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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'Tis better to receive, preferably downfield

Today, we discuss receivers, and the future of receivers at the University of Georgia.

Here’s a link to my story today on Tavarres King, who would have the inside track to be the go-to guy in 2011, assuming his talk-show sidekick A.J. Green takes his talents to the pros.

Kris Durham, who as a senior is definitely gone, also provided his outlook on the unit. Here’s what the team’s second-leading receiver this year had to say:

“You take out AJ, if he makes the decision to leave, then there’s gonna have to be some people to step up,” he said. “It’s gonna be guys like Tavarres, (Rantavious) Wooten, Marlon (Brown) is gonna step up tremendously, I got a feeling. There’s a lot of other guys like (Israel) Troupe and Logan (Gray) that have done good things when they’ve had an opportunity.”

Durham also singled out freshman Michael Bennett, who is taking a redshirt but traveled to every away game.

“The guy’s gonna be something special. He makes plays every day in practice, he’s done everything the coaches could’ve asked him,” Durham said. “You could see the strides he’s made in camp, till now, he’s a completely different player. So I think he’ll definitely step in and playa a major role.”

Green also had nice things to say about Bennett.

“He’s good. He’s real good,” Green said. “I believe he could’ve played this year. He was killing (for) the scout team.”

Bennett is on the shorter side, so if the team needs a tall threat – a la Green and Durham – all eyes will be on 6-foot-4 Marlon Brown, currently a sophomore.

Here was Durham’s scouting report on Brown:

“Marlon’s just a worker. He hasn’t had as many opportunities this year as he probably would’ve liked, but the guy continues to work every day,” Durham said. “He does what he’s supposed to do, he works hard, he does all the drills, he’s got a lot of ability. Whenever he’s had the chances this year he’s made the catches. … I really feel like he’s gonna break out next year.”

The nice thing about Green and Durham this year is that they were each good possession and downfield receivers. So what about next year? Who can Aaron Murray target when he needs that first down, and then who goes for the downfield bombs?

“If you look at guys like Tavarres and Wooten, they have a lot of speed,” Durham said. “They can take the top off the defense, they can go deep. But Marlon has some speed, Logan has some speed. Everybody has speed, so they have the potential.

“Everybody puts me as a possession receiver but I’ve averaged, I don’t know, probably around 20 yards a catch. People have the ability, it’s just whatever opportunities they get they’re gonna take advantage of.”

Georgia also has a few commitments from receivers: Justin Scott-Wesley, who is 6-1, is rated the nation's 14th-best receiver recruit by Chris Conley (6-4) and Zach Witchett (6-0) are both three-star recruits according to the recruiting service.


Anonymous said...

Michael Bennett is 6'3", not exactly on "the shorter side."

Anonymous said...

I believe I've heard in the past that the SEC limits how many athletes a team can bring to road games. Is that true, and if so, why would you use some of those spots for redshirt guys like Bennett? (I know Malcome had to travel in case the RBs got hurt, but the WR bench was pretty deep, as this post indicates...)

Anonymous said...

There are rumors circulating the CK IS academically elligible to play at the bowl but wont because he missed what people are receding to as an appointment.

Anonymous said...

Big blow losing Mett last season, Murray was only scholly player left. Kid couldn't beat a good team with a winning record, 6-6, Richt's worst season.

Looking forward to RUNNING THE FOOTBALL if Murray starts at QB next season. Give the ball to Ealey, he gets more ypc carry than Lattimore.

Richt's 40-2 when he gets a 100 yard rusher.

Anonymous said...

Lemay's gonna have some great wr'S TO THRow to, and since he's Mr. Clutch, look out for 2011.

Anonymous said...

The two comments before me are so stupid I don't even have a reply. To think that Lemay will EVER start over Murray is beyond absurd. Murray was higher ranked out of high school and just came off the best freshman season in school history, despite having no running game whatsoever. And Lemay is way overrated. Ask anyone in North Carolina. He just played on a high school team with studs all over the field - two D1 running backs, two D1 receivers, and an oline full of studs, too. A handicapped blind man could lead Butler to a state title at quarterback with all the talent they've got around the field.

Bryan said...

While I don't agree that losing Mettenberger was a bad thing and that Murray was the reason why we went 6-6 (he was solid every game), I do agree that we need to get back to running the ball more. But that all starts with the O-line stepping up and creating the opportunities for our talented RBs to gush defenses.

Willb said...

I think that Orson Charles is going to be Aaron Murrays number one target next year. King will probably be his number one reciever.

We don't have Green but he still have lots of high quality players for Murray to throw to.

Also whoever made that comment about Murray and Mett you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. One of the best QB seasons in Ga history with one of the highest scoring offenses in Ga history in his freshman season! He can't play defense!

If everything plays out the way I think it will with the NFL draft I think we will have the best QB in the SEC next year. Although with the way things work I'm sure Garcia will be voted first team all sec preseason because he is a senior. But really would anyone choose Garcia over Murray?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I thought Logan Gray and Israel Troupe were seniors?

Anonymous said...

Too funny, Murray beat Idaho State, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia Tech and Louisiana Lafayette. The defense held 3 of those to 7 points or less, and the other 3 games, forced 3-4 to's to win those. defense won all 6 games.

Murray couldn't stretch the field in Miss St/SC games, so they brought 8 in the box, stopped the run. 2 losses on Murray.

Murray couldn't move the ball 25 yards at end of Ark game. Loss 3 on Murray.

Murray badly bungled a handoff to King in Col game. Loss 4 on Murray.

Murray threw 3 interceptions, and a fumble against Florida. Loss 5 on Murray.

Murray choked in the 4th quarter against Auburn.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:17

Your mom receives downfield.

Anonymous said...

Anon12:17 - you choke everynight.

Anonymous said...

The guy hating on Murray is either a fan of another team or a retard who got his hands on a computer

TrboDawg said...

Feeding the trolls is worse than teaching a pig to sing... it wastes your time and it pleasures the troll...

NRBQ said...

My Christmas Wish is that a real Georgia fan finds out where BuLLawg lives, and beats the living shit out of him. Paying particular attention to his typing fingers.

God bless us all, except BuLLdawg/anon.