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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Richt defends his record

Mark Richt was fairly unflappable when he was under intense fire earlier this season. Eventually, the fire receded.

Then on Thursday, on the eve of the Liberty Bowl, the Georgia head football coach came as close as he has to issuing a defense.

It was at the tail end of a routine pre-bowl press conference, and Richt was discussing – as he has before – the importance of putting wins and losses in perspective. But he also felt the need to point something out.

“I think I’m like the fourth-winningest coach in America,” Richt said. “That’s not bad.”

Richt is 96-33 in 10 seasons at Georgia, with a winning percentage of .744. That’s fifth in the country, but fourth if you take out first-place Urban Meyer, who is stepping down from Florida after the Outback Bowl. (Richt was fourth in the country when this season started.)

From covering Richt throughout this season, the statement kind of jumped out. For one he's not the kind of guy to toot his own horn. Richt never jumped into the debate over his job security earlier this season, when the Bulldogs started 1-4. Then the team rebounded, and prior to the Auburn game, when the Bulldogs were 5-5, athletics director Greg McGarity announced that Richt would be back.

Richt’s comment on Friday came in response to a question about whether his steadfast nature, guided by his Christian faith, leads people to confuse that with not caring enough about wins and losses.

“They might,” Richt said, nodding. “But I’ve been doing it that way for 20-some years. Twenty-five. I love the game of football. I love to compete. I love the winning. But I don’t ever want to put that ahead of a young man’s ability to get his degree, a young man’s ability to learn right from wrong.

“We are still educators in my opinion. And we educate these young guys not only academically but when it comes to life in general.”

Richt then spoke for a bit longer on dealing with adversity, and how the team held together this season. A short time later he made his fourth-winningest comment, adding:

“We’ve got a lot of rings and watches and championships and all that kind of stuff too,” he said. “But I think we need to keep things in perspective sometimes.”


Long Duck Dawg said...

Good post - Richt haters, step off.

Anonymous said...

There's a saying in baseball that you can tell how far the ball was hit by watching the outfielders.

Uh...listening to Richt (i.e., "watching the outfielder") tells you all you need to know: he knows he's in trouble. You don't hear Gene Chizik or Nick Saban defending their records this week.

I'm not a "Richt hater"...I want him and UGA to win. I'm just reading the tea leaves.

Cjack said...

It also wasnt too long ago that Saban was doing this same dance when Alabama had a losing season (if Im remembering correctly) and lost to La. Monroe or some such God awful team as that. While its not what a lot of fans like to hear its a cyclical thing. As for Chizik he hasnt been around as long. Just wait until Scam Newton is gone and he has to play with the other guys left. Just wait and be patient Richt and the Dawgs will be back on top again.

Anonymous said...

Gene Chizik???? Really?

Anonymous said...

Richt knows 6-6 isn't good enough and I'm sure the criticisms have to sting. He doesn't need to remind us his overall record is stellar because it makes him look defensive.One thing is for sure, none of the his critics are top 5 in their professions.

Anonymous said...

Past results are not indicative of future performance.

I also do not hate CMR but I know that we are not doing well. Either it gets fixed or . . . .

Anonymous said...

Richt's a lame duck coach in 2011. McGarity won't add any more years to his contract which ends in 3 years, recruits like a coach to have 4 years.

If Richt goes 7-5 or 6-6 again like the last 2 seasons, he'll be fired, and will never be a head coach at another major school again.

If you look at the teams that are on the 2011 schedule that had a better record than Richt, it doesn't look good: Auburn, Arkansas, South Carolina, Miss St. & of course Florida--who beats Richt nearly every year. Then you have teams equal to Richt's record like Tenn, Kentucky, and Ga Tech. 8very tough teams. He'll lose 4-6.

Long Duck Dawg said...

Hey 3:25 Anonymous: I think you should just turn in your red & black gear & follow the NFL or something. What a lame, hopeless outlook on my DAWGS...

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Boise State, which McGarity added.

That's 6 teams Richt will face with a better record than he had in 2011:
Boise St, Ark, Aub, SC, MSU & Fla.

Army Dawg said...

Colorado, Miami...both would have taken Richt this year if he were available...I know many of you would rather have your sons Pop Warner coach instead of Coach Richt leading the UGA program but statements like 'he'll never be head coach at a major school again' are stupid.

OldDawg55 said...

Anon 3:18...wish you were the Human Resources director when I interview for a job!!! It's always "what have you done for me lately" in football but you temper any decisions (Maryland and WVU excepted!) by looking at the body of any profession. CMR will be back in full stride as will the bodies are on the way and the schedule is favorable to break out..Go Dawgs, GATA!!!

Anonymous said...

Richt would get another job and I love guys trying to predict our record for next year when nobody even knows which players will be on the teams for next year. Now THAT'S STUPID.

Anonymous said...

Lombardi went 2 years without making the playoffs after winning championships and I'm sure plenty of "experts" said he was on the decline. Then he won 3 more championships. Even the best have up and down years.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Richt's trying to get fired to cahs out his contract to start his ministry? How do explain going from 10 win seasons to the last 3 years of decline?

Anonymous said...

2 years not 3 years. 3 years ago we were in the top ten.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 4:22. Don't give the Richt haters facts it will just confuse them.

Anonymous said...

Uh no, that's 3 years in a row of decline, 10-2 to 9-3, 9-3 to 7-5, 7-5 to 6-6.

3 years, not 2.

Anonymous said...

These anonymous fans who only support UGA by buying a tee shirt and claiming to be big Georgia fans when Georgia wins, couldn't scratch their rear with both hands, yet they are the first to say "Fire the coach" or criticize a college kid for not catching every pass ever thrown....and don't waste your time asking who they would hire.They have no idea. Negativity and stupidity usually walk hand-in-hand.

Professor Quincy Carter said...

The problem with the haters is, they're always gonna be the most vocal. I want Richt to succeed. There's nobody I'd want to see have success as the dawgs' coach. But I'm not vocal about it. You don't see people during any presidency outside the white house with signs that say "Things could be better, but in the long run I like our chances". It just doesn't fit on the sign. Consequently, the perception is reality and if he doesn't have a 10 win season next year, the negative momentum will be to difficult to halt. I'm sure that if there were some way to quantify it, when it comes to getting their way about head coach firing/retaining: HATERS > 2*LOVERS + 10*DOIN ALL RIGHTERS. (Note: does not mean number of haters vs. lovers. Just attention they get. May not be actual math)

Professor Quincy Carter said...

"Nobody I would want to see more"


Daniel said...

I actually like the fact that Richt defended his record over his tenure here. It, at least, shows that he feels some pressure.

I can remember defending our football program with some Big-11 fans in my travels. While I debated the "SEC speed" vs "Big 11's lack of speed" argument, I couldn't help but think of the amazing number of talented players we've had play here at UGA during this decade. What I couldn't answer was one question: "What did you do with them while they were there?"

In all honesty, I believe the 2002 team was far and away better than any team Richt has fielded since he's been here. That team seemed to get better every week. I can't remember a team since that has gotten better as the season has gone on. Why? Plain and simple....lack of player development.

It's not that the fan base is divided 50/50. Most of our fan base supports Richt and he is not an awful coach. I believe our fans are just tired of searching for answers to why we can't seem to get the best out of every player we've got every Saturday. It's the inconsistency I'm tired of seeing. I believe we've had what it takes, but we haven't shown we've got what it takes to put it all together.

There are some that think we'll rebound and have a 10 win season next year. I'm not one of them. We've got ENTIRELY too many questions that will have to be answered.

Will the OL stick on one lineup for more than 5 consecutive games (assuming no major injuries)? Who decided to redshirt Knowshon? Is the next Knowshon gonna wear the redshirt? Who's gonna step up and be our go-to receiver? Can we find a true NT for the 3-4? Who's gonna be our next Brannan Southerland? Can we avoid delay of game penalties after we've just called a timeout? Do we have the absolute best available assistant coaches that money can buy? Why do we have a WR coaching the running backs? When are we gonna learn how to take proper angles on pursuit and learn how to fundamentally tackle? This "Ole" arm tackling bullcrap has GOT TO STOP. Is this the year we actually CLOSE the recruiting class with a bang by getting ALL of the players we so desparately need?

But most importantly.....can we stay healthy and stay out of jail?

I think our coaching staff has answers to all of these questions, but they aren't gonna be the answers most of us wanna hear.

Anonymous said...

If the dogs lose this game, will fans start putting bags over their heads at the games?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:26 Richt was 10-3 3 years ago but I could tell from your first post math gives you trouble.

Anonymous said...

Anon@4:59 Putting bags over your heads has always been a NFL thing but knock yourself out. I suggest you use the plastic kind and close it around the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Gene Chizik isn't talking about his overall record because his overall record is still fairly mediocre. Before we put him in God-Almighty-Nick-Saban's category, let's see how he does without Cam Newton (and potentially, Gustav).

Richt's critics are putting themselves in a strange position. What's going to be their position if we go 11-2 next year and win the SEC? What if we go undefeated? I guess you just go crawl under a rock or something? I don't know. I'd rather be positive and support the team and let McGarity deal with the decision-making.

The other thing Richt's critics don't get is that Georgia isn't going to hire Nick Saban. Georgia is not Alabama or Michigan or Southern Cal. Ultimately, a coaching change means trading a proven winner who more or less does things the right way (doesn't oversign or grayshirt or mislead recruits and players) for an unproven co-ordinator.

There's more to counter in the above comments, but there's football on, y'all.

iticketbidmarcus said...

Richt needs to do that to show the short termed memory people that he is still a great coach and just in a slump. Richt is fine hes just hasn't done as well without a QB. If you watch college football you know to win you have to have a competitor leading your team. Joe Cox was not that- therefor 7 and 6 Record, Murray wasn't ready- hopefully 7 and 7 record, Next year we will be back up in the top ten.

Taylor said...

This game will go a long way in determining just where our program stands. We have the better players, better program, and supposedly better coaches. A loss here shows that there is a big problem from top to bottom with this team.

I truly believe that if we had won the games at Colorado and MSU them most fans would be OK with the season.

I realize some fans expect 10+ wins but that's realistic. For this team, 8+ is where we need to be. Hopefully we see improvement across the board.

Anonymous said...

All the losses were close. If Georgia improves a little in the off season those become wins. Georgia went toe to toe for 3 quarters with the team that'll probably be national champs so they're not that far away. Georgia probably gave Auburn a better game than Oregon will.

Willb said...

I love seeing Richt defend his record. A coach like Richt can come off like he doesn't care as much as others because of how he acts. That's obviously not the case but I love seeing him occasionally say things like this anyways.

Another thing the vast majority of Dawg fans are still behind Mark Richt and want him as our coach! The problem is the most vocal fans can sometimes be the ones who have the most problems with the program.

I know I don't post daily rants about why I think Mark Richt is the right coach for Ga. Im sure it appears to someone looking in from the outside that all Dawg fans want Richt out. That couldn't be farther from the truth!

While my job actually has nothing to do with the Dawgs sometimes I feel like it does. It seems like every single customer I have at my business wants to talk about the Dawgs. Out of all the fans I have talked to many alumni some not I have yet to meet one fan in person who wants to see Richt get fired.

Yet he is on the hot seat? 10 wins two years ago, 11 wins three years ago and should of played for the national title! Also these fans saying this downward trend started with the 10 win team a couple of years ago how long have you been a Dawg fan? Maybe that team didn't meet your expectations but by no means was it a bad team. Ga doesn't churn out 10 win seasons as consistently as some fans think.

All of you "fans" out there who want Ga to be thrown back into the pre-Richt mediocrity maybe should put a little more thought into it.

Also please nobody call me a Richt apologist! Do you know how stupid that sounds? Just like the man himself said he is the fourth winningest coach in the nation! No apologies needed!

Anonymous said...

STFU, Willb.

Anonymous said...

Anon7:39 thanks for such a well reasoned and thoughtful response.It explains everything about you type of people.

ChrisDawg said...

Wow anon 7:39 you really showed willb!

He has a thoughtful post about why he feels the way he does and you say STFU. Maybe you only agree with other negative fans and only want to read negative thoughts? Maybe you think an 8 win and 7 win season marks the end of the Ga program forever and this is the lowest we have ever been? Maybe you do not know the history of the program? Maybe you expect Mark Richt to be the first coach ever to never have a bad season? Maybe you are only a fan of UGA when they have great teams?

A-Phiz said...

I don't mind him defending his record at all, we can't deny he has been one of the most dominant coaches of the decade. What I would have liked to see from him is something along the lines of..." This season was unacceptable and I will not let another one end up like this"

Anonymous said...

Winning Percentage Coach at Current School :

.888 Chip Kelly Oregon 22-3 year 2
.828 Jim Tressel Ohio State 106-22 year 10
.923 Chris Petersen Boise State 60-5 year 5
.810 Urban Meyer Florida 64-15 year 6*
.810 Bob Stoops Oklahoma 128-30 year 12
.807 Gene Chizik Auburn 21-5 year 2*
.796 Mack Brown Texas 133-34 year 13
.792 Nick Saban Alabama 42-11 year 4*
.782 Les Miles LSU 61-17 year 6*
.776 Gary Patterson TCU 97-28 year 11
.765 Bret Bielema Wisconsin 49-15 year 5
.753 Kyle Whittingham Utah 58-19 year 6
.748 Joe Paterno Penn State 401-134-3 year 45
.744 Mark Richt Georgia 96-33 year 10*

Anonymous said...

Richt always reminded me of Paterno and their winning percentages are almost identical. Here's hoping Richt coaches 35 more years. Richts a class guy like Paterno.

PTC DAWG said...

Richt's our Coach...I support him. End of story. Until he's not the Coach, then I will support the new Coach.

David said...

Can someone help me with this.

Watching the UT/NC bowl game and the last play of regulation was NC with too many men on field, with a spiked ball. Why doesn't the clock start with the ball ready to play....I know the game can't end on a defensive penalty, but that situation seems to give an advantage to the offense....spike it and get a free play even with a penalty.

And by the way, what a Greek tragedy of a season for Dooley. I like the guy and think he's done a miracle with what he inherited, but my gosh what terrible luck.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it.... Mark Richt won mostly with Donnan Players and BVG. Blind homers are what they are ...blind. Richt is stale and so is Mike BOO BOO. But I will be back this time next year to tell you I told ya so. All you Richt apologist might as well demand UGA to go back and hire Ray Goof. Hung with Auburn? Please.... did you see our dawgs get outscored 42 - 10 in that game?

David said...

Not sure I see it your way entirely, but I will say it was sad as a Dawg fan to see the Falcons game this week and that BVG defense flying to the ball and actually TACKLING.

Good times. Good times.

Anonymous said...

11-2 ?

God Almighty.

What I am going to say if we go 11-2 next season in Mark Richt’s season number 9 of 14-game seasons ?

9 of his 11 seasons will have been 14-game seasons.

And, you want to know what I am going to say if Mark Richt goes 11-2 ?

It’s a 14-game season.

Or does none of that bother you at all ?

2008, three (3) years ago, we played 3 real opponents that season. 3 games. All 3 games, Knowshon Moreno was handed the football an average of 14 carries those 3 games. We gave up consecutive points of 31 to nothing at halftime, 42 to nothing and 29 unanswered too. We beat no one 2008. Those are the only 3 games we played. We lost all 3. Just prior to the 3 losses, we were ranked # 1 by every poll. That night 18 of our Bulldogs’ football players went out for a night on the town. We beat up a hospital, relieved ourselves on the streets, got beat up, started barroom brawls and when the night was over, we had zero respect in this great nation.

Then, we played 3 games against the only 3 teams we played that entire season and gave up the 102 consecutive unanswered points against us.

We ended up # 13 in the Final AP Poll 2008.

Had we started out # 13 instead of # 1, we would have been unranked – since we lost all 3 games against the real opponents we played 2008.

It’s not 2 years of decline.

It is 5.

Next season is 6.

6 years in a row.

If you know so little about college football to not know where we in fact are, then tell me I am wrong now as you did before this season started and the season before this, too.

5 years

20 Losses

4-Loss Season Average over the Last Five (5) Years.

Over these same last 5 years, we are # 2 in the Fulmer Cup for the Most Arrested / Suspended Football Program in America.

Over these same last 5 years, there are 25 programs who have averaged 10-Win Seasons.

We are not 1 of them.

9-4, 11-2, 10-3, 8-5, 6-6.

3 times in Mark Richt’s 10 years here, he beat a Top 10 Final AP Poll team. So, you cannot say it cannot be done.

Anonymous said...

2001 Mark Richt beat # 4 vols. He lost 4 games 2001.

2005 Mark Richt beat # 6 LSU. He lost 3 games 2005.

2006 Mark Richt beat # 9 Auburn. He lost 4 games 2006.

That is it folks for wins by Mark Richt over Top 10 Final AP Poll teams.

He has played now 12 such games. He won 3. Those 3 years he lost 4, 3 and 4 games.

Mark Richt’s statement is : “I am the 4th Winningest coach in America.”

He is in fact not the 4th Winningest in his own conference.

Gene Chizik pasted 49 points on Mark Richt’s team.

And, there is the other end of the spectrum – The Not Top 25 Final AP Poll teams.

10 years Mark Richt has Lost 10 games to Not Top 25 Final AP Poll teams.

This season, Mark Richt played 8 really easy cupcake football games. He won 6 of them.

This season, Mark Richt played 4 good teams. He won none of those.

This is 10 years into his reign here. 10 years of hiring a coaching staff.

He came here with no experience. None. He has proven he does not know how to hire a coaching staff.

When you are the Number 14 Winningest coach in America, why lie and say you are the Number 4, when you are not ? Because you do not know ?

Surely Mark Richt knows he is no Urban Meyer, that he is no Nick Saban, that he is no Les Miles – between the 3 of them, they have 5 Undisputed National Championships.

Rings ? Why would Mark Richt bring up the rings. His players ran to eBay and 18 of them were sold on eBay, when The Georgia Bulldogs Football Program has the 3rd most SEC Championships in history.

22 SEC Championships Alabama
13 SEC Championships Tennessee
12 SEC Championships Georgia
10 SEC Championships LSU
8 SEC Championships Florida
7 SEC Championships Auburn
6 SEC Championships Ole Miss
1 SEC Championship Kentucky
1 SEC Championship Mississippi State

There are 10 College Football Programs who have the Most FBS 1-A Wins.

Georgia is # 11 All-Time in 1-A Wins.

Instead, over the last entire 5 years, there are 25 programs doing BETTER than we.

The Jim Donnan recruits were much better than the recruits we have now.

Who is our Fullback for next season ?

Who are our Wide Receivers for next season ?

Who is our Offensive Coordinator for next season ?

Who is our Running Backs’ Coach for next season ?

Who are our Offensive Linemen for next season ?

Who is our Tailback here at the University of Ground Attack next year ?

Why can’t we return kick-offs ?

Why can’t we stop the run ?

Why can’t we stop any passing play ?

Why did we win the Fulmer Cup National Championship this year ?

Why are there 17 SUSPENSIONS for this year alone ?

Why can’t we beat the good teams we play ?

Why do we lost to the bad teams we play 1 a year on the average ?

Why is there such a difference between the 1st Five Years of Mark Richt here compared to these

Last 5 Years of Decline ?

Why are there 25 other programs doing better than we are over the last 5 years ?

Why does Mark Richt feel that it is his job to educate, and not just about football ? Has The University of Georgia now become a Church where we teach the Principles of Religion or is there in fact a Separation of Church and State ?

Yes, I knew when you said that there is no one you would rather see do well as our Coach than Mark Richt – I knew exactly what you meant.

Anonymous said...

I see the trolls are back making up stuff like us losing to Auburn 42-10, and saying it's a 14 game season it's not.You know when you waste bandwidth the terrorists win.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bulldawg troll send us the link to your bowl picks. One loss after another. Just like your posts. After you bragged about being in an illegal gambling pool we dont need to hear your hypocritical rants about others. Turn yourself in. Or was that just another one of your lies?

Anonymous said...

Richt is the 4th winningest by percentage active. Did it in the toughest conference. Google it. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Over the last 5 years, Richt isn't even in the top 20 in winning %. He's still riding the coatails of what he did with Van Gorder & Pollack.

One more 6-6 or 7-5 season and he's done.

The fans arn't going to Bowls anymore.

Next is boycotting the games.

Bags over head coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:46 - yeah stay home boycotting with a bag over your head. That'll show everybody.

Anonymous said...

Every coaches success comes off the coattails of great players. Chizik- Newton,Brown-Vince Young, Carroll-Bush, Myer-Tebow and on and on. Richt is just one great player away from being back on top.

Anonymous said...

Im tired of the Boys Home of the South mentality. Richt needs to go bottom line. Every Coach defends their record but the fact remains Richt cant win the Big games. Yes he has dominated the Techies but wow, it was another close call win this year. 3 million a year with CMR is not getting the job done. Its not hate homers ... it just a fact so deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:24. Try the staying home with a bag over your head thingy.

Anonymous said...

Big game against a top 25 team. Can't wait. GO DAWGS!

Anonymous said...

Its time to run these clowns out of Athens.

Anonymous said...

Why is the circus in town?