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Monday, December 20, 2010

Green starts the Murray-for-Heisman 2011 campaign

Yeah, I know it sounds far-fetched. But this is what Georgia’s A.J. Green said when asked about his quarterback on Sunday:

“He’s gonna be something special. He’s probably gonna be up for the Heisman next year.”

Whoa there, A.J.

Yeah, Murray has had a fantastic freshman season – 24 passing touchdowns, only six picks, 2,851 passing yards, and four rushing touchdowns. But the Heisman?

Hey, no one figured Cam Newton would win it this year. So, why not?

A wise reporter (clearly, not me) followed up by pointing out to Green that Georgia would have to do better than 6-6.

“Yeah, we’re gonna do that,” Green said. “We’re gonna do that.”

(And by “we,” Green probably means as an alumnus watching from the NFL. But that’s a whole other matter.)

Actually, let’s break this down, first by the top 10 receiving Heisman votes this year:

1. Newton: Almost certainly going pro.
2. Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford: Ditto.
3. LaMichael James, RB, Oregon: A sophomore, he will enter as one of the frontrunners next year.
4. Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State: The junior, who with his height doesn’t make for a surefire NFL prospect, has said he’s coming back to school. And his first game next year? Against Murray and the Bulldogs in the Georgia Dome.
5. Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State: Also a sophomore, but not many receivers since Desmond Howard have been in the running for the award.
6. Denard Robinson, QB, Michigan: The sophomore’s candidacy may depend on whether or not his coach spends the offseason recruiting well or creeping everybody out by playing Josh Groban songs.
7. Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas: The junior is almost certainly gone to the NFL.
8. Colin Kaepernick, QB, Nevada: A senior this year.
9. Andy Dalton, QB, TCU: Ditto.
10. Owen Marecic, FB-LB, Stanford: Also a senior.

South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore, the SEC freshman of the year, also got a few votes. Illinois running back Mikel Leshoure, a junior, would also be someone to watch if he returns.

Sadly, the Heisman has basically become the award to the best player on the nation’s best team, or at least one of them.

So basically, sure, Murray could make a run next year – but he has to at least lead Georgia to the SEC championship game, and possibly further.

And yes, I just spent an entire blog post breaking down Aaron Murray’s chances for the Heisman Trophy. Hey, it’s a slow week. (So far.)


Anonymous said...

Denard Robinson is a Sophomore.

Seth Emerson said...

Yes he is. And now he is in this blog too. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

No prob.

Paul said...

Should we read more into it than Green saying Murray will win the Heisman. I know it is just wishful thinking but sounded to me like he was saying "we" as in him and his teammates will have a better season. With AJ to throw to it would be very possible for Murray to put up Heisman numbers, just saying.

Anonymous said...

The best way for AJ to start-up the Murray for Heisman talk would be for him to go ahead and declare his return for a senior season!

Anonymous said...

Way to go AJ!

Jordan said...

Lamichael James is redshirt sophomore and is draft eligible...not many people think he will leave, but he is still draft eligibile.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Murray is only good against bad teams. Against teams with a winning record, he hasn't won a game. Also, he's lower than #75 in passing accuracy on 3rd down, in the 4th quarter, and in the red zone.

I consider Murray to be so bad, that he won't even start a game in 2011, that will go to Christian Lemay.

At 6-6, Murray couldn't beat even 1 team with a winning record. Richt can't risk another season with Murray at the helm.

Last time I checked, the goal ain't to win a Heisman, it's to win the SEC.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Murray should start by trying to win a game against a team with a winning record.

Just a thought.

Bryan said...

I see the mentally handicapped have showed up once again. Without Murray, we wouldn't have even won the 6 games we did. He was essentially the reason we did as well as we did.

Anonymous said...

All if this animosity for Murray and he didn't even make the comment. Half of these message board comments are from 40 year old losers. Lay off the 19 year old who just so happens to be comming off an impressive year... statistically. If we can field a team around this guy the SECC will soon follow. Suck it.


CSA said...

I can't believe guys are actually bashing one of the few bright spots of this team. Completely ridiculous. Did he show a little immaturity? Sure. But he also had one of the best freshman seasons ever. If he had a whole team around him, we would have done better than 6-6.

Some people just have to complain about something.

Ghost of Thomas Davis' Hits said...

Seth, I realize not many fans are traveling to Memphis for the Liberty Bowl, but how 'bout some food and entertainment recommendations for those of us who are? Hell, just make some up, even if you haven't been. Should make for an interesting read.

Anyone else have some insights about Memphis, other than, "it sucks," which I've heard ad nauseum?

Anonymous said...

Rendezvous ribs are the best ever. Take your wife/gf to see the ducks at the Peabody hotel and enjoy their nice bar. Rhodes College is a beautiful campus as well, with a few nice houses near it. Check out a Memphis Griz or Tigers game if they're in town. Beale Street should be cheesy but fun too.

Anonymous said...

Stewart Mandel and Gary Danielson have called Murray a star. That's why they get paid to watch games and the pathetic anonymous poster above has all day to waste at his keyboard.

Anonymous said...

I wish AJ would keep his trap shut and just play football. The last time he opened his trap about Auburn ....UGA got trounced. Be careful about Aaron Murray or UGA could be like the Clemson and Kyle Parker expectations which didnt do too well this past season.

Anonymous said...

I wish Anon 7:04 would keep his trap shut

Anonymous said...

anon 7:10, same to ya bud....

Anonymous said...

I love the Anon vs. Anon trash talk. Maybe this message board should bring in Coach T to help establish some accountability.


Ghost of Thomas Davis' Hits said...

Thanks for the tips, Anon 3:14

Anonymous said...

Aaron Murray ranks last in the NCAA in passing accuracy in the first quarter.

He's not much better in the 4th quarter or on 3rd down, red zone, basically, anytime there's pressure.

Murray's also ranked #81 in passing accuracy against teams with a qwinning record.

Anonymous said...

What are these people that are bashing this "KID" wanting? To come in his first year an be a T. Brady or P. Manning, give me a break. This kid has came in and done what most Freshman wish they could do. I think this kid is the real deal and I think he'll be even better next year!

Matt H. said...


I'm not sure why you continue to show contempt for this team... It is not at all far fetched to think that an individual who was a first year starter in the SEC who ranked 9th in passer efficiency in the nation could contend for the heisman next year. Those that complain about our record can thank the defense and our run blocking. The only games you can really blame on our offense is the South Carolina game and Miss State.

I agree that the team must win more games for him to contend, but is it really that hard to believe? South Carolina remains very beatable, UF will be breaking in new schemes on both sides of the ball. The east is very winnable... I think you should consider an editor for your blog, blog man. The cheap shot to Murray and this team in the last paragraph are really uncalled for...

I am not expecting you to be a homer, but the readership that Hale acrewed I believe came from his honest effort to bring things that other reporters wouldn't take the time to do (crunching well researched numbers- much more in depth than your weak opinionized RPI article), his good natured posts about things he was interested in, and his optimistic take on a team we follow... Aside from the Richt-haters we and almost every fan base how to win... Out expectation is higher than the team you just covered... I think you would do well to pick a random week of last season and read his entries... I'm not asking you to be him, but I don't want to read a blog about UGA written by someone who doesn't give a flip.

I have referred many people to this blog, but I've not linked an attach since you started. If it doesn't change I am confident I can get all of this material elsewhere...