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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Houston, we have an All-American mention

Justin Houston can now add “All-American” to his award totals.

The Georgia junior was named to the first-team All-American list by the Football Writers Association of America on Saturday. Houston was voted onto the team by a 12-member media panel from across the country, one representing each conference and one national writer

Houston was one of seven SEC players on the list of 25 players. Auburn had two players picked – but Cam Newton was not one of them. The quarterback picked to the first team was Boise State’s Kellen Moore.

Auburn offensive lineman Lee Ziemba and defensive tackle Nick Fairley were pickeed. So were two LSU players, cornerback Patrick Peterson and kicker Josh Jasper.

The other SEC picks were South Carolina receiver Alshon Jeffery and Alabama safety Mark Barron.

Here’s a link to the full release.


Willb said...

I hope we can get Houston to stay! I would expect someone like Aj Green to leave early. Pretty much any program would lose a player like Green after his Junior season.

We need to work on keeping players that could be late first round to second or third round players to stay. A player like Houston could make many more millions of dollars by returning for his senior season. He could be a top ten pick after his senior season.

Even more important than Houston we need to work on keeping players like Boykin, and Glenn to return. Players like Houston leave after there junior seasons at a lot of programs. Players like Boykin or Glenn and others that could leave early will not be early draft picks. Possible fourth round and later picks.

Every player other than Green should come back for there senior season in my opinion. Maybe Houston should leave. His stock is rising every day. There is no reason why a player like Boykin, Glenn, or any of the other guys should leave now.

This kind of thing will hurt the program. It already has. The coaches are recruiting teams good enough to win National and SEC championships the players just aren't staying. Imagine Stafford last year. Moreno this year with Reshad Jones, Rennie Curran. Even Asher Allen left early. Turns out he is actually better than I thought though. He's a good example of Willie Martinez being a bad db coach.

Curran and Jones haven't done anything in the NFL this year. If they would of stayed for there senior seasons both of them would of been drafted higher, made more money, and got a better opportunity to play. If players of this mid round caliber continue to leave early it will hurt the program severly. You expect a Stafford, or Aj Green to leave early and you plan for it but some of these other guys should not be leaving.

NCDawg said...

So if the Football Writers vote on Heisman, and the Football Writers made Moore 1st Team QB, does that mean we could have an upset in the Heisman? Even if you follow the logic that Newton is the best all-round player and Moore the best "pure" QB, then why isn't Newton a 1st team back instead of Robinson?

tim said...

Great post Willb. As a Dawg and a Viking fan, I have to correct you on Asher. He has been getting torched by teams. He is a good nickel but not ready to be a starter.

David Davis said...

Side note: Looks like Muschamp may be the new gators coach....

I'm not very happy about this....

Joeski said...

Well, it looks like Muschamp to UF... which, to be honest, worries me a lot less than Mullen to UF-- Will, as much as I love him-- will have to create a recruiting base and then build upon it, while Mullen already has his infrastructure set up.

On the topic at hand, I figure J.Hou to be gone, along with AJ. He's proven his adaptability and his utility in common defensive sets.

Now that said, I hope everyone but AJ and Justin come back: I think they could improve their draft stock if they do.

But we'll see, won't we?

BuLLdawg said...

Aaron Murray threw Mark Richt under the bus today, complaining about Mark Richt firing Dave Van Halanger.

"Coach ‘Van' is a tremendous coach," Murray said. "We love him greatly."

Quarterback Aaron Murray said players were caught off guard by the Dec. 2 firing of Dave Van Halanger.

I don’t think it is right for the Quarterback and leader of your team going to the Press to complain about your head coach’s decisions. By the way, Dave Van Halanger is the most unfavorable coach on the football team, outside of Mike Bobo.

In the weeks leading up to the firing, everyone everywhere said Dave Van Halanger had to be fired, Aaron Murray.

Aaron Murray, 6-6 as Starting Quarterback at Georgia, was out-performed head-to-head by 6 opposing Quarterbacks this season, losing all 6 games as a DIRECT RESULT. Georgia ended the regular season # 73 in the nation in gaining 1st Downs this year.

David Davis said...


The team was 6-6. I'm more than positive that the 6 losses were not because of Aaron Murray being a bad quarterback.

Did you ever think that the Coach didn't ask the players for guidance when making a coaching decision? I'm sure any coaching changes come as a surprise to players.

Maybe you need to learn to read again, but I never inferred anything that Murray said to be "complaining." He was just giving praise to a coach that he has a lot of time with.

Anonymous said...


at SC
Murray - 66.7% 192 yds 9.1 avg
Garcia - 70.6% 165 yds 9.7 avg

vs. Ark
Murray - 55.6% 253 yds 9.4 avg 1 TD/1 INT
Mallett - 63.6% 380 yds 11.5 avg 3 TD/0 INT

at Miss St.
Murray - 58.1% 274 yds 8.8 avg 1 TD
Relf - 61.5% 135 yds 10.4 avg 1 TD

at Colorado
Murray - 59.3% 221 yds 8.2 avg 3 TD/1 INT
Hansen - 65.0% 158 yds 7.9 avg 1 TD/1 INT

Murray - 48.6% 313 yds 8.5 avg 3 TD/3 INT
Brantley - 64.0% 193 yds 7.7 avg 0 TD/1 INT

at Aub
Murray - 53.6% 273 yds 9.8 avg 3 TD
Newton - 80.0% 148 yds 9.9 avg 2 TD/1 INT

Lesser quarterback in: Ark, Aub (if you include Newton when scrambling/running)

Tie in: SC, Miss St, FLA (he brought us back, and Brantley had zero TD)

Better in: Colorado.

So he was a worse quarterback head to head than the Heisman winner and Mallet. I think I can live with that. Even if you chalk up FLA as him losing head to head, that's 3 games. Still, I must've missed the part where Murray was supposed to single-handedly win all our games for us.

Our third down defense and non-existent running game were the main reason we lost games, not Murray.

GreenDawg said...

Hahaha BuLLdawg you really are good for a good laugh every now and then.

“We definitely have a lot of faith in coach T that he’s gonna get us going for this offseason. We’re pretty excited for that. We’re ready to work hard and change the culture around here a little bit.”

What part of that sounds like complaining about the change in strength coach? Of course Murray is going to say he liked Coach Van. By all accounts the players liked him a lot. There is a reason he's sticking around in a different role. I'm sure he's a great guy. Murray's comments about "changing the culture" obviously show that he recognizes changes need to be made somewhere. That sounds like he's agreeing with Richt. Far from throwing him under the bus, for sure.

King Jericho said...

By far your worst performance so far BuLLdawg. You seem to be on a trend downward and I think it's probably time for a change at the helm. I'm sure you're a great guy, but your results just aren't what they use to be. Good luck in whatever team you move onto. I look forward to a fresh, proven hater in the near future.

Seriously though, you're really reaching on that one, bro.

Anonymous said...

BuLLdawg is a poser.Doubt he is even a college football fan. He never says he was at a game or watched a game. Always tries to spin headlines to some negative UGA slant. Perhaps bitter he couldn't get in school there?

BuLLdawg said...

Did I mention the fact I'm a homo

BuLLdawg said...

Aaron Murray is without A DOUBT the best freshman Quarterback in the country.When THE LEADER of your team can perform like that in rebuilding year the future looks very BRIGHT. I know the recruiting WILL BE GREAT. Mark Richt is the BEST COACH in the NATION. I know Mark Richt is #4 in WINNING PERCENTAGE. I'm SICK AND TIRED of hearing it. Richt WON 2 national championships at Florida State. Richt COACHES 2 heisman trophy winners. Georgia has been #2 in 2007 and #3 in 2002. And I find Richt handsome also unlike Techs coach.

BuLLdawg said...

Tyler Hansen QB Colorado vs Georgia :

13 of 20 pass 158 yards and a TD

10 rushes for 51 yards and a TD

Punted for 48 yards

7 of 15 on 3rd Down Conversions

Aaron Murray was 5 of 12 on 3rd Down Conversions

Aaron Murray was sacked for more yardage than Tyler Hansen

We fumbled the football more times than Colorado

We had possession of the football less than Colorado

We were penalized more for more yards than Colorado

Tyler Hansen, what a game he had. Hansen got it done with his feet when he had to, escaping pressure and gaining yards, but he kept his head up as evidenced by his excellent escape and pass for a first down to Rodney Stewart early in the fourth quarter.

Colorado dominated the first quarter getting on the scoreboard first with a touchdown seven minutes into the game. Quarterback Tyler Hansen completed a 4-yard pass to Matthew Bahr to take the lead. Georgia was held to a field goal on the following drive.

The Buffaloes managed to keep the Dawgs from advancing and forced them to punt, which Tyler Hansen converted into a 14-3 lead for the hapless Colorado team.

Georgia was driving and looked like they were going to score again, with a 17-14 lead, when Aaron Murray had a pass intended for Orson Charles intercepted by Jalil Brown in the End zone for a touchback. When Tyler Hansen threw his pick on this drive, Aaron Murray stopped and settled for yet another field goal. It missed. Aaron Murray expanded the lead to 24-14. The game should have been won at this point, but Aaron Murray's inability to do what you said he could do, be a dual-threat quarterback as Tyler Hansen was against him, prevented the win.

Tyler Hansen scrambled in for the 2-yard rush to score a touchdown; Colorado opted for the 2-point conversion, which was a success. Bringing the score to Georgia 24 Colorado 22.

Colorado held Aaron Murray to a 3 and out for the next possession forcing the Dawgs to punt. Colorado started on their 33-yard line. Tyler Hansen completed a 46-yard pass to Wide Receiver Will Jefferson right down the middle putting the ball on Georgia’s 21-yard line. Georgia managed to hold CU from scoring and forced them to kick a field goal. Aric Goodmans 38-yard field goal attempt is good bringing the score to Colorado 25 Georgia 24. Colorado accepted the penalty on the play, and drove in for the TD behind Tyler Hansen to make the score not Colorado 25 to 24 over Aaron Murray, but 29 to 24.

Obviously needing a TD, Aaron Murray once again settled for the field goal as he did at a record-breaking pace all season long. This game, especially. Blair Walsh made the field goal and it is 29-27 with 12 minutes left in the game.

Aaron Murray lost the game.

Tyler Hansen won the game.

On the game, Aaron Murray rushed for 7 times for 13 yards, about his average for the season.

On the season, Aaron Murray rushed the football in 12 Games, 75 times for 163 yards on the season, average of 2.2 yards a carry. Now, do you want to tell me how I am wrong that Aaron Murray is what you instead say - a dual-threat quarterback.

On this night, he was beat by a dual-threat quarterback because on the field, Tyler Hansen out-played Aaron Murray and won the game.

Colorado is a very bad football team, who FIRED their coach. But, Tyler Hansen BEAT Aaron Murray, to make him 6-6 as Starting Quarterback for Georgia with NO GOOD WIN over anything but just only cupcakes. And, Aaron Murray


LOST to 2 cupcakes. This is 1.

You conceded the other, Florida, had BETTER QUARTERBACKS than Aaron Murray ON THAT NIGHT TOO. Along with your concession that both Arkansas and Auburn had BETTER QUARTERBACKS than Aaron Murray ON THOSE NIGHTS AS WELL.

BuLLdawg said...

Since when is

14 of 21 for 192 yards better than

12 of 16 for 165 yards Stephen Garcia

Stephen Garcia had a fantastic game against Aaron Murray, hitting on 75 percent of his passes.

You have to SUBTRACT the 17 yards Aaron Murray LOST running the football 6 times in this game as well.

He did that EVERY GAME, Aaron Murray.

6 points, Georgia led by Aaron Murray SCORED in the ENTIRE GAME.

Stephen Garcia scored 17 points

Aaron Murray scored 6 points

Stephen Garcia led South Carolina to The SEC Championship Game, which Georgia has NOT even been to since 2005. Next year, is 2011.

South Carolina, led by Stephen Garcia is # 19 in the nation and playing in a bowl game against a another ranked opponent, something Aaron Murray and Georgia is NOT once again this year, as we were not ranked last year, either.

South Carolina played the # 3 best Strength of Schedule in the nation this season.

Stephen Garcia beat # 16 Alabama when Stephen Garcia was 17 of 20 for 201 yards and 3 TD passing.

# 16 Alabama.

You want to try to dream up some team like that Aaron Murray beat ?


Stephen Garcia was BETTER than Aaron Murray head-to-head on the field against each other. ONLY could come up with a STATEMENT that YOU THINK Aaron Murray was better than Stephen Garcia, scoring 6 points to Stephen Garcia's dominating performance of 17-6. We were NEVER in the damn game because of Stephen Garcia.

What does that leave us with ?

Missy State ?

Chris Relf kicked Aaron Murray's but from pillar to post, all night long.

# 21 in the nation, Chris Relf beat Aaron Murray head-to-head as the better quarterback in this game as well.

Chris Relf BEAT FLORIDA, something even you concede Aaron Murray did NOT.

Chris Relf ALSO beat AARON MURRAY 24-12, with the lone score by Aaron Murray coming as the clock expired in a meaningless score.

Chris Relf against Aaron Murray, head-to-head rushed the football for 109 yards against Aaron Murray. He also was 9 of 14 in the air for 2 TD passing with no interceptions.

109 yards Rushing Chris Relf

9 of 14 Passing Chris Relf 2 TD

18 of 31 Aaron Murray is 58 percent

You want to explain to me how that is better as you see it

Than Chris Relf in this game ?


I now return you to your regularly scheduled meetings in here to tell ME how this STINKING FOOTBALL TEAM is BETTER than the teams who TOTALLY DOMINATED us on the damn field.

Chris Relf OWNED Aaron Murray in this game. There was NO POINT in the game in which Aaron Murray was even in the damn game.

Chris Relf was SO MUCH BETTER than Aaron Murray in this game, that it begs the question, who in the bloody hell are you hiding behind your keyboard saying

AARON MURRAY PLAYED BETTER THAN CHRIS RELF, losing 12-24 and the LONE SCORE coming as the clock expired with the game over.

He is our best player.

He was all season long.

He is NOT what you say about him, at ALL.

B.S. Aaron Murray was better than 1 single 1 of the Quarterbacks against him in ANY of the 6 damned LOSSES.

BuLLdawg said...


Uh, no sir. Aaron Murray IS COMPLAINING to the Press, after going 6-6 as our Starting Quarterback for a football TEAM who faced the # 45 Strength of Schedule with NO GOOD WIN.

Aaron Murray does NOT agree that Dave Van Halanger should have been fired as Strength and Conditioning coach, DavidDavis, sir.

He ran to the PRESS to air that dirty laundry, following a dismal season.

Simply dismal.

A season in which EVERYONE said Dave Van Halanger HAD TO BE FIRED as Strength and Conditioning coach.

It is a STUPID STATEMENT by Aaron Murray, after he was out-performed on the field of play by 6 quarterbacks in ALL 6 LOSSES.




David Greene won the Most Games at the time in NCAA history, as our Starting QB - thus, you say he is a GREAT QB.

You take the complete opposite position with Aaron Murray, 6-6 vs the # 45 SOS with no good win and 2 horrid losses; beat by 6 opposing QBs who all 6 had better games head-to-head than Aaron Murray.

I addressed the rest of your hogwash in the 2 posts above.



GreenDawg, sir :

"Coach ‘Van' is a tremendous coach," Murray said. "We love him greatly."

Quarterback Aaron Murray said players were caught off guard by the Dec. 2 firing of Dave Van Halanger.

What PART of that sounds like Aaron Murray is not in public running to the press COMPLAINING about Dave Van Halanger being dismissed as Strength and Conditioning coach, amid LOUD CRIES BY YOU ESPECIALLY IN HERE THAT HE BE RELIEVED of his duties as Strength & Conditioning coach ?

Great Googly Moogly, Dave Van Halanger as S&C coach, we have our Starting QB saying he was surprised and caught off guard by it.

And, YOU, of all people come in here to DEFEND Dave Van Halanger.

It doesn't matter what I say.

You just disagree GreenDawg, sir, to be disagreeing.

Just as you did ALL SUMMER and ALL FALL when I told you we were NOT a team with a dual-threat QB, that we did NOT have a TANDEM of proven Running Backs, that we have zero discipline, that we were playing in a 1-year window of a down SEC East and should have WON The SEC East, that our Offense sucks as demonstrated by being # 73 in the nation this 2010 season in getting 1st Downs, that Mike Bobo should have been fired last year... All these items of MINE in here you disagreed with ALL turned out TOTALLY TRUE and directly correct to a tee.

You are WRONG about everything, by direct comparison - except when you disagree with YOURSELF such as you saying that Dave Van Halanger HAS TO BE FIRED AS S&C coach, then in this post say he is such a great coach.

B.S. to you GreenDawg. Did you get that son ?



King Jerico, your Majesty,

I am wrong that Aaron Murray faced 6 quarterbacks this season who ALL 6 had better games than he head-to-head ?


That is all you got King Jerico ?

You want to try to NAME me 1 game of the 6 LOSSES where YOU THINK Aaron Murray was better than the opposing qbs ?

No. Just weak hide behind your keyboard sloppy stuff from you, as always, no meat, no nothing, just PERSONAL FLAME OF ME.

That is all you are ever good for, your Majesty.




No, I am actually NOT SATISFIED with this season, nor the 20 LOSSES the last 5 years, 4-LOSS season on the average every year of the LAST 5 IN A ROW. poster as you are.

Anonymous said...

BuLLdawg- drinking on a Saturday night and keyboards don't mix. Come back when you're sober and had a personality transplant.

ChrisDawg said...

BuLLdawg Aaron Murray statistically just had one of the ten best QB seasons in the SEC in the last ten years! No matter how you try to twist that he had a great season.

Tebow, Mallett, Newton, McElroy, Russell, Campell, and Grossman. Those are the only qb's to have a better QB season than Murray in these last ten years and probably more and none of them had a season close to Murray in there Freshman season.

The offense averaged a Ga record 35 ppg! Go ahead tell me why thats a bad thing. Why Aaron Murray throwing a near Ga record td's is a bad thing. I know you will.

The things you pick to say bad things about you seem to just be trying to get a response. Like Skip Bayless. I wonder if you truly believe the things you say just like him.

I am pretty sure you are the fan of another SEC team and come here to say negative things about the UGA program.

Who is your favorite Dawg of all time? What s your favorite Dawg team of all time?

King Jericho said...

Alright, here's some substance to one of my posts:

The supposed airing of dirty laundry is actually not dirty laundry at all. It's called tact and it's called being a respectable, nice person to those that not only have been at the school for much longer than you have, but are still going to be at the school despite the position change. Here's Murray's FULL quote:

“It caught us off guard a little bit,” Murray said of the job moves, which were announced on Dec. 2. “Coach Van’s a tremendous coach. We loved him greatly. He did a great job of getting us ready for each season.

“We definitely have a lot of faith in coach T that he’s gonna get us going for this offseason. We’re pretty excited for that. We’re ready to work hard and change the culture around here a little bit.”

Given your body of work, I don't expect you to be able to comprehend being polite to someone that has worked very hard for the school for the past 10+ years. Did you expect Murray to just come out and blast the guy? Given everything you know about Mark Richt, is that what you still expect when it comes to talking about the CURRENT staff? Talk about losing control of your team, that would be the true definition of the term.

Looking at your recap of the Colorado game, you realize Aaron Murray isn't the only guy on the team, right? I understand he's young and for anyone to expect the kid to be perfect is delusional and that shows more glaring problems in our football team. I can't find any clips other than the AJ Green catch, so here's Seth's own words of the one interception he threw:

Murray's pass on third down was picked off, in a nifty catch by a Colorado defender. Murray was hit as he threw it.

Sounds like he had a little help to throw that pick.

Oh, and don't let the stats get in the way of your story.

Murray 16/27 221 8.2 3 1
Hansen 13/20 158 7.9 1 1

Looks like Murray was actually doing better than the Junior Hansen. Yes, Hansen made some plays with his feet, but that's more of an indictment of our defense than it is of Aaron Murray. Other than Hawaii and Colorado St., UGA is the only team Hansen gained positive rushing yards on, and it was by far his best performance on the ground. When a QB and his RBs are killing you on the ground, it's going to open up some holes in the secondary. Here's the final stats of the game:

And despite Aaron Murray "losing the game" for us, we're still a Caleb King holding on to the ball away from winning that game.

"The game should have been won at this point, but Aaron Murray's inability to do what you said he could do, be a dual-threat quarterback as Tyler Hansen was against him, prevented the win."

Really? You didn't hear the coaches at the beginning of the year discourage Murray from being a dual threat QB and insisting on him staying in the pocket and throwing? It's kinda of tough for a kid to make plays with his feet when his coaches SPECIFICALLY say otherwise, especially when you're a freshman QB. We were suppose to rely on the 2nd best running tandem in the country to handle our rushing attack, not our freshman QB who's backup is an even younger true freshman. The O-line and RBs deficiencies are not Aaron Murray's problem, but they still hurt him.

King Jericho said...

Onto the South Carolina game:

You actually think Stephen "Choke Job" Garcia is a better QB than Aaron Murray? His own coach doesn't even trust him enough to close out a game against Auburn. South Carolina is BEATING the #1 team in the country in the 4th quarter and Stephen "Choke Job" Garcia fumbles not once, but twice. Then, when his coach pulls him from the game for being a liability, his backup throws two picks. You don't think Steve Spurrier would rather have had Aaron Murray in that game than either of his QBs? Aaron Murray had a big, fat 0 turnovers against the #1 team in the nation. But back to our game against South Carolina.

From the words of Chris Low:
"...Ealey gained 32 yards on his team's opening drive, which stalled in the red zone when Orson Charles bobbled a third-down pass from Aaron Murray with running room ahead."

There's one missed touchdown not because of Aaron Murray.

" Washaun Ealey rush, fumbled, forced by DeVonte Holloman, recovered by SCaro Stephon Gilmore at the SCaro 1, Stephon Gilmore for 13 yards, to the SCaro 14."

There's another missed touchdown not because of Aaron Murray. These two drives combined with the drive we had for a FG and there's enough points for us to win. Who cares that our defense was TERRIBLE and could not tackle a true freshman RB. I suppose we can blame that on Aaron Murray too.

Onto the Mississippi St game:

Another game that Aaron Murray has a big, fat 0 turnovers. Did you watch the game? Do you remember that fumble by Ealey at the 1 into the endzone? Let me remind you:

Notice 2 different referees running up the 1 yard line, claiming that's where the ball was down and blowing there whistles. Ealey played until the end of the whistle and didn't jump on a ball with no helmet on after the whistle blew. Great throw by Aaron Murray by the way. Between that play, no one able to block the MSU defenders effectively, and the fact the defense couldn't stop the rushing attack of MSU, I can see how we lost.

Darn you Aaron Murray! Why don't you play every position!

That's literally what it would take for you to blame him for all 6 losses. You don't think those QBs out performing ours would be a knock against our defense, would it?

The one game that Murray dug us into a hole in was the Florida game. He then brought it back into overtime against a good Florida defense and we lost in overtime. Here's a video of the entire overtime:

Start at 2:20. Murray throws a perfect pass on 1st down that Durham misplayed. Only Durham was able to get that ball and he played it poorly. 2nd down was a dumb play call, run right into the blitz. 3rd down, they rush 3, 3 guys get through and pressure the QB, forcing a bad throw off of his back foot. Yes, bad throw, but is all 3 guys coming through against 5 linemen and a RB ready to pick up blitz acceptable? I'd say no.

We can go on and on, you twisting stats while I straighten them back out, but I don't think that gets us anywhere. Enjoy the program if you're a fan, don't if you're not. Peace.