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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mark Richt, dropping d-bombs all over Memphis

Mark Richt has said before that he didn’t push his team hard enough in preseason practice. But the Georgia head football coach went a bit further on Thursday, including what for him is some colorful language.

During a press conference in Memphis to promote the Liberty Bowl, Richt was asked about his team’s turnaround after a 1-4 start. After saying wryly that “getting A.J. Green back may have helped,” Richt spoke again about the decision not to be as physical in preseason practice.

“I definitely take the blame for the start, because I didn’t get us ready,” he said. “But we played pretty damn good after that.”

A second later, Richt corrected himself.

“Excuse me, pretty darn good,” he said.

OK, that’s not exactly a Sam Kinison routine. But for the Ned Flanders-like Richt, that might as well have been an f-bomb.

I guess it’s been that kind of season.

A few other quick notes from the presser, which was available over teleconference:

- Richt once again emphasized that the emphasis is on winning the bowl game, and not looking down the road. He said he stood firm when several assistants, after seeing the practice schedule, asked for more days to be on the road recruiting.

“The best recruiting we can do is winning the bowl game,” Richt said. “We’ve gotta recruit, but we’ve gotta make sure –“

At that point Central Florida head coach George O’Leary interrupted:

“You guys go recruit,” O’Leary said, to laughter.

- Richt was also asked about his team’s defense, which finished the season ranked fourth in the SEC in yards allowed, but seventh in points allowed.

“We’ve still got a ways to go,” Richt said. “I think we got better. I think our coaches learned a little bit more about our personnel and who goes where … But we’re still not playing championship-level defense right now. But I think with the experience these guys have gained, and some of the recuiritng we’re doing right now, and some of the training these guys are doing now … I do believe we’re going to get better.”

- The subject of A.J. Green's upcoming NFL decision also came up. Richt said his star receiver has "a lot of things to think about."

“He definitely wants to play in the NFL one day, but he also knows there’s some collective bargaining agreement issues going on and there’s some uncertainty," Richt said. "I know he doesn’t feel like he’s accomplished everything he wanted to accomplish coming into Georgia. Will that be enough to keep him in town? I don’t know.”


GreenDawg said...

Wow. After a season like this, who would have thought Mark Richt's first public cursing would reference how good we played, rather than how bad we played. That's just amazing, and a little disheartening. He sounds like he's trying to convince people he should stay. I'm all for giving him another year or two, but hearing coaches plead for their jobs makes me a little uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

We did go 6-2 with a bad loss to florida and a good half against the number 1 team in the land. I feel that if Bobo would have kept pushing the ball deep like we did on the first 3 possessions we win that game. Plus that onside kick call killed us.

Bradshaw said...

I think you may be a little sensitive GreenDay. I didn't get any of that out of what I read. Maybe you should read it again.

CSA said...

Yeah, I think these quotes are actually what I want to hear from Richt. He's acknowledging that the team isn't as good as it should be, he's accepting the blame, and he's promising to make improvements. He's focused on the bowl game and recruiting, which is exactly what his priorities should be. I am glad we're keeping him around for another season, he's a great coach. That said, if we have another dismal season, well, my feelings might change...

Anonymous said...

Seth - This isn't aimed at you...more to all media.

I'd like to make a motion that we abandon all the will he or won't he go pro talk surrounding AJ Green. Its a non story in my opinion. The only story that is here is if the kid actually decides to stay but no one will know until its announced publicly. Then the story can be written. Maybe Richt should handle the questions like Auburn handled the Cam Newton eligibility questions.

Its kinda like Tebow "shocking the world" by coming back for his senior year. Really earth shattering decision there too...

BulldogBen said...

We didn't beat a ranked team in that stretch after going 1-4. I almost feel bad Richt has to continue to make these positive spins. I know he has to do it for the good of the program (and himself) but it just reeks of inauthenticity.

UpDawg said...

Does anyone think that maybe Richt is thinking about the TEAM instead of himself or his job? They DID play much better after those changes were made, especially on offense. And the defense is looking much better too. A coach's job isn't just to get them ready physically, but also to encourage them that they are making progress. . so cut the guy some slack and acknowledge that maybe he was doing just that.

BuLLdawg said...

"I guess it’s been that kind of season."

What Mark Richt did not have a great year this year, according to you, Seth Emerson.

"We played pretty damn good after" we got AJ Green back. Really Mark Richt ? Seems to me, we LOST 3 games without AJ Green and LOST 3 games WITH AJ Green back on the team playing.

Mark Richt is so FOS with his EXCUSES, like this season was all about NOT having AJ Green, who sold his $29 shreveport t-shirt for $1000, selling his teammates down the drain.

# 2 poster reply, God Almighty, son.

Are we talking about the same game ?

49 points POSTED on us.


"We only lost because of the on-side kick."

Bradshaw, that is EXACTLY what I read as well - as perfectly described by the 1st poster. Mark Richt said damn about how well we DID play after we got AJ Green back.

What the F did you read Bradshaw ? Try reading it again Bradshaw and take off your HOMER blinders.

CSA, you said that at the beginning of this year too.

2011 cannot possibly be a great year. That is unless you consider losing 4 games per season average EVERY year of the last 5 years, GREAT.

I've seen more than enough of his handling of his recruits and handling of his coaching staff.

AJ Green is not about to stay at UGA and neither is Justin Houston. What a nimrod.

Do you folks get up in the morning and take stupid pills ?

Don't write about AJ Green going to the NFL. Write, instead, about him staying ?

Great Googly Moogly. wanting only the positive to be reported like THAT will help this mess we're in.

20 LOSSES last 5 years, 4-Loss a year avg

BulldogBen said...

"We didn't beat a ranked team in that stretch after going 1-4. I almost feel bad Richt has to continue to make these positive spins. I know he has to do it for the good of the program (and himself) but it just reeks of inauthenticity."

Exactly. We beat 6 cupcakes, and lost to 2 cupcakes.