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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Barnes hits free throws, so Fox hits the steps

If Mark Fox didn’t get a workout in before Saturday’s game, he got one afterwards – thanks to a lost bet with a player.

Last year, with Chris Barnes struggling at the free throw line, Fox issued a challenge to Barnes: Make two free throws in a row, and the Georgia head coach will run the stairs at Stegeman Coliseum.

Barnes did that during Saturday’s 68-59 win over Arkansas State, a fact Fox grudgingly volunteered in his postgame press conference.

“Anytime he makes two in a row I’ve gotta run stairs. Anytime,” Fox said.

But Fox was still holding out hope he wouldn’t have to pay out.

“He may not remember, don’t remind him,” Fox said as he was leaving.

Too late, Fox was told.

Indeed, it was the first question asked of Barnes, who clearly remembered.

“I’ll be out there watching him,” said Barnes, a senior.

Trey Thompkins, the star forward, was also well aware of the bet.

“If I can make it, I’m gonna have my video camera,” Thompkins said.

Barnes entered the game 11-for-23 from the line, and is a career 48-percent shooter from the line.

Barnes, who was 2-for-3 from the line on Saturday, finished with a season-high 12 points, and played well enough that Fox started him in the second half.

UPDATE: Turns out Fox might have to run the steps twice. A check of the scorebook reveals that Barnes also hit two in a row against Colorado.

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