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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Michael Adams speaks on Green situation

University of Georgia president Michael Adams said before Saturday’s game that he expected a ruling on the A.J. Green situation “pretty soon” and that he doesn’t have any “extraordinary concern” over it.

“Our lawyers are handling it. And that’s appropriate,” Adams saiad. “And I’d be surprised if we didn’t hear something pretty soon.”

But asked if he thought the situation was serious, Adams wasn’t sure.

“What I might think and what the NCAA might think might be two different things,” Adams said. “I don’t think it does us any good to speculate until it’s over with.”

The assumption all along was that Green’s part in the NCAA agent probe was related to the infamous South Beach party. Could it now be related to something more, Adams was asked?

“I can’t tell you what all they’re looking at because I don’t know,” Adams said.

Adams also wouldn’t confirm whether Green was held out of the opener by UGA or after talks with the NCAA. He referred that question to head coach Mark Richt.

“I’d rather they take their time and get it right,” Adams said. “I think to the extent that you want all your players cleared, there are always concerned. But I don’t right now have any extraordinary concern. I just think we need to let the process work.”

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