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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Recruiting: Where things stand

Realizing that not everyone has the time or money to follow recruiting on a daily basis, we’re going to try to start a new feature here on Le Blog: Basically, an update for the passive recruiting fan.

Today, with about six weeks till Signing Day, we’ll do this in three parts:

- First, a ranking of the most important current Georgia commitments. And by “most important,” I mean a combination of immediate impact, long-range potential, and filling a need position.
- Next, the top 10 remaining targets on Georgia’s big board: Not to say anyone not on the list has no chance of signing with Georgia, but according to the experts, these 10 are the main focus at this point for the Bulldogs.
- Finally, five questions with Dean Legge, the recruiting guru at of the network.

Onward and upward:

The most important current commitments (With height, weight and star-rankings by and

1. QB Christian LeMay, Matthews, NC
6-2 …. 188 ..4 stars by Scout-4 stars by Rivals
2. MLB Amarlo Herrera, College Park, Ga.
6-2 …. 215 …4-4
3. CB Nick Marshall, Rochelle, Ga.
6-2 …. 186 ….4-4
4. S Corey Moore, Griffin, Ga.
6-1 …. 185 ….4-4
5. OT Zach DeBell, Tarpon Springs, Fla.
6-7 …. 265 ….3-4
6. C David Andrews, Norcross, Ga.
6-2 …. 276 ….3-3
7. S Chris Sanders, Tucker, Ga.
6-0 …. 173 …4-3
8. OT Watts Dantzler, Dalton, Ga.
6-7 …. 310 … 3-3
9. WR Justin Scott-Wesley, Camilla, Ga.
5-11 … 202 …3-4
10. WR Chris Conley, Dallas, Ga.
6-2 … 185 …..4-3
11. DE Sterling Bailey, Gainesville, Ga.
6-4 …. 230 …..3-4
12. DT Chris Mayes, Griffin, Ga.
6-5 …. 292 …..3-4
13. G Hunter Long, Memphis, Tenn.
6-4 …. 290 ……3-3
14. CB Devin Bowman, Ridgeland, Ga.
6-0 …. 175 ….3-3
15. LS Nathan Theus, Jacksonville, Fla.
6-3 …. 252 ….. 2-2
16. WR Zach Witchett, Atlanta, Ga.
6-0 …. 185 …3-3

The top 10 (plus one) most important players left on the board

1. RB Isaiah Crowell, Columbus, Ga.
6-0 ….. 210 …. 5-4
2. DE Ray Drew, Thomasville, Ga.
6-5 ….. 248 …. 4-4
3. DT John Jenkins, Mississippi Gulf Coast JUCO
6-4 …. 340 ….. 4-4
4. TE Jay Rome, Valdosta, Ga.
6-6 ….. 240 …… 5-4
5. DE Cornellius Carradine, Butler (Kan.) Community College
6-5 ….. 260 ….. 4-5
6. OLB Xzaivier Dickson, Griffin, Ga.
6-4 ….. 248 …… 4-4
7. DE Jeoffrey Pagan, Asheville, NC
6-4 ….. 255 ….. 4-4
8. CB Damian Swann, Atlanta, Ga.
6-0 …… 175 ….. 4-4
9. CB Malcolm Mitchell, Valdosta, Ga.
6-1 …… 190 ….. 4-4
10. RB Quan Bray, LaGrange, Ga.
5-10 …… 175 …. 4-4
11. MLB Shannon Brown, Adel, Ga. (Alabama commitment)
6-2 ……. 237 …..4-4

Q&A with the Dean:

SE: So is your feeling is that the uncommitted prospects could make or break this class?

DL: There is no question that they will make or break the class. The class as it is right now doesn't have a true game-breaker; the type of player you have to have to win at a high level in the SEC. After a disappointing 2010 in recruiting, Georgia can't have another letdown with in-state prospects - particularly with the group of in-state players this season.

SE: The feeling lately on the trail is that Georgia now has a good chance for Crowell, Drew and Rome. Agree?

DL: I think if today was Signing Day Georgia would sign all three players. The problem for Georgia is that strange things can happen in recruiting during Janurary - witness Da'Rick Rogers last season. So the Bulldogs need to keep doing what they are doing now and knock the ball out of the park when Crowell arrives for his official visit in January.

SE: Mark Richt has spoken about really wanting a nose guard who could play right away. Is Jenkins that guy? And if he doesn’t come, what then?

DL: Jenkins is that guy - and they need to sign him because there just are not that many 3-4 NG bodies out there. Look how dominant Alabama was with Cody - with him 26-2; without him 16-9. It is not that simple, but it does make a difference. You have to have a NG in the 3-4, and right now Jenkins is one of only a few out there.

SE: Of the current commitments, who have the best chance to play right away?

DL: I'd say the receivers, particularly Justin Scott-Wesley and Chris Conley, will play right away. Not because they are ready for the SEC, because they are not, but because there is a big need there. Scott-Wesley has tremendous upside. Amarlo Herrera is a very solid linebacker, who might get some time on special teams and on defense. Nick Marshall is too talented not to play right away.

SE: Is this potentially the most important few weeks of recruiting in Mark Richt’s tenure?

DL: Yes. Mark needs to close the deal here. This is a chance to elevate in a big way the high-end talent at Georgia. Georgia is always going to have talent, but not all talent is created equal (see Florida 2009 vs. Florida 2010). This is a class that has a chance to be very, very strong - and help right away. It is an important time for Richt at Georgia, and this class - particularly Crowell - can help in spots right away.


JJ said...


Not to be hypercritical, but by the criteria you defined: "immediate impact, long-range potential, and filling a need position" is LeMay the most important current Georgia commitment?

NCDawg said...

Excellent post! Recruiting is so important, especially this year. It is good to get the Bulldog perspective on it instead of the necessarily generic coverage of Scout and Rivals.

Seth Emerson said...


Fair question. My answer: QB is the most critical position on the field, and UGA currently only has two on scholarship. Murray may only be a freshman, but if something happens to him ... look out.

Will said...

Seth, don't you mean "RSophmore"? He's not a Freshman anymore.

NCT said...

JJ, considering Murray's given every appearance of being the real deal for the next few years, I've been wondering about LeMay, too. But I think where LeMay may lack in "immediate impact" (assuming Murray stays healthy), he more than makes up in "long-range potential" and "filling a need" (where filling a need is strengthening the QB roster and preparing for the future).

Seth Emerson said...

Will, as long as he's listed as a freshman in the Liberty Bowl program, he's listed as a freshman here.

Erked Russell said...

This is great work Seth. I would very much like to see you continue with this. All I want for Christmas is for UGA to get the recruits we need!


Bizzaroneck said...

Seth, I absolutely love the recruiting segment. This time of year that's all I want to read about. Have to get Jon Jenkins, that kid is by far the most important recruit this year.

Erked Russell said...

It is also great to see you respond to the comments. Welcome to bloging

Anonymous said...

Great segment, Seth. I'd love to see more of these sorts of articles as we approach National Signing Day.

And I absolutely agree with Bizzaroneck. I've got Jenkins and Crowell listed as 1A and 1B as must get guys for us this signing class, followed closely by Ray Drew.

Doug said...

Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new feature Seth. I thought Georgia was on some Juco receivers and how is that going?

Anonymous said...

What am I missing with Geathers? I didn't think he looked all that bad when he was in games last year. He was able to stand his ground and he was making tackles. I'm not sure the answer to NT necessarily has to be another player when we already have one on campus.

Anonymous said...

I second John Jenkins as the most important recruit for Richt. Crowell a close second.

Ben Fratlock said...

I see you have Shannon Brown on the list despite the fact that he is committed to Alabama. I assume this is b/c he has an official visit to Athens.

Similarly, any word on whether the Dawgs may have a shot at Clemson commit Charone Peake? Especially in the event AJ Green leaves early?

bizzaroneck said...

Anon, I completely agree with you. Everytime I saw Kwame on the field he looked good, but I think he is one of those guys like Nick Williams that got on Grantham's bad side. I was thinking about this the other day. In spring and fall camp Williams was competing with "the hitman" for a starting safety spot and then throughout the year we tried every single safety except him. The only explanation is he doesn't get along well with Grantham and I think Kwame found the same dog house.

David Davis said...

This makes me happy. The prices to subscribe on rivals and scout are too high for me to justify dropping that kind of money on reading recruiting news.


BuLLdawg said...


Like I said, Dean Legge says our recruiting class SUCKS for 2011. It is much the same as what is left of the 2009 recruiting class and 2010 recruiting class - both of which ALSO now suck.

According to Dean Legge in paragraph number 1.

Seth, sir, we can sign 19. You list 16 commitments, so why the list of another dozen, sir ?

Or, are you already figuring the 2 recruits KICKED-OFF their high school teams at the beginning of this 2010 season, how dubious ability to get past UGA Admissions ?

So, 5 more. Unless we have MORE who do not qualifiy academically, like Coach Richt inflates his rankings with EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

meansonny said...

Transfers and Juco's should be a priority.

Auburn's best player is Cam.
GT's best player is Anthony Allen.
We picked up Jarvis Jones last year for our defense (watch out next season!)

I think the biggest playmakers are to be had with transfers.

Recruiting is obviously important, too (Lattimore).

Anonymous said...

Seth is a great guy posting on his off-days, so that Anon can come in here and beg me to leave.

I do so love reading that every day, you know, so that I can prove to that it poster that that it poster will not have the it poster's wish.

By the way, it poster, there are hundreds of posts saying that what I say BY MY NAME, are


No 1 has ever said the same about you.


Now, please FLAME away with your PERSONAL FLAMES, always off-topic and full of B.S., never any discussion of college football - only little ole ME - and how you wish I would go away.

I love that, you know, so that you cannot have your way - please post it again for it gives me the energy to come back and see your bowl picks are yet to be up with your complaints about MINE.


ReservoirDawg said...


Thanks for the recruiting info. FYI Cornellius Carradine is making his announcement TOMORROW. Let's hope he chooses the Dawgs. He will also be able to enroll early.

Anonymous said...

Well all of this is still just a bunch of kids that hasnt played a down in College football. I wish CMR and others would stop this talk of "Dream Team" when this recruiting class isnt even ranked in the top 5. UGA fans are just setting themselves for more dissapointment with all of this garbage. Just coach damn hard nosed football first CMR and stop the gimmicks. 3 million a year needs to produce much better results than it has the last three years.

Anonymous said...

If he lands the dream team, then the class will be top five.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:12

The final goal is the dream team. Nobody is talking about the class as it stands now as being the dream team. A third of college football is recruiting. Getting the natural talent in the first place is crucial- hence the recurring dominance of college programs in the state of Florida.

David Davis said...


What drives your negativity? If you are so unhappy with the team...........

arlanbart said...

BuLLdawg, we will sign 28+- in this class. Not 19.

Anonymous said...

What's the status of Lemay. If he's still solid to GA and planning to early enroll then he should be on campus in about 3.5 weeks, correct?

You figure there would be lots of news available for these mid year commits.

Anonymous said...

BuLLdawg can't count and his bowl picks suck.

Logan said...

Any word as to why Crowell backed out of his official this past weekend? Rumor is something about a party of his friend's being more important. Curious if I'm the only one to have heard this.

meansonny said...

Toby Jackson (former UGA commit/now JuCo at Hargrove) just committed to UCF.

I'm guessing he doesn't fit the 3-4 anymore. Regardless, he could be an NFL draft prospect in a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

arlanbart said...
BuLLdawg, we will sign 28+- in this class. Not 19.

December 14, 2010 8:20 PM



I will take that bet. I say 19 if we lose only 2 players to the NFL as you also say.

You say 28+-

By the way, you MAKE THAT UP with no URL Link to ANY 1 saying that, except for just only you.

In other words, you MADE THAT UP.

And, have -0- proof of such a number.

allhailuga said...

we're going to sign 28 maybe 29.

3-4 will be early enrollies who apply to last years class.

its going to be uga's greatest recruiting class ever.

Anonymous said...

BuLLdawg we know you are a fan of another team acting like a delusional Georgia fan. Your act isn't funny and it's become tiresome with your attacks on Seth. Quit wasting bandwidth, go to bed and obey your parents.

Anonymous said...

I am new to this blog. Good recruiting article.

My question is to all the posters here.

Who are the most respected posters at this blog? Just wondering. Every place I go to tends to have a few guys who everyone values the opinion of a little more.

Anonymous said...

"Tank" Carradine has signed with FSU. He was pretty much a FSU lean from the start but we made a good push for him late in the game.

Anonymous said...

Having an occasional home-and-home with FSU and winning might be just what we need to get back on top of recruiting. Any thoughts?

Willb said...

With all these comments I think it should give an idea of how important recruiting is to the readers of this blog.

I would like to see a lot more articles like this. This could be the most important recruiting class for Richt. Imagine if we get Drew, Crowell, Rome, and Jenkins! Three of those are already looking like they are leaning torwards Ga.

Who are all the players that played this year as true freshman and lost there redshirt?

Out of all those big time recruits only Jenkins might start from the beginning. I wonder if we would move Tyson to DE? Him and Abry would make for some pretty good de's.

I think Crowell would contribute and eventually start maybe in his freshman year but I don't know if he starts from the beginning. With Richt valuing blocking over almost everything I just don't know if he would start a true freshman from the beginning.

Rome would definately not start. He might even redshirt. We will have Charles, White, Figgins, and Lynch at te next year. I doubt there is another team in the nation with that kind of depth at te!

Then you have Drew who plays a position that we have lots of talent at. Inside and Outside Linebacker are both positions of strengh. He would not play de at Ga. He's too good not to play but I don't think he will start next year. At least not from the beginning. At outside we have Jarvis Jones as one starter. Then I think Washington will start at least at the beginning of next year. Maybe Washington isnt going to be the player I thought but I would like to see him get one more chance. Drew could overtake Washington eventually though if Washington continues to underperform. At inside I think Robinson and Dowtin will be the starters. With Samuel being a dark horse.

I see great things from our defense next year!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Seth, keep the recruit info coming

Anonymous said...

willb you probably right about not starting crowell because of blocking.he hasn't put an o-line that could block in 10 years but let a back not be able to block can't use him.if he pulled that crap they should fire him the first game!!!!WE NEED A RUNNING GAME_NO EXCUSES

Anonymous said...

Agreed w/ the others here. Keep the recruiting news coming.