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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chapas done, so Figgins works at fullback

Shaun Chapas has played his last game for the Georgia football team.

The senior fullback will miss the Liberty Bowl because of ankle surgery, head coach Mark Richt said after Saturday’s practice.

As a result, tight end Bruce Figgins has been getting reps at fullback, in what could be a one-game move, or could carry into next year.

Chapas, a team captain, has struggled with his ankle most of the season, dating back to the South Carolina game. Richt said the injury simply got to the point where surgery had to happen.

“He’s been trying to play through it, but it’s just progressively gotten worse and he needed to clean it up,” Richt said.

Chapas had four touchdowns this year – two each rushing and receiving – along with 44 rushing yards and 29 receiving.

Figgins, a junior from Columbus, is third on the depth chart at tight end. The 6-foot-4, 265-pounder has lined up in the backfield in some sets before.

“That’s not necessarily a full-time change. But we’re getting him some work there, because of depth issues,” Figgins said.

In the meantime, Fred Munzenmaier and Zander Ogletree, and Dustin Royston are also getting reps there.

Munzenmaier is also a senior, so the possibilities for fullback next year are Ogletree, Royston and possibly Figgins. Freshman Ken Malcome will stay at running back, Richt said.

In other injury news, defensive end Brandon Wood has a right shoulder injury and hasn’t participated yet in bowl practice. Richt said he thought Wood would be available after the Christmas break.


ChrisDawg said...

I have been wondering how the fb position would play out next year. I figured Ogletree but he doesn't seem to have the size. Ga has put out some high quality fb's the last few years.

With all the talent at tight end I could see Figgins playing fb. With Charles, White, and Lynch next year playing time will be hard to come by for Figgins. Jay Rome could figure into that as well.

Seriously is there another team in the nation that has close to the amount of depth at tight end that Ga has? White, Charles, and Lynch were all among the best in the nation when they were recruited. Depending on where you look all three of those players were the number one tight end in the nation. If we get Rome that would make another number one tight end.

If we get Rome we would have four 4 or 5 star tight ends on the roster. If we get Crowell we will have four 4 or 5 star running backs on the roster. Two 4 or 5 star qb's with Murray and Lemay. At wr we only have one 5 star player in Brown I think. All the others are gonna be four stars.

Even with the loss of Green we will have a tremendous amount of talent on offense next year.

Anonymous said...

i think logan gray was 4 stars. mr football for the state of missouri.

figgins...did he play defense in highschool? he seems to be the protypical size for OLB in the 3-4.

Anonymous said...

Stewart Mandel the college football expert on Sports Illustrated called Aaron Murray "a young star." Good to see the experts who watch 100's of games a year know great players when they see them. Next year with Murray under center should be exciting.

BiggE said...

I am all for it... The more playmakers you have on the field the more pressure you put on the defense. Figgins is a big physical guy who is no stranger to contact. Plus he would be a great blocker to keep in the back field to cover Murray's blind side. The more I think about this the more I like it. This could really turn out to be a great move for the DAWGS...

Anonymous said...

Yeah I like it. One area the coaches need to improve is getting creative and finding ways to get the best 22 on the field. Moves like this help take strength from a position to help another potential weakness.