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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A.J. Green "close" to a decision

I know some people are getting sick of the constant A.J. Green updates, but the star receiver did say a few new things about the status of his decision:

- Green said he was "close" to making a decision, and would sit down with his family and discuss the matter soon.

- The potential NFL lockout will NOT have an effect on Green's decision, he said, in a turnabout from earlier statements. Green said he doesn't think there will be a long lockout, after speaking with ex-teammates like Matt Stafford and Mike Moore, and Atlanta Falcons president Rick McKay.

"I don't believe there's gonna be a lockout. I believe it's gonna last, maybe a couple days? There's gonna be a lot of people losing money if they don't have a season."

Green was among several Georgia juniors who met last week with McKay, in fairly standard informational session. The others, according to Green, were LB Justin Houston, G Cordy Glenn, CB-KR Brandon Boykin, K Blair Walsh and T Trinton Sturdivant. (There could have been others there, too.)

"He just talked to the people who potentially could leave," Green said.

Some have speculated a lockout would affect the draft, but Green was told it would not.

"There's gonna be a draft," he said. "That's not gonna be a part of my decision. I'm not gonna think about the lockout."

- While many of the above players will be sending off to the NFL draft advisory committee for an evaluation, Green said he would not be. The star receiver is expected to be a high first-round pick, and the first receiver taken.

"Coach Richt told me there was no need to send mine in," Green said, referring to head coach Mark Richt.

- On another subject, Green said he wasn't bothered by the Cam Newton situation; Green was suspended the first four games of this season for selling his jersey for $1,000, while Newton was declared eligible by the NCAA after it ruled that his father engaged in a pay-for-play scheme, which the NCAA found no evidence Cam was aware of happening.

"It just happens like that sometimes," Green said. "Some things like that you can't control, and that was one of them."


Anonymous said...

That tells me all I need to know, he is gone, as expected.

David Davis said...

@Anon 12:49

That is exactly what I read as well.

CSA said...

Agreed, sounds like he's gone to the NFL. I wish him the best, am only sorry he didn't win championships here at Georgia.

VAdawg said...

Well peace out AJ. The lockout was our only hope. I'm sure his agent will bankroll him during any stoppage of play any way.

I think J Hou is long gone, and I think Boykin will leave too. Maybe Cordy Glenn too. Seriously, when was the last time we have gotten good news about kids staying? We had a good news in basketball earlier this year, but I can't recall the last time any one from Georgia decided to come back... Maybe Dannel Ellerbee? As for Walsh...since when do kickers leave early for the draft??

Anonymous said...

AJ and Houston I can understand, but we need to do a better job "recruiting" guys who leave early only to go in the 3rd round or lower. If you're going to be a top 15 pick, you pretty much HAVE to go now. But why leave early when you can improve your draft status by sticking around? Unless you have no confidence in the coaching staff's ability to, you know, coach you up...

Anonymous said...

Trinton Sturdivant is one I hadn't thought might leave early - crap

Joeski said...

Aside from Justin and AJ, I think the Draft Evaluations will play a major role in whether or not these kids go pro: they know they can have a better year next year and bump up a round maybe.

Besides those two, I think we'll see one other kid get wowed by the potential money and leave. But even then, it's not like the cupboard is bare. Fairley and Newton will be gone at Auburn, and that is a much more devastating loss for them.

Anonymous said...

Good interview. You hit all the questions I was wondering with Green. Definitely sounds like he's gone...and Boykin, Glenn, and Houston.

snarky said...

"Coach Richt told me there was no need to send mine in," Green said, referring to head coach Mark Richt.

oh, he meant that coach richt.

Anonymous said...

Muschamp to put Texas size ass-whipping on Richt!

Anonymous said...

"Gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday, gone like a soldier in the civil war, bang bang"... We will survive... As far the comment "Muschamp to put Texas size ass-whipping on Richt"... bring it on, Texas was a bigger disappointment this year than the DAWGS, and will show UF what a GEORGIA size a$$ whipping is. GO DAWGS.