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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

McGarity on Meyer

Greg McGarity worked at Florida for five of Urban Meyer's six seasons as the Gators head coach. And he was there when Meyer briefly (for 24 hours) retired last year.

Now as Georgia's athletics director, a position he has held since August, McGarity joins the people praising Meyer, who has stepped down again.

"I always admired Urban's creativity," McGarity said in a statement released by Georgia. "Regardless of the area of emphasis, he was constantly looking for ways to improve and get better every day. There is no doubt Urban will be successful in any path he decides to take in the coming months and years."

(McGarity at first released just a quick statement on Meyer, wishing Urban and his family good luck. Then after getting out of a meeting, the Georgia A.D. decided to revise and extend his remarks.)


Big Ray said...

First. Maybe we can hire him as our new OC.

Big Idiot said...

Seriously? You felt the need to say "first"?

Anonymous said...


That is So tired said...

Please go away

Anonymous said...

Meyers marriage is on the rocks. Maybe Tebow left a pair of orange panties in his car.

BuLLdawg said...

Urban Meyer should have quit last year. Now, it is just because he LOST 5 games. (CMR lost 6 and lost to Urban Meyer AGAIN.)

Well, I think we have been telling our players they are Great, when they've not been in a long long long time.

I offer up, for example from August 10, 2010 a Tuesday :

Are they improved over 2009 and the 8-4 season from a year ago? On the outside, one would say a resounding yes.

Coach Richt is still at Georgia. He seems to have a renewed energy and vigor to do great things. We are hearing good things out of the practices and scrimmages on how the Quarterbacks are progressing and running the offense. There seems to be a very very good offensive team around the redshirt freshman Aaron Murray.

Do they have the people and players to be #3? Without a doubt, yes they do. On the flipside, should Georgia be #21? Absolutely not!!! Returning 10 starters, and adding back 3 players who missed 2009 due to injury means the offense will be good. VERY GOOD.


For 1 item, Georgia most assuredly was NOT 8-4 last season. We were 7-5 and then 8-5. This was last year, 2009. Coming back to you ?

Secondly, the 2008 season offered us nothing but bad press. We played 2 reasonable teams, losing all 3 in horrible fashion allowing consecutive points against us of 31 to nothing at halftime, 42 to nothing and 29 consecutive points in the 3 losses. We 21 spend the evening out celebrating when we were ranked # 1 by every single poll.

2010 was as certain of being a bad year as is 2011.

Widely, Caleb King was expected to be Great as our Returning Starting Tailback.

Widely, 11 returning on Offense, led to discussions that now looking at this now 2010 regular season now complete, it is hard to justify these discussions, by the fact that we are in fact # 73 in the nation at even getting a 1st Down.

As for AJ Green, no one ranked him even All-SEC 1st Team - no one. We lost 3 games without him, suspended; and, lost for good measure the same number : 3 : With him.

Aaron Murray led the # 48 Total Offense in the NCAA to a 6-6 record, and no good win.

Not even a close to good win.

Cupcakes, that is all we beat.

And, we lost to cupcakes too.

Colorado comes to mind as a cupcake we lost to. Who had to FIRE their coach; yet, they too, beat us.

The 2010 Season in Review, starts with the 11 arrested in the Summer Months from March 7.

We did not return kickoffs well, full of walk-ons.

And, we are worse on Defense in Game 12 than we were in Game 2.

Again, after losing the 2009 recruiting class - no longer even on our roster - the 2010 Signing Class was the dead last worst of the Coach Richt Era. 2011 has already shaped up about the same as BOTH the 2009 and 2010 classes.

20 LOSSES the last 5 years, averages 4 LOSSES per season.

We end this season, as we have EVERY year with Coach Richt and that is WITHOUT a win on the National Stage over a Top 10 Final AP Poll team, as now we are headed to a pitiful bowl game - like Shreveport last year.

We've got big - not questions - but ISSUES.

13-12 vs SEC East the last 5 years

Herschel Walker saying we don't recruit well, do lose too many games, and have NO DISCIPLINE.

This is what we need to concern ourselves with - not Urban Meyer who isn't the Florida coach after their bowl game. But, the staff which will assemble there will be SIGNIFICANTLY better than what we have here.

Anonymous said...

BuLLdawg suffers from what psychogists call the recency effect. This is where shortsighted people obsess over events in the recent past instead of focusing on the future. Even media suffers from this, that's why Bama and Florida were preseason top 5 only to be shown as frauds. Nobody has a crystal ball, that's why they play the games. However continually looking in the rearview mirror like BuLLdawg instead of out the front windshield leads nowhere.

Rick said...

Seriously, does anyone even read Bulldawg's posts anymore? The guy is boring and pathetic. He must be a real treat at parties.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering in Florida's search regarding Mullen, what happens if in the NCAA investigative process he is implicated in Miss. St. Cam gate participation. Suppose they get some probation.......How does that look for Mullen. Just curious on your thoughts.

As far as Urban leaving, it sure can't hurt us. Florida will not have any better of a run than during his tenure, will not recruit any better and most likely won't better their record against us. Maybe the change, turmoil and disarray helps us. It's time for us to be a little more optimistic. Here's to hoping that this recruiting weekend turns out to be the "bomb"


Billy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Billy said...

Tebow's coach gets axed in Denver.
2 days later Meyer resigns.
You think Meyer's already contacted a realtor in Denver?

I want the truth! said...

I think that BuLLdawg's post are created by some computer program. It must be an algorithm or something. Only a heartless machine would put those words together and think it was readable. Or, maybe the poster is Borat, but really pessimistic.

Can we get a little investigative journalism here?

Erked Russell said...

I think BuLLdawg should start his own blog! With all of that insight and stats to back up every thing he says I'm sure it will get a BUNCH of views. He could quit his job and live off of the money he makes from advertising on his site, go away, and stop spamming this site.

Anonymous said...

I hate to rain on the parade, but I think BuLLdawg actually made some good points.

We have been on a downward trajectory since the last Sugar Bowl - we lost 3, then 5, and now 6 (with a chance to lose 7).

Do you guys really think next year - with no AJ, Dent, Houston, or Boling - is going to be better?

Anonymous said...

Did you think Alabama would be fourth in their division after being preseason #1? Teams go up and down in a flash. Georgia was barely .500 the year before their last national championship. Who knows?

Anonymous said...


CheisDawg said...

I can't believe how many people here are saying the Gators will be better without Meyer! Seriously? He has won 2 national championships and gone to a number of BCS games.

It's amazing how shortsighted peoples memories can be! Mark Richt is not good anymore. Urban Meyer is no longer a good coach. Mack Brown must suck now too right? Everyone seems to be about what have you done for me this season.

One or two subpar seasons and they suck. They were only good because of certain players or because they had certain assistants.

Urban Meyer will not just be easily replaced! Even if Mullen of whoever else ends up there.

Also BullDawgs post seem to be about the most ignorant post I see anywhere! He will twist anything into being a negative for the Bulldogs. No matter what happens he will try to prove why we do, will, and always will suck.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:37 -

I get that teams go up and down in a flash, but do you honestly think THIS team will?

I'm just having a tough time being optimistic about 2011.

David not Hale said...

This is a good thing for corch Meyers. I think another down season would have killed him. He did beat us in in Jax, but I've never seen a coach so stressed on the sideline. And he was winning for much of the game. The guy doesn't have a grip on his emotions. This was a family dicision, and I believe they pleaded with him to step down. He's was/is an great coach, but the job looks to have consumed/overwhelmed him.

Bic Dawg said...

right on David. Fla would have had no trouble firing him if 2011 is like 2010. And he has no evidence that he can turn it around in 2011. Also he hasnt even lost to Penn St yet which is highly probable. The more I look around at BAMA AU LSA FLA and all their Drama the more I like the status quo at UGA. granted alot of drama hasnt started yet at AU and BAMA.