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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mailbag, part deux

Sorry, I would’ve posted this earlier, but the Cam Newton news came out of nowhere, and I’ve also been researching my All-SEC ballot for the AP.

But here, by popular demand, is this week’s second edition of Ye Olde Mailbag.

John Brown weighed in with a whole bunch of questions. Sorry I couldn’t get to all seven of ‘em, but here’s what I can do:

Outside of the 30+pts a game for 7 straight games stat, is there any other positive argument in Bobo's Favor? He's failed to establish a consistent running game the last two years and still show's a heavy dependence on the play action pass.

The development of Aaron Murray and the other Georgia quarterbacks through the years speaks well to Bobo’s abilities as a position coach. It is surprising, however, that while Georgia ranked fourth in the SEC in scoring, but only eighth in yards. But it doesn’t really matter what you or I think; Mark Richt still supports Bobo, and that’s what matters.

Is the Branden Smith at CB experiment over at last? He's too light to play defense and fumbles too much to play offense on a consistent basis.

I’m starting to agree on your first point – he is pretty small for a cornerback, especially against receivers that are becoming more and more physical, and he gets overwhelmed against the run. But if you’re trying to use his athletic skills, and you’re about to lose your top two receivers, hmmmm…...

Are Lattimore's stats that much more impressive than Murray's considering Murray is playing QB as a freshmen in the SEC and Lattimore is just toting the rock? I bet they both get named first team Freshmen All America.

Trust me, having covered that South Carolina offensive line for several years, Lattimore is doing more than just "toting the rock." He will be SEC freshman of the year because his impact has been so noticeable, and his team is in the league’s title game. Those of us who follow Murray know how good he’s been, but his team has been 6-6 without a signature win.

You’re probably right that Murray makes freshman All-America. His top competition, if you go by the NCAA passing efficiency rankings, is Jeffrey Godfrey, the quarterback for Central Florida – which may be Georgia’s opponent in the Liberty Bowl.

Bowl Games: It looks like UGA will get hosed with a bowl game again this year. Last year UGA had the same record as AU and beat AU(also lost 5 of last 7) yet the Outback bowl picked the tigers/plainsmen/wareagles. This year it looks like the Music City bowl will take UT. Another team with the same record that was beaten soundly by UGA. What gives?

Money is the name of the game, and the Music City loves the idea of all the home-state Vol fans coming to their game. It’s as simple as that.

And now on to some other faithful reader questions:

Seth, do you fully expect Richt and McGarity to contine to speak in vague terms with regards to next year? It's going to be donation season before you know it and I've yet to hear anyone attempt to sell the fan base on the future. With Green, Houston, Boling, Durham, Dobbs, Dent, Gamble, BOTH FB's, and about 5-6 more starters or part time starters leaving or graduating, what are they selling us on? How can anyone expect 9 wins with what is coming back? Seems like Richt is in an impossible situation (granted one he has ultimately put himself in).
- Bulldog Ben (via Le Blog)

I don’t know that next year is a hopeless situation. Georgia fans have seen great players leave before, and it’s survived. The question is whether position by position, the depth in the program can smooth the way for a recovery. We don’t know yet. A lot depends on recruiting – I would guess that a certain tailback and defensive end would start right away, as would a junior college nose tackle.

As for Richt and McGarity, they can only speak in vague terms, especially until Signing Day passes. In the meantime, I think you’re going to hear a lot about Murray.

I have never been so disappointed as when I saw your headline saying Mark Richt will make no staff changes next year . I know we were coming off a big victory against Tech and we were about to hit the recruiting trail, maybe Coach Richt was caught up in the moment and trying to give a positive PR spin. But , does he honestly believe that 6-6 is acceptable, that his coaches are all doing a great job and that none of them should be let go?

Van Halanger more than anybody has to go, and our entire strength and conditioning program needs an overhaul, in my humble opinion.
- Robert Burnham

As I've said, changes could still be coming - people just aren't going to get outright fired, apparently.

The key question for Richt, and possibly McGarity if he’s so inclined, is to ask whether changes would improve the staff, or just be cosmetic and just for the fans. Having basically overturned the defensive staff last year, I’m guessing that Richt’s thinking is that he has the right people in place, it just needs longer to pay dividends.

For everyone demanding a pound of flesh, there’s a recent precedent for not doing anything, and it paying off. Last year Ralph Friedgen, the head coach at Maryland (Hey, that’s where I went to school!), was pressured to change staff. He didn’t, and earlier this week he was named ACC coach of the year after going from 2-10 to 8-4.

Now cue up all the cracks about being the best coach in the ACC being akin to the world’s tallest midget, or best Buffalo Bill, or whatever.

Who do you think will be fullback next year with Chapas and Munzenmaier gone ?
Who is third on the depth chart ?
- Robert Burnham, getting greedy

Zander Ogletree has the inside track, and it’s probably a big reason he was given playing time this year.

Is it too early to run the Ken Malcome for 2011 SEC freshman of the year campaign? … Any insight? And will the TB field be wide open for competition next season?
- BicDawg (via Le Blog)

Yeah, I’m guessing it’s too early to start the campaign. Considering the struggles and depth issues of the tailbacks this year, I’m sure Malcome would have played if the coaches felt he had that kind of breakout ability.

That said, several Georgia defensive players I spoke to said Malcome had the most potential of any of the offensive players who redshirted this year.

It seems clear to me that the coaches are working hard on Isaiah Crowell, promising early playing time. Whatever happens, it should be a crowded backfield.

How would you compare the negativity from the Ga fan base to the negativity of other schools you have covered in troubled times? Like when things are not going good is this how most fan bases tend to act or do Ga fans have higher or sometimes more unrealistic expectations than most fans you have seen? I know there are always going to be fans who have negative things to say but this year there seems to be more than I have ever seen. Even when we win games very few positive things are said. It's understandable to a degree, then it can get to a point where I believe it can make the program appear from the outside that we lack a solid fan base.
- Chris Dawg (via Le Blog)

Interesting question. Honestly, I haven’t gotten that negative vibe – and that’s after covering the worst season around here in 14 years. I’ve found the Bulldog fan base to be quite knowledgeable, and passionate. It’s one thing to be negative when you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but this year my experience showed that Bulldog fans had very specific, perceptive criticisms of their team.

Of course, during games I sit in the press box, not in the stands. Maybe there’s a different flavor there.


Erked Russell said...

Ok, being the best coach in the ACC is like like being the smartest kid in the special ed class.

GreenDawg said...

While I see your point on Malcome not playing this year, this is also the same coaching staff that redshirted Knowshon and had a redshirt on Washuan, who ended up leading the team in rushing last year if I'm not mistaken. If those are any indication then Malcome will have about 1500 yards rushing next season. (Joking, of course, but I wouldnt mind if it came true.)

GreenDawg said...

Oh, I almost forgot my ACC coach joke.

Being the best coach in the ACC is like being the best investigator for the NCAA.

Todd said...


Awesome coach comparison. WINNER!

Anonymous said...

Aaron Murray for prez

Willb said...

Like others have said just because Malcome is being redshirted does not mean he can't play. Look at Moreno, and even Ealey even though he had his redshirt removed. I am very excited to see what Malcome can do. Also I am very excited about Michael Bennett.

I feel very confident about next year after looking through our depth chart. We are not losing as many contributors as some have said.the main position of worry for me is fb. Zander Ogletree seems to be our next fb and I have no clue how good he will be. Although Ga is known for putting out great fb's

Other positions we will lose talent at lb's, and wr's I am much more confident about. We have tons of talent in those positions and one day when those guys leave everyone will be saying what will we do now. Who would of thought we would be wondering what we would do with the departure of Kris Durham, and Akeem Dent at the beginning of this season.

That's the way college ball works. Lots of seniors leave every year and players take there places who will eventually be key contributing players themselves. We have talent at Ga. Aside from last year we have had nothing but top ten recruiting classes here. Even last year was a really good recruiting class just out of the top ten. Schools like Ga can deal with players leaving. Many times when it looks bad it actually gets better. It's not like we had a great defense this year. Give the new guys a chance. Schools like Ga don't rebuild, they reload.

This time next year lots of fans will be yelling about other players leaving that right now we don't even think about. Many people can say many things about Ga but we do not lack for talent and depth.

Erked Russell said...

Being the best coach in the ACC is like being Miss St. in the Cam Newton bidding war.

Danny Bishop said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danny Bishop said...

The fullback is more likely to be Dustin Royston, this years Wham Back, he's 5-11, 232 and quite a bit bigger than Zander. The second choice may be Cameron Allen at 6-1, 220 or the outside chance that Chase Vasser may move from linebacker to fullback, he's 6-3, 230 now and could easily add another 15 pounds in the off season.

diving duck said...

What happened to Cornelius Washington? I thought he was prime to break out this season. But it seemed his role diminished as the season wore on. Was it partly due to the rejuvinated Darryl Gamble?

Anonymous said...

Being the best coach in the SEC is like being the most dapper Munchkin in Oz.

Anonymous said...

After many, many years of watching college football in the SEC, I've come to only one true statement....nothing is as good as it seems, and nothing is as bad as it seems.

BuLLdawg said...

Cam Newton is 12-0 as the Starting Quarterback.

Aaron Murray is 6-6 as the Starting Quarterback.

Coach Richt recruited Cam Newton as the Tight End.

NCAA says Cam Newton is ELIGIBLE.

Aaron Murray has been our best player all season long, and he absolutely was out-performed head-to-head by 6 other opposing quarterbacks in all 6 losses.

Just because we throw every down because we lose HALF the games Aaron Murray starts, doesn't mean that he is great.

# 1 NFL Draft Pick ?

He is not even going to be drafted. He holds on to the football and takes the sack, throws on every down, and is 6-6 as our Starting Quarterback.

75 rushes on the season, Aaron Murray has a grand total of 163 yards rushing, an average of 2.17 yards per carry.

Currently, there are 82 scholarship players on the roster, which is three under the NCAA limit of 85. Those three unused scholarships, along with the 14 freed up by departing seniors and two players forgoing their senior seasons, leaves UGA with 19 scholarships for the Class of 2011.

16 commitments including 2 yet more players whom Coach Richt has advised that their Scholarship is still waiting for them here, despite the fact that their teams kicked them off their team this season for the vast majority of their seasons for off-field


Before they even get here.

If you think The Georgia Bulldogs are the Perfect Fit for Boise State in Game 1, after all our Arrests / Suspensions, or that we will NOT have any causing us to miss players for Boise State, you haven't watched Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, and Auburn. They, like us, have 1 game between now and the Boise State game and all are a far better fit for Boise State than us.

We will have 3 more commitments to complete our recruiting class.

# 21 Recruiting Class in the nation this season 2010.

We cannot finish appreciably differently 2011, therefore.

# 21 Recruiting Class yet we find but only 3 other states with more high school recruits who go on to the NFL than the great state of Georgia; thus Herschel Walker a couple weeks ago said we : (1) have NO DISCIPLINE (2) lose TOO MANY GAMES - 20 Losses these last 5 years now and (3) We don't sign the talent in-state any more.

Herschel Walker.

What he says, not I.

And, certainly NOT what you say.

How can 2011 be successful ? Because we have a small freshman Quarterback who doesn't complete a good percentage of his passes, holds on to the football too long and loses BOTH his wide receivers along with at least 16 lost players off the team for this next season including also all the Fullbacks.

Caleb Darnell King may have to declare for the Draft because of his grades. We lose Clint Boling and both Davis' Chris & Josh on the OL, Vance Cuff, Demarcus Dobbs, Kiante Tripp, Brandon Wood, Darryl Gamble, Akeem Hebron, Akeem Dent, Kris Durham, Fred Munzenmaier, Shaun Chapas, Houston, and AJ Green.

2011 recruiting class consists of no fullback and no running back of any kind, and we have shot our bolt already with 3 remaining slots.

BuLLdawg said...

KEN MALCOME recruited here out of Southwest DeKalb the # 20 overall player in the state of Georgia and # 24 best running back in the nation, was recruited here injured with both a sprained knee and ankle, and was therefore never expected to unseat the # 13 running back in the nation, Washaun Ealey.

Caleb King. Yeah, I think Ken Malcome could unseat Caleb King.

I told you how this season would unfold, and as on this blog, the bloggers here have overwhelmingly pointed out, I am right.

Next season with all these losses, and a recruiting class missing anything resembling a running back or a fullback notably, and facing 2 huge big challenges by Coach Richt vs UGA Admissions, with the far tougher schedule than the only 6 teams we beat this season - none of whom come close to being a good team we beat (and 2 more losses vs NOT Top 25 teams we Lost to in Colorado and Florida (You did say Urban Meyer and Florida were NO GOOD, DIDN'T YOU AGAIN HERE TODA?) neither of whom are any good either; and we face a schedule starting with Boise State featuring the Most Arrested / Suspended Football team in the United States of America with what Herschel Walker said a couple of weeks ago is a team with NO DISCIPLINE, and 2011 promises more of the same.

Same Mike Bobo.

Same Todd Grantham.

Todd forcing players to play out of position, such as Brandon Boykin and not being flexible enough to evaluate the talent he did have this season and adapting his plans around that, instead.

I am obviously mature enough to know what I am talking about.

Mike Bobo eschewing the run and wanting to only pass on every down with once again this season, as in 2005, 2008, 2009 and now 2010 - failing to prepare our Quarterback for next season.

All the HYPE about a TANDEM of running backs on this BLOG right here, 2 great Fullbacks, best quarterback recruit in the nation, complete returning senior and junior-laden Offensive Line, AJ Green, Kris Durham, all the Tight Ends such as Aron White and Orson Charles, Washaun Ealey, Caleb King, Shaun Chapas, etc. and we played a VERY SOFT SCHEDULE of losing to 2 sorry teams not going to be ranked in the Top 25 this season and lost to 6 teams total and beat 6 cupcakes only, and Mike Bobo is the

# 50 Total Offense in The NCAA this season.

Exactly as I GUARANTEED you we would be on offense this season.

So, if you have something about this that you would like to sound off about, please do so, as so many have that I am CORRECT.

2011 ? Tougher Schedule by a lot than this season. Lose more of this roster than we add in recruiting for the 5th season in a row and after 2009 recruiting class is no longer on our roster, 2010 recruiting class # 21 in the nation and it inflated with players who didn't qualify academically to get in and who got arrested before they could play and another who had his Redshirt Ripped Off in Game 6 of a 6-6 season directly to Starter on the OL Kenarious Gates out of Greenville, losing all these players off this 2010 roster and adding little help and no help where we hurt the most in a running game Aaron Murray obviously have proven he cannot contribute to either as I also told you he would not.

If you find something positive in the football program with 20 Losses these last 5 years, 4 LOSSES per year.

If you want to know what if we are great in 2011 ?

Then, be happy in your ignorance and come running in here proclaiming at 6-6 how great we are, or our quarterback the only non-returning starter on the entire offense # 50 in the nation this season Total Offense NCAA; and forget what I told you you disagreed with all Summer and all Fall and now all Winter. Forget what Herschel Walker just told you too; for God Knows, you Know it All and far better than we. Clearly.

Because, you are a

ChrisDawg said...

BullDawg can you please stop posting here. There is a reason I only come here for ga news. Fans like you for the most part are not here. PLEASE stop posting here! Go to ajc or something.

All you say is negative crap. You try to back it up with your numbers yet your problem is you only point out bad things. Nobody will ever listen to you if all you have to say is bad. Find another team to slam on! Trust me me when I say this, you do not look as smart as you think you do.

Also I believe you were asked in another post and did not answer who would you pick to be your qb in the sec next year if you could choose any? Mallett Newton Mcelroy and Hartline will be gone. Who will have a better qb than us in the sec next year?

BuLLdawg said...

"Schools like Ga don't rebuild, they reload."

That is EXACTLY what you said after our 5-Loss Season last year in 2009.

6-Loss Season now in 2010 and you are saying the same exact quote.

I thought last year, 2009, was our rebuilding year.

2010 is now our rebuilding year ?

2011 ? Will it be our rebuilding year with another 4-Loss season ?

20 Losses the last 5 years, averages a 4-Loss Season.

Do we lose to South Carolina, Mississippi State, Boise State, Florida, or Auburn 2011 ?

2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, we would have said that we would win at least 3 of these 5 next season.

But, next year is not 2005. It is 6 years after 2005.

We have serious problems on offense, seem incapable of returning even a kick-off, and our defense features a whole depth chart of guys out-of-position - which is not what Todd Grantham bragged about when he came here and supposedly the 1st good Coach Richt hire EVER.

Todd Grantham said he was going to study each and every player and play the best ones. As for next season being better than this season on defense, we absolutely are not better in game 12 than we were in Game 2.

We are not getting better on defense the more we work on it; but worse.

We have zero secondary.

We have nothing up-front besides Justin Houston, with no tackles for losses and no sacks. Where is all this pressure we heard so much about last year when Coach Richt hired Todd Grantham ?

Speaking of what we heard so much about, what ever happened we heard so much about from Coach Richt on his DREAM TEAM IN-STATE RECRUITING SLOGAN ?

Ultimately, if you make such loud statements - someone is bound to have a memory that allows them to recall your statements, and just say to you : Pardon me, didn't you say :


(2) Last year was our rebuilding year

(3) You talked about how many wins you have, when you have instead LOST 20 the last 5 years by direct contrast.

(4) Which of the 5 teams we play next season are we going to beat when we certainly beat NONE of the teams this season.

(5) Todd, you said you were going to evaluate talent and get them on the field somewhere but what we witnessed instead was you forcing players to play out of position when there have to be better players for that position than what you evaluated as your player for it.

(6) We were told on this blog how great Scott Lakatos was going to be coming here from UCONN to coach our Secondary when it didn't appear to us that you could defend any pass thrown and are the # 49 Scoring Defense as a direct result.

(7) The claim was that Todd Grantham's defense would wreak havoc in the backfield with sacks and tackles for loss when in fact we got none of either. Justin Houston did, but the team did not, even adding in Justin Houston's.

(8) Jakar Hamilton was certainly a perfect example of you not being able to evaluate the talent as you bragged you would Todd. There were so many others, too, as noted above in the comments. Clueless on talent evaluation the entire Coach Richt 10-year Era. I hardly think it is a good comparison to say that Knowshon Moreno was Redshirted, so Ken Malcome will run for 1,334 yards or 1,400 next season.

Being the


is like being the best Bulldogs' Football fan, kept in the dark and fed B.S. like mushrooms.

I long for someone to call it like it is, and fix it.

The SEC is supposedly DOWN this season.

Really ?

Looks to me like we have 3 of the Top 10 and 6 of the Top 22.

It's just that Georgia is not in even the Top 7 of our own Conference.

Being the best coach in the ACC is like being the best sportswriter at the AJ-C.

BuLLdawg said...


"I could go through richts uga numbers and make him look great. It's just about how you spin it. All of those teams you listed are just a few wins or losses away from eachother. It's not like ga is light years behind everyone."

Ok, like I told you ChrisDawg, go ahead and do so. You haven't done it. Go ahead ChrisDawg and spin it so Coach Richt looks GREAT with 20 LOSSES the last 5 years.

You are ALL TALK behind that keyboard of yours, and no information. Just Flames, like you are great and can write all this great stuff about how we ALL are supposed to be so positive about Coach Richt's

20 LOSSES the last 5 years.

I presume you are having trouble doing so, because you SAID you could. I told you to go ahead.

You have FAILED to spin it positive YET about LOSING 20 GAMES the last 5 years.

BulldogBen said...


So what exactly is it that you want?

You clearly think Richt should go. Okay. Who do you want to get?

What are the solutions to all of our problems?

David Jones said...

Quick follow-up comment to your statement that, "It is surprising, however, that while Georgia ranked fourth in the SEC in scoring, but only eighth in yards."

This, to me, is a reflection of having good field position. Good special teams and increased turnovers have made it so that our O hasn't had to sustain incredibly long drives for every score. We've also scored several defensive and ST TDs this year.

A better stat to measure how good an offense performs is yards per attempt, since that is how explosive a team is each time they snap the ball. Here, UGA is also 4th in the SEC with 6.4 yards per play (Auburn, Arkansas and Alabama are #1-3 in order).

While Bobo may not be the country's BEST offensive coordinator, our biggest issue is improving defense. In yards per play, we're middle of the pack (#6), giving up 5.2 yards per play. If we can maintain a top 3 or 4 offense next year, and move the defense into the top 4, we should have a much better season.

Anonymous said...

Wow seem to have it all figured out....maybe UGA should hire you...I mean you obviously could do better....that is if they could pry you away from your job now...but my guess is if you have the time to write really long comments you probably don't have a do know that the last unemployment checks have been mailed...right?? Better get crackin' buttercup!

Anonymous said...

Bulldawg, a few weeks ago you said offense was the problem and not defense and then gave 3 pages of stats.Now you're throwing the defense under the bus.You got more flip flops than Jimmy Buffet.

King Jericho said...

Clearly you haven't seen Aaron Murray throw the ball, so let me help you:

Now, when was the last time you've seen a freshman QB throw the ball like that? Who gives a shit how tall he is? You think Drew Brees cared how tall he is when he won the Super Bowl last year? There's a lot more to a QB than size.

And holding on to the ball too long: would you rather him throw picks? He's a freshman and he's protecting the ball, that's POSITIVE, not a negative like you seem to think. Most (if not all) of his sacks are because of poor blocking and he can't get around the end to throw the ball away safely. But maybe those interceptions are more important than taking a sack and keeping a drive alive.

Sacks in college football count as negative rushing yards. I'm sure you knew that since you know all the stats, but just making sure. That would probably explain the less than stellar rush yards from a QB IN A PRO STYLE OFFENSE. If you don't think Murray's scrambling ability is a weapon, again, you clearly haven't watched the kid play.

Say what you want about the rest of the team; you're mostly right. However, when you start trying to bash Murray, you're clearly reaching too hard and unsuccessfully. Go follow the bandwagons if you can't handle a slump in the team.

Herschel Blogger said...

guys, quit feeding the troll. they're like the crazy person in the corner of a city bus talking to themselves... they feed off the attention. besides, he's obviously retarded. reading one of his posts feels like listening to a mentally challenged conspiracy theorist.

oh, and being the best coach in the ACC is like winning the special olympics. sure, you get a shiny metal but at the end of the day, you're still retarded.

Willb said...

When BullDawg started bashing Aaron Murray he lost me. I can see someone having problems with lots of things with UGA football this past year but Aaron Murray is not one of them. When he started bashing a player who just had one of the greatest qb seasons in Ga history I somewhat question his knowledge of football. Not everything about Ga football right now is bad. If it was all bad our record would be even worse. There are positive things to take out of this season.

Again I have said it before but this years team was better than last years team. We are moving forward. I don't care what the record says it's a better team. We averaged more points and more yards, and gave up fewer points. We had less turnovers, and less penalties. We had more sacks and more interceptions, and had a better time of possession. Also while our rushing game was not good it was almost identical to last year. We were better at return coverage. We stopped that directional kicking crap. It seems we were a better team at almost every phase of the game.

I'm not going to make excuses for Ga. Good teams win close games. But if you truly are a Ga fan and watched every game then you would know that a couple of turnovers at bad times don happen or bad plays aren't called by Bobo and we could be a 9 win team right now. This team has heart. It was not blown out once which is not something you can say for most other Ga teams in recent history. We were in every single game.

We will not have another season like this where every close one goes to the other team.

Also outside of SC most SEC schools that we play are losing there most important player. We return our most Important player in Aaron Murray. Seriously if most of you guys had to pick who was our most valuable player it would have to be Murray. Green is great but he doesn't mean as much to this team moving forward as Murray.

Next year in the SEC we will beat Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Miss St, Ole Miss, Kentucky for sure in my opinion. I wont get in depth as to why i believe we will beat these teams in this post but i have my reasons.

Sc, Auburn, and Fla could go either way but we will atleast beat one of those teams. Also Auburn and SC are at home.

Our sec schedule is atleast set up for us to be 4-1 next year heading into the Fla game. South Carolina is the loss I'm giving us now in the first five games but you never know.

I think the Boise St game will help win or lose. But seriously next year I could see us start the season 0-2 and still have a very good year kind of like Va Tech this year. I don't think it will happen but I'm bracing myself for the possibility. But I see us more than likely beating Boise in the opener. I'm much more worried about South Carolina. They might be the best team in the SEC next year.

Anonymous said...

Bulldawg is a hoot - he is also a screwdriver - the simplest of tools. I suspect he is also a miserable and lonely soul.

Bulldawg you typed over 2,000 words and contributed absolutely nothing to this blog - maybe you need to seek help.

Robert K. Burnham said...

All these bloggers have written about how poor our strength & conditioning program is . I do not think they are all wrong . Why doesn't Mark Richt get it ?

Robert K. Burnham said...

All these bloggers have written about how poor our strength & conditioning program is . I do not think they are all wrong . Why doesn't Mark Richt get it ?

Anonymous said...

Apparently, McGarritty and Richt may get it after all.