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Friday, December 24, 2010

Hoops: The ugly girlfriend index

Mark Fox tweeted after Thursday night’s three-point win at Mercer that “like my buddy once told my brother, an ugly girlfriend is still a girlfriend.”

Yeah, not sure I can agree with that one, coach. But the larger point is true: Margin of victory doesn’t count in college basketball, at least in its most important measurement, the RPI.

(That’s the Ratings Percentage Index, for the non-hoops geeks out there. And just a warning, for the next few months, there will be hoop geekiness on this blog.)

It’s been well-documented that the SEC has suffered a bunch of bad losses. Georgia’s an exception, along with Kentucky and Vanderbilt. Here, for your hoop geekiness enjoyment, are the current RPI rankings of SEC teams, according to, along each team’s losses.

8. Kentucky (9-2)

Losses: Connecticut (neutral), North Carolina (away)
17. Vanderbilt (9-2)
Losses: West Virginia (neutral), Missouri (away)
21. Tennessee (8-3)
Losses: Oakland (home), Charlotte (away), Southern California (home)
28. Florida (9-3)
Losses: Ohio State (home), Central Florida (neutral), Jacksonville (home)
49. Georgia (9-2)
Losses: Notre Dame (neutral), Temple (neutral)
62. Mississippi (8-3)
Losses: Dayton (home), Miami, Fla. (away), Colorado State (neutral)
84. South Carolina (7-3)
Losses: Michigan State (away), Ohio State (away), Furman (away)
152. Arkansas (8-2)
Losses: UAB (neutral), Texas A&M (neutral)
193. LSU (7-5)
Losses: Nicholls State (home), Memphis (neutral), Coastal Carolina (home), Wichita State (neutral), North Texas (home)
204. Alabama (6-6)
Losses: Seton Hall (neutral), Iowa (neutral), St. Peter’s (neutral), Purdue (away), Providence (away), Oklahoma State (neutral)
240. Mississippi State (8-4)
Losses: Florida Atlantic (home), East Tennessee State (home), Virginia Tech (neutral), Washington State (neutral)
330. Auburn (4-7)
Losses: UNC Asheville (home), Samford (home), Ccampbell (home), Jacksonville (home), Rutgers (neutral), South Florida (road), Presbyterian (home)


Bulldog in Exile said...

Auburn would take an ugly dude dressed as a girl right now. Georgia needs the bottom of the conference to pick it up, as the NCAA selection committee has shown they won't pick a 21 win/.500 in conference team from a week 'power' conference over a 25 win second or third place team in a mid-major.

If the SEC has four sub-200 RPI teams, it'll be hard for the fifth and sixth team in conference to make the tourney w/o 9+ conference wins and 23+ season wins.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is what msu's players were fighting about?

Rick said...

Speaking of ugly girlfriends, what's the latest on Rex Ryan?

Anonymous said...

That was an ugly game last night. UGA is lucky to get a W but later in the year no one will even remember it. Although the teams record is better this year they just don't seem to have improved much. Maybe I was expecting too much...

Also- Seth you really need a front page post about the Ohio State atrocity. The NCAA is the biggest bunch of idiots. They just handed 5 players on that team a ticket to the NFL b/c none of them will stick around next season to get their 5 game suspensions.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with an ugly dude dressed as a girl?

Rebounding Dawg said...

Do you think the friend used the word "girlfriend", or did Mark Fox clean it up a little for the holidays?

Too many scary close wins. At this moment, I don't think UGA is quite as good as I thought the team would be. But . . . it seems all the pieces are there. If this team can can figure it out and "click", they could be very good. It just needs to happen, and sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

This team is better than last year's team. Not saying there world beaters, but they are winning close games, something they had a hard time doing last year.

Trey Thompkins is a few practices from us being a 1 loss or 0 loss team at this point. Granted the schedule is going to ramp up shortly, but the way the rest of the league is playing, the Dawgs may rack up more conference games than many think.

I agree I think the pieces are there to be a good team.

Bizzaroneck said...

Seth, love all the basketball coverage. I saw the dawgs play SLU when they were up here and they slept walked through that game too. Still a really good team that I think has a serious shot of doing damage in the east this year.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it ... when this team faces real competition it will get uglier for the dawgs. Yes the expectations of this program are gonna go out the window just as it did with the football team.