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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Richt on the national salary scale

Mark Richt is the fourth-highest paid football coach in the SEC, and ninth in the country, according to USA Today’s annual compilation.

Richt’s annual compensation package is a little more than $2.937 million, behind only Alabama’s Nick Saban, Florida’s Urban Meyer and LSU’s Les Miles.

Nationally, the coaches that also receive more are Iowa’s Kirk Farentz, Ohio State’s Jim Tressel, Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops, Texas’ Mack Brown and Wake Forest’s Jim Grobe.

A few thoughts:

- Jim Grobe? Really? I know in past years other schools have come after him, but wow.

- Coaches that seem way underpaid: Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer ($2.12 million), Arizona’s Mike Stoops ($1.385 million), Boise State’s Chris Peterson ($1.494 million), Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher ($1.804 million), Oregon’s Chip Kelly ($2.4 million), Temple’s Al Golden ($513,867), TCU’s Gary Patterson ($1.642 million) and Wisconsin’s Bret Bielema ($1.781 million.)

- Penn State’s Joe Paterno only makes $1.109 million. Age jokes aside, that’s surprising.

- Steve Spurrier could make more than $2.032 million, but for all his ego (and he has it), the one thing he never really throws his visor over is his own salary.

- Coaches that should thank their agents: Clemson’s Dabo Swinney ($1.768 million), Duke’s David Cutcliffe ($1.581 million), Illinois’ Ron Zook ($1.508 million), Kansas’ Turner Gill ($2.101 million), Michigan’s Rich Rodriguez ($2.525 million), Mississippi’s Houston Nutt ($2.55 million), Rutgers’ Greg Schiano ($2 million), SMU’s June Jones ($2.142 million).

- Lane Kiffin's salary at Southern California was not made public. Whatever it is, you could argue he should have been included in the previous paragraph.


Anonymous said...

With 4400 undergraduates, Jim Grobe makes around $666 per student at WFU...

Is June Jones the highest among non-AQs? He makes a lot more than Peterson and Whittingham and a decent amount more than Patterson, all of whom have significantly stronger bodies of work. Amazing what one good year against mostly glorified I-AA teams will get you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there is SOME amount of money that wouldn't make Lane Kiffin overpaid. Maybe like $80,000.

Andy said...


Do you have anything to say on the reports Urban Meyer is stepping down at Fla?

Anonymous said...

June Jones is making his money. SMU stunk bad before he got there. SMU's got Texas bank money anyway and can afford it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon (3:14) on June Jones. Have any of you (including you Seth) realize what he's done at SMU in the last two years alone (cue the Death Penalty). I assume the ONLY thing that most UGA fans remember is his abysmal performance in the Sugar Bowl. Look what's he done with what he has/had before passing judgement.

The real problem is Kirk Ferentz. Year after year, his salary is among the top 10. All for what? One or two BCS appearances and several mediocre years in between.

OldDawg55 said...

The coaches get what the universities can bear...produce, and the sky's the limit. Plod along and it is reflected in the salary. Main questions on coaches is: who fills Colarado, Vanderbilt, Florida and the other openings? This will show you who has the hot hand in coaching. Leach is wide open for a position..there's a wealth of assistants ready to make the move. Questions abound about Michigan, Clemson, Maryland, Pittsburgh. Ample questions for you, Seth, to make good copy in this downtime before bowls. How about recruiting in the post-Urban Meyer period. Get with it, Seth. Inquiring minds want to know!!!

AppleDawg said...

A lot of money for a coach going backwards win-wise for 3 years now and zero titles in 6+ years now