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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LeMay joins the team, Richt mum on academic issues, and injury updates

It was getaway day in Athens on Tuesday: The football team held its last campus-based practice in the morning, then excused players to go home for the Christmas break. Those headed to the Liberty Bowl report back on Sunday, where it’s off to Memphis.

Head coach Mark Richt sat down with the media after practice, and a few tidbits were revealed, such as a future quarterback becoming (sort of) a current quarterback for the Bulldogs:

- Christian LeMay, the quarterback recruit from Charlotte, N.C., has been at practice the past three days, according to Richt. LeMay plans to enroll early.

LeMay is expected to be the team’s lone quarterback recruit this class, and will become the team’s third scholarship quarterback for next season. (Nick Marshall, who has also committed, can play quarterback but was recruited as a defensive back.)

While Aaron Murray has a stranglehold on the starting job, LeMay’s presence should give him a head start on competing with Hutson Mason for the backup role. (Richt wasn’t absolutely sure he could comment yet on LeMay, so he wanted to hold off on doing anything but confirming that he had been out there at practice.)

- Richt said any word on academic issues wouldn’t come until Wednesday, when grades are in. He also wouldn’t comment when asked specifically about tailback Caleb King, whose playing status is in doubt, according to a source close to the player.

“We won’t have the final report until tomorrow, so we’re gonna have to wait,” Richt said.

(And since the Bulldogs are off until Sunday, it might be until then that any announcement is made, if there’s any to be made. But it’s always possible that UGA could announce something before then.)

For what it’s worth, Richt said it wasn’t under consideration to take the redshirt off of freshman Ken Malcome.

- Defensive end Brandon Wood (shoulder) will not play in the bowl, so the senior’s career is over. Wood, a Buchanan native, played in 37 games, and recorded 16 tackles and one sack this season.

But another end, Demarcus Dobbs, is probable with a number of nagging injuries, including his elbow.

- Richt also updated the status of a couple players who had season-ending injuries. He does expect nose tackle Justin “Bean” Anderson to be ready for spring practice. Anderson had toe surgery after playing a few games.

But the prognosis isn’t as good for linebacker T.J. Stripling. Richt said he’d “be surprised” if the freshman was ready for spring practice, after having knee surgery in October.


Anonymous said...

That seems like an awful slow recovery for Bean. I understand the Stripling deal b/c he wrecked his knee at Colorado. I'm just not sure why Bean is out so long? Was his injury worse than I recall?

Anonymous said...

Losing Stripling hurts, for a speed rush type guy, I hope his leg heals 100%.

He would be a great addition to OLB next year.

Anonymous said...

Really? Caleb King is in jeopardy for academics? Can we just go ahead and kick this clown off the team. What a huge bust.

Bourbon Dawgwalker said...

If the reports on Caleb King are true, then he should be gone from the team. His issues were fine when he was a freshman and sophomore and still maturing into a young man, but when you are having these issues during your senior (4th) year it shows a giant lack of maturation and development as an adult. King is going into his 5th and final season as a Georgia Bulldog and is still making freshman mistakes. It could be that King's best contribution to the Georgia program going forward would be to serve as an example to younger players.

Anonymous said...

Ouch- if King is out with Wood and Chapas gone that's 3 guys who have started this year down. That will make a probable tight bowl game even tighter.

Anonymous said...

Caleb King needs to just check on out. He has been a bust from day one.

Muckbeast said...

I wish we would drop people's scholarships. I think its time Caleb and UGA parted ways.

BuLLdawg said...

So who ELSE has FLUNKED OUT Mark Richt ?

What next for this football program ?

When, oh when, does the BAD PRESS end, Pray Tell, Oh God ?

Joe said...

@Bourbon Dawgwalker:

Anonymous said...

Thank God Lemay's FINALLY here. UGA needs a clutch QB SOOOOO bad. Murray didn't ever beat a single team with a winning record, and was inaccurate under pressure, like 3rd downs, 4th quarter, red zone, and against winning teams.

Lemay is here.

Merry Christmas UGA fans, the nightmare is over!

Joeski said...

Ah, yet ANOTHER PERFECT EXAMPLE of how wrong BuLLshit is:

The APR rate? You know, that measures this sort of thing? The most recent available statistics?

UGA is 14th out 120 schools.

Oh, yes, all of Mark Richt's athletes fail!

Just go away you lying piece of crap. You have been proven wrong again, and again, and again, and again...