the star receiver won’t be able to play in the opener, or beyond.

But three days before the start of the season, head coach Mark Richt was still unable to answer directly that Green was set to play.

After Wednesday’s practice, Richt was asked directly if he expected Green to play.

“Who, A.J. Harmon?” Richt said, referring to a Bulldog offensive lineman.

“You know I can’t talk about that. It’s a good try though,” Richt said, laughing. “I just can’t talk. I don’t know the answer to anything, other than I’m not supposed to talk about the situation. And I really don’t know.”

The NCAA has still issued no ruling on the agent probe. But two players known to be interviewed – North Carolina’s Marvin Austin and South Carolina’s Weslye Saunders – have been ruled out of their respective opening games. Each player’s school said it was not related to the agent probe.

For what it’s worth, when offensive coordinator Mike Bobo was asked earlier to list the receiver rotation, he mentioned Green first. a


Matt Cheij said...

Tim Tucker's Twitter- "If something happens to our starting quarterback, Hutson Mason will play," Mark Richt says.

Anonymous said...

Please pay attention :-)

Matt Cheij said...

haha sorry..little behind in technology..

South FL Dawg said...

Count me in the worried crowd about AJ Green. It's too simple a question to plead the fifth.

Anonymous said...

I am not worried at all and personally believe this only becomes a story when Richt states he is NOT playing.

Anonymous said...

He's not pleading the fifth, he's been advised by the NCAA to not discuss it.