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Monday, December 27, 2010

Bowl swag, 2010

There's a good reason players still want to play in bowls, even after a less-than-successful season: Free stuff.

The NCAA allows players to receive gifts from bowls, as well as their own schools. Here's a list of what Georgia players received this week from the Liberty Bowl:

- A Nike "sports package", which includes Nike shoes, sandals, sunglasses and a Jordan backpack.

- A Fossil bowl watch

- Bowl commemorative game ball. (Basically a Liberty Bowl football with UGA and UCF logos.)

- Apple Nano Ipod

In addition, Georgia was allowed to give its players gifts of up to $300. The school elected to bestow it in the form of a Visa gift card amounting to ... you guessed it, $300.

The media, in the interest of full disclosure, will receive gifts as well: duffle bag with the Liberty Bowl logo, and dinner at the Rendezvous. (If my luggage never gets here, that duffle bag may come in handy on the trip back.)


Daniel said...

Who will be the first player to sell their bowl swag?

Anonymous said...

Thanks goodness....I was hoping I wouldn't be the first to make a "selling bowl swag" joke. Seth - I'll bring you some new clothes in exchange for that Liberty Bowl duffle (if that's permissible of course). Also, what would it take to meet up for a drink while in Memphis?

BobLawSportsBlog said...

thanks for the coverage seth and stay warm!

Anonymous said...


Don't meet up with anonymous posters for a drink in Memphis. Somebody will find your body near the back alley entrance to Rondevoux and your Libery Bowl Duffle will apear on ebay 2 months later.

Carter said...

As last season's Jersey Shore taught us, you should put out for someone who gifts you a Fossil watch.

Muckbeast said...

UGA decided to play it safe and just give $300 cash. I like that. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Memphis- isn't that where that ex NBA player was found shot dead and where those 2 postal workers were killed in a robbery? I don't think anyone was arrested in either case. Stay safe Seth, maybe you can find Michael Oher's mom if you fell that you need a little protecting . The movie said she proudly packs heat.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea....Since nobody on that team - staff included - deserve any swag for the results they produced this year, why don't all the coaches and players donate their swag to the kids at St Jude? Lord knows those kids there deserve a smile.