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Friday, December 31, 2010

First half blog

End of half, tied at 3

Well, turns out Aaron Murray had at least one more interception in him. I guess the wind, and that glove, is having an effect after all.

This time UCF was able to capitalize, at least with a game-tying field goal. Georgia's defense was able to hold at the 5, but it got some help from a curious decision by UCF to spike it on first down from the 5: The Knights had two timeouts left, and didn't end up using either of them.

I hope that half was as invigorating for those of you watching at home as it was for us watching in person.

2:45 left in first half, Georgia leads 3-0

It was about to get a bit embarrassing for Georgia there, but Brandon Boykin stepped in. Well, him and the UCF offensive coordinator, who for some reason felt a lob pass into the end zone was a good idea. It wasn't.

Boykin easily picked off the pass, snuffing out a UCF scoring drive that had reached inside the Georgia 5-yard line.

It was a good thing for the Bulldogs that the Knights elected to go to the pass there. Georgia's run defense is back to its South Carolina-game levels. Except I'm pretty sure Latavious Murray, bless his heart, isn't at the level of Marcus Lattimore. But he was gashing the Bulldog defense.

7:49 left in first half, Georgia still leads 3-0

Aaron Murray started this game really well, with six completions, but now ... uhhhh ...

Murray was picked off on third down just now, snuffing out Georgia's second drive into UCF territory. It was his first interception since the Florida game. Murray had faltered on a few other passes before that too.

Georgia's also having trouble getting a consistent run game going. UCF may not be much on offense - it's all-league quarterback has looked overmatched so far - but its defense has stiffed up since the opening drive.

12:15 left in second quarter, Georgia still leads 3-0

It's been a conservative start for Georgia, and not just with the field goal-over-going for it decision. The Bulldogs just punted, after a drive that reached midfield but stalled after a first-down sack.

That sack, on a play-action against a UCF blitzing back, actually appeared to be one of the more adventuresome play calls by the Bulldogs. Otherwise, it's been a lot of short to mid-range passes. They also tried the one downfield bomb to A.J. Green, but it was incomplete.

Just kind of a slow, boring game so far, to be quite honest. For a bowl game, neither team is doing much risky.

2:02 left in first quarter, Georgia takes 3-0 lead

Hmmm. I guess Mark Richt really wants to get that winning record. Rather than go for it on fourth-and-inches from the 3, he sent out Blair Walsh for the chip-shot field goal.

In any case, it was a good opening drive for the Bulldogs, blending the run and pass, very methodical. Mike Bobo called high-percentage passes for Aaron Murray, now known as The Gloved One, at least for the rest of the time he wears gloves. Tavarres King also had a fantastic one-handed catch, doing a good impression of his road roommate, A.J. Green.

My early impression, and feel free to remind me later if I turn out to be completely wrong, is that Georgia is just way too talented, and way too big, for Central Florida. I thought coming in that UGA should get a convincing win, and the first 13 minutes haven't done anything to change that.

11:15 left in first quarter, no score

Special teams is an early factor in this one, and not in Georgia's favor: It took a holding penalty to wipe out a 99-yard kick return touchdown by UCF to open the game. Then a fortuitous bounce allowed the Knights to down a punt at the Georgia 2.

The Georgia defense didn't look so hot to start the game, but it tightened up after a few first downs. It helped that the Knights turned to the pass, and 5-foot-11 quarterback Jeff Godfrey had trouble getting the ball over the UGA line and close to any receivers.

By the way, the rain has continued to hold off, but the wind is a factor. It looks to be about 20-30 mph, on average. I also wonder whether the lack of a big crowd - the 62,000-seat capacity stadium is about half-full - will contribute to the energy.


Anonymous said...

Any reason why Blair Walsh isn't kicking off?

stuart holmes said...

he cant kick it through the end zone like bogatay can. Did you watch the return for 99 yards?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else see #38 from UCF cock and shoot Murray with his air shotgun after the sack? Id say that would be a little better place to call a penalty vs. the 1 second salute that cost a team the game.

Anonymous said...

I guess it is not taunting to pretend to shoot the QB after a sack, but saluting the crowd is. WTF!

Anonymous said...

Mark Richt is a wuss. settling for 3 on a fourth and inches. Letting the clock run out with two t/o left in the half. He will never win us a NC! Pathetic!

Anonymous said...'re boy is sucking!

Bryan said...

I can't believe I retained consciousness during the whole first half. Let's see if I have another miracle in me....

Rick said...

@Anon 5:11

It's "Your".

YOUR education is sucking!

Anonymous said...

Zounds. Really flat UGA team and a inability to execute when it counts vs. a motivated program = epic fail.