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Saturday, December 4, 2010

My All-SEC ballot

I just sent in my votes for the Associated Press All-SEC team. Here's how it looked:

WR: Randall Cobb, Kentucky
WR: Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina
L: Demarcus Love, Arkansas
L: Lee Zimba, Auburn
L: Derek Sherrod, Mississippi State
L: Byron Isom, Auburn
C: Mike Pouncey, Florida
TE: D.J. Williams, Arkansas
QB: Cameron Newton, Auburn
RB: Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina
RB: Knile Davis, Arkansas
PK: Josh Jasper, LSU
All-Purpose/Returner: Patrick Peterson, LSU

E: Devin Taylor, South Carolina
E: Jake Bequette, Arkansas
T: Nick Fairley, Auburn
T: Drake Nevis, LSU
LB: Justin Houston, Georgia
LB: Chris White, Mississippi State
LB: Danny Trevathan, Kentucky
CB: Patrick Peterson, LSU
CB: Janoris Jenkins, Florida
S: Ahmad Black, Florida
S: Mark Barron, Alabama
P: Chas Henry, Florida

Offensive Player of the Year
Cam Newton, Auburn

Defensive Player of the Year

Nick Fairley, Auburn

Coach of the Year
Dan Mullen, Mississippi State

Freshman of the Year
Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina

A few quick observations/explanations:

- Before voting, I didn’t hole up in a film room with Ron Jaworski, or even Phil Steele. But I did reach out to fellow beat writers around the SEC to get some private impressions, and based a lot of this on their feelings.

- I looked at my ballot when it was done and realized I only had one player from Alabama and Georgia. Who’d a thought that at the beginning of the year? If there were a second-team, there would be room for guys like A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Mark Ingram, Marcell Dareus, Clint Boling, Akeem Dent, Drew Butler and Blair Walsh.

- A.J. Green and Julio Jones are probably the two best receivers in the league. But I couldn’t vote for Green after missing four games, and Jones was just out-produced by Jeffery and Cobb.

- I suspect my votes for offensive and defensive player of the year, and freshman of the year, will conform to everyone else’s. But coach of the year is where I differ: Auburn’s Gene Chizik will likely win it, but my own feeling on this is that Newton and Gus Malzahn (and the NCAA) are the bigger reasons Auburn is 12-0. In fact, up until the last moment I had Steve Spurrier on my ballot. But ultimately I went with Mullen because he simply got the most out of the talent he had on hand.


JC said...

Mike Pouncey? SERIOUSLY!?

Scott said...

This is what I hate about sports writes who claim that they have a certain moral authority when doing this. If A.J. Green is the best receiver in the league, then vote for him! Why do you have to qualify your vote? Either have the courage of your convictions or go cover the Quilting League at the local Senior Center... which seems more your speed!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Pouncey the guy snapping the ball over the field in FL's first couple of games?

Willb said...

I disagree with a number of your picks. I won't list them all but Aj Green and Ashlon Jeffery have to be the first team recievers with Julio Jones being the one left out not Cobb. Also Blair Walsh is a first team player in my opinion. Pouncey is not the best center in the SEC. I could also see Akeem Dent making the first team over Danny Trevathan.

Your list doesn't seem to be based on the best players. If someone is a better player than they make the first team in my opinion. What do you consider other than how good they are when you are making a list like this? I'm usually not a big fan of these all sec teams because the best players a lot of times aren't first team for some reason.

Also I could see Orson Charles making the second team possibly. There are a number of other possible Dawgs that could make the second team. The only first team performers are Green, Houston, Dent, and Walsh.

Another thing I don't see how everyone keeps saying Lattimore is a lock for Freshman of the year. He will probably win it yes but in my opinion it's Aaron Murray and it's not even close. If the win loss records for Sc and Ga are switched I'm sure Murray gets it then. These list are not about the best teams they are about the best players. Nobody is saying that Lattimore just had one of the best freshman seasons in SEC history. Basically what I'm saying is Murray is a better football player than Lattimore so he is the Freshman of the year in my opinion.

Aj Green is the most talented player in the SEC and it would be a disgrace for him to not make the first team even if he did miss four games. If you think he is a better player than you put him there. If your team is not based on how good the players are then you lose me.

Anonymous said...

Disagree on Pouncey. All he did this year was make bad snaps and hurt his draft status.

Anonymous said...

Um, you voted Peterson twice.

Seems to me you move Cobb to AP and have Green be the other receiver. Because, as Scott said, if you think Green was the best receiver in the SEC, then you vote for him.

Especially because of this ...

Randall Cobb
79 catches for 955 yards, 7 TDs
6.5 catches per game for 79.5 yards per game

A.J. Green
49 catches for 771 yards, 9 TDs
6.1 catches per game for 94.3 yards per game

Pl0we said...

Aaron Murray for Heisman 2011,2012,and 2013.

Cory said...

Not voting for AJ Green makes me think less of EVERYTHING you've written and done for UGA to date. Quite obvious now you're nothing more than a SC homer doing a "job". Sure, we're not expecting you to be a "homer" constantly and reading an objective view is refreshing. But, saying Jeffrey is better than AJ is just silly.

You don't get voted or NOT voted because your team sucks. You've missed several of these and it's not close.

Think some things through...

Ken said...

I have to agree with Scott. I guess next time I vote for governor, I will not vote for anyone who gets a late start and I will check around to be sure I am voting the same as everyone else. What a wimp.

Matt H. said...

I think people are way overvaluing Lattimore... He is a good back, but he has a ton of carries (more than Ealey and King combined). His yards per average is worse than Ealey's or King's (4.8 compared to 5.3 and 5.4, respectively). I would also argue USC's defense won them more games than their offense... holding us to 6 points, holding UF to 14, Bama to 21... If we had that defense we'd be the SEC East champs, and people would respect Murray's accomplishments much more... In choosing the best player, it should be based on the PLAYER's accomplishment, not the teams... The only argument is if you are choosing the "Most Valuable." Then, I could understand taking into account the team's accomplishments...

Anonymous said...

Terrible picks for all the reasons folks have already stated. You've lost any credibility with me especially with Fairley. If there was a category for dirtyest player then he gets the nod, to select him to any other category knowing HOW he plays is a complete lack of integrity, regardless of his sacks, TFLs, etc. A dirty player should never be rewarded. You really should be ashamed of yourself. My opinion... go back to SC.

Anonymous said...

most overrated player in the SEC = Lee Ziembat

Anonymous said...

One of those fan fallacies saying Lattimore is not that good because his yards per carry is less than Ealey and King.Fans get too caught up in yards gained.The most important judge of a player is touchdowns. Lattimore has 17 and the only SEC player with more is Newton with 18. If King and Ealey could score that many would play in the Dome tonight. Also why AJ should be first team, tied for league lead in touchdowns in 4 less games. Otherwise the list is fairly good.

Anonymous said...

That should say AJ is tied for league lead in touchdowns for receivers in four less games.

Anonymous said...

A.J. Green is the best receiver, hands down, in the entire nation, you've watched him every game he has been allowed to play (since UGA is not Auburn), and you don't vote for him? And Pouncey? Are you afraid of getting banned from CUM's pressers?

Matt said...

You guys are awful. Good picks, Seth. I probably would pick about the same, if someone gave me a vote.

Good job.

Guys, being "the best receiver," doesn't mean he is All-SEC. You can't argue with production. I would say, clearly Cobb and Jeffrey were the best receivers in the league this year. I bet AJ will be a better pro and Julio Jones can run faster, but they weren't as dominant this year.

Mike Pouncey had some bad games with the rest of Florida's offense, but he's still an excellent lineman.

Nick Fairley was clearly the best defensive player in the league. He kept Auburn in several games. For instance, the Alabama game, where he dominated the line of scrimmage.

Also, Lattimore was the best freshman. I like Murray, but Lattimore is taking his team to the SEC title game. And he has 19TDs. As a running back. Plus, he pretty much single handedly beat Georgia and Florida. Dominant!

Anonymous said...

So, you will overlook Fairley being a dirty thug, but you can't overlook A.J. missing a few games?

Doug said...

Please tell me you didn't actually send your ballot in with Pouncey on it. He is an excellent lineman, but he is awful at center.

Beak said...

why would you base YOUR ballot on someone else's feelings?

LouisFab said...

Matt you really thing that Lattimore is a better player than Murray? No doubt Lattimore is a good back but just because his team has more wins he is not a better player. Going forward I would rather have Murray on my team the next three years over Lattimore.

Also I come here for Ga news. That is pretty much it. I do not come here for Seth's view on football. Seth is very good at reporting the news.

I cannot see how anybody can justify not having Aj Green as a first team receiver. He missed four games? That is your reason? You say he is the best wr yet he is not on your first team? I am not saying this only because I am a Ga fan. Aj Green is the best wr in the nation. His stats are not what some wr are but everybody is in agreement that he is the best.

You lost a lot of credibility with me today as far as football knowledge goes Seth. Randall Cobb over Aj Green? I wonder how many other reporters will not vote for Green because they want to do what all the other reporters are doing. Not just the Green pick but a few of your picks are questionable. But not everybody is going to agree with what everybody else says.

Like I said though I come here for UGA news. I do not and have not viewed Seth as someone with great knowledge about Ga football just because his job is to cover the team. He is a news guy not a football analyst.

Anonymous said...

Are you the Auburn beat writer?

lilwhinybitches said...

Dang, did I accidentally go to the AJC blog with all the lame comments. Let the dude be entitled to vote for who he wants. You don't have to agree with him and he didn't even have to post it.
I sure wish some of you guys would become sportswiters or college coaches with all your insight and analysis. What UGA news is there to report right now? Unless we have a new commitment or a new arrest there isn't much going on with football in the classic city.

Anonymous said...

Pouncey has been a great center except for that get the ball to the quarterback thingy.

But don't let that disqualify him from being all conference center. Getting the ball to the quarterback is overrated for centers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Coach Richt, see what can happen when you actually try to score with time remaining in the half!

Seal said...

Matt, and Seth,

The reason Cobb wasn't "clearly the best" is that AJ Green is a better player (and no one disputes this). If Cobb were clearly superior, wouldn't he have had more yards a game, or surely more touchdowns?

Saying he didn't get your nod b/c of the missed games is a defensible stance, but just look foolish, or like a (non-UGA, apparently) team's beat writer.

Seal said...

After checking some stats, I think you're undervaluing Blair Walsh also - the numbers btw. Walsh and Jasper are similar, with more tries for Jasper, better accuracy for Walsh. It could go either way, but you've seen Walsh up close like we have, and your vote feels like a reach to show your neutrality.

Boss Dawg said...

I agree with a number of your votes, but a few that have been previously mentioned are pretty terrible. Your explanation describes your thought process and it kind of sucks.
"I did reach out to fellow beat writers around the SEC to get some private impressions, and based a lot of this on their feelings." You might want to grow a pair and do your own evaluations from now on. You do know that more than half of your kind don't have a clue, right?

christopher said...

Littlewhinybitch, the reason people are pissed is because the is the Seth Emerson M.O. to put down UGA and it's players, while showing a complete lack of knowledge of college football. And your argument of why don't we become sportswriters is so tired. We all explored other careers but it doesn't keep us from being knowledgeable about our passion. If Seth doesn't want hear us criticize him, he can kill the comment section.
Awards are important to the kids. the fans and the school for many reasons, one of which being recruiting. When you have your own beat writer going out of his way to not give the best player in the country credit (and kicker for that matter) it's gonna tick us off.

Bizzaroneck said...

Seth, I can see your argument on all the players you selected. I would agree with almost everyone else that Pouncey is a bad selection. Watch some of Florida's games, he almost single handedly cost them a few games. I also to a lesser degree think AJ should be first team, but honestly I think that is a lot weaker argument and I definitely a GA guy so I would have put him there. Either way everyone agrees that he is the second most talented player in the SEC. I think what everyone needs to understand is we were a 6-6 team this year. I mean can any of you see any of the players on our D, playing on the 2002 defense?

Anonymous said...

I miss David Hale.

Muckbeast said...


I could argue a lot of things on this ballot, but the lack of AJ Green pretty much invalidates the entire ballot.

I just laughed after that.

Wow. lulz

Anonymous said...

Matt & Seth;

I now see why the AP doesn't equate in the BCS mix!

PS - fire Mark Richt now!

Anonymous said...

Randall Cobb is a good player, but he'd be the #2 receiver on at least three teams (uga, ala, USC--not to mention ark). Suprised walsh and butler didn't make it, but I don't really follow kickers stats.
Don't really watch centers either, but maybe you just picked pouncey bc of his brother and hype.
Not sure why you'd use other college football beat writers' opinions as the basis for your picks either...that'd be like bobo saying, "I wasn't real sure what to run, so I just ran what mcilwain told me he was gonna do."

ChicagoDawg said...

Seriously??? I hate to personalize this, but the fact that you watched AJ Green this season and concluded that he not 1st Team All-SEC just completely undermines the credibility of your ballot. Sorry man, but your judgement and rationale on that one is just beyond ridiculous. You must have been at the press box buffet line everytime UGA had the ball. I don't care if he missed 4 games or 6 games, he was the class of the conference (if not the country) at the WR position -- end of story. WOW.

Willb said...

Check this crap out. From a college football analyst that I am everyone else does respect in Phil Steele. Aj Green is on his second team too! Also his first team had three receivers not two and Aj still didn't make it. W

e as Dawg fans are gonna have to get used to this. He missed four games and everyone is basing his season off that one fact. He will not make one first team more than likely even though he is the best wr in the nation.

Btw pouncey was on his fourth team. Other than that his team looks very similar to Seth's. Just because I respect the opinion of Phil Steele doesn't mean I agree with his sec teams and Aj Green second team pick. Cobb made it over him in this one too!

Todd said...

Oh, Seth. Pouncey? Seriously? And to think I was starting to enjoy reading your blog. That pick alone makes you an idiot.

Anonymous said...


AJ Green is the best WR the SEC has seen in years, period. Pouncey is a terrible center.

Anonymous said...

"But I did reach out to fellow beat writers around the SEC to get some private impressions, and based a lot of this on their feelings."

Yeah that makes perfect sense - if you hadn't seen anyone play.

Boo Radley said...

The Pouncey pick is laughable. If like baseball, there were fielding errors awarded in CFB, Pouncy would Be equivalent to a SS who ends the year with 45 errors.

The AJ non-pick is moronic.

Also, why does the guy at the Dothan Picayune influence your pick??? Doesn't the vote tally tell us what the group thinks as a whole, why do you choose to do that beforehand? Let you vote be your vote, such as it is and then people can agree, disagree or snicker -- whatever the case may be.

David said...

I would have to say that I also found the Pouncey and Green picks very surprising.

Anonymous said...

I would have selected Akeem Dent as All-SEC LB over Houston. Justin had a good year for us in sacks, but needs to work on his ability to contain the QB.

Akeem was second in the league in tackles and was by far the most improved player on our team.

Congrats to Akeem and Coach Belin and best of luck to Akeem in the NFL draft.