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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Florida has its man ... a Georgia man

So lemme get this straight: In the past few months, Georgia has hired as its athletics director someone who spent the previous 18 years at Florida, and Florida has hired a Georgia alum as its head football coach.

Some bitter rivalry there, people. C'mon, you think Alabama and Auburn would do that?

(OK, Greg McGarity may have worked all that time in Gainesville but he was born and raised in Athens, and Will Muschamp lived in Gainesville as a kid. But still ...)

Suffice to say, I was as caught by surprise by this as anyone. The speed of the hire and the, well, hire. So I guess this means Muschamp won't eventually be replacing Mark Richt.

And if you're a Florida fan, think of the developments of the past few days: On Wednesday morning, you're head coach was Urban Meyer, and now you wake up on Sunday morning and it's Will Muschamp.

So all kidding and deep thoughts aside, how do you all feel about this? Conflicted because the new Gators coach is a former Bulldog player? Is it a good hire for the Gators?


Army Dawg said...

I'm not conflicted because the new head coach is an old Georgia player. I hate Florida today just as much as I did yesterday.
On the flip side I feel much better going against Florida in the future with an unproven head coach. WM may be a great head coach, he may be a flop but we're about to find out while he learns on the job at one of the best coaching opportunities in the country. There were many other names out there that would have 'scared' me more.

Go Dawgs!

j.leonardjr said...

I am baffled by this hire and also how highly regarded he has been in his career to this point. Muschamp has never faired well trying to stop Georgia as DC.

It seems UF really rushed into this decision. Maybe he will be a good hire but at this point I feel like UGA killed two birds with one stone. UF made a risky hire and UGA won't have Muschamp as its next coach if Richt is no longer around in Athens anytime soon.

Joe said...

1. Muschamp was never coming here anyway because mark richt isn't going anywhere. Not only has 3 years of downward movement been accepted by those who make the decision, richt will win just enough to remain average, continue to give us his rose colored glasses spin, and keep his job for years to come. All of a sudden mediocrity has become the acceptable end result in athens.

2. Muschamp has not been a dog for a long time, and I've never gotten the feeling that those roots ran very deep for him.

Anonymous said...

Welp it seems that Florida is going to win another national championship in a year or two.... and thats coming from a die hard bulldog... Im starting to feel that Florida just has better leadership up at the top... if Mcgarity wants to prove himself he will fire Richt next season after an 8-4 or 9-3 season and bring in a big name... just crazy bc you cant bring in much better than Muschamp

SSB Charley said...

I can live with this hire. Despite Anonymous's comment, WM has been lit up the last three times Georgia played one of this defenses. His defense gave up 30 or more points four times this season, including 39 to Kansas State.

I love this "UT had him as the coach in waiting, so he must be uber-fantastic" reasoning, or the "Jeremy Foley wants him, so he must be great" thought process. Holy cats, UT football was a turd sandwich for the better part of two decades, and Jeremy Foley has also wanted such coaching luminaries as Carolyn Peck, Anthony Grant and Ron Zook. He may be the next Bob Stoops. But he might also be the next Carl Torbush. I'm not losing sleep over this hire, and if Georgia did have an opening, I would have hoped that Muschamp would only be near the top of the list if we had already asked seven other people to take the job first and they all said no.

Anonymous said...

Yeah color me unimpressed. I'm with ArmyDawg- there are other names that would have scared me a lot more. The fact that he's a Georgia guy doesn't bother me at all. It'll just make beating them that much sweeter. If Richt needs to be replaced next year, I would hope that Muschamp's name would have been more around the bottom of the list. And as j.leonardjr pointed out- it really does feel like this was a rushed decision. The next few years are going to be interesting.

Andy Coleman said...

I'm just glad it wasn't Leach or Petrino! We've done mostly well against Muschamp's defenses.

Anonymous said...

As far as former dogs go, I'm happy it's Muschamp and not Kirby Smart.

LADAWG said...


ChrisDawg said...

This hire does not worry me at all. Muschamp could be an ok head coach but he is not an Urban Meyer in my opinion. He will not step right in and be great like Meyer. I would of been more worried if they hired a great offensive coach.

Chip Kelly, Leach, Malzhan, Petrino....

Muschamp seems more like a fit for head coach at UGA not Fla.

I think Fla made too quick of a hire because of recruiting and might regret this decision. Muschamp just doesn't seem right at Fla. I was expecing someone like Chris Peterson.

Doug said...

I like the hire. I was worried they would hire a guy who knew how to take all those athletes they have and put points on the board. Petrino would be scary at UF for example.

How good they will be probably will hinge on who the OC is. A lot of the fans have a woody for Kerwin Bell, but the rumor is Major Applewhite.

Bill Temple said...

I'm still bitter about Muschamp knocking out our quarterback on the first play of our inter-fraternity pledge game in so the fact that he is coaching at Florida is fine with me. Payback is hell. Suck-it Muschamp!

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that Florida blinked. They are arguably the top coaching job in the country and could have had their pick. To take an unprove young coach is a reach. Maybe he is great, but the chance he is average or below is just as great. Only time will tell and Florida did not need to do this. However I am glad they did and he is a Georgia guy to boot.

ChrisDawg said...

With all that will happen between this season and next it is starting to look real good for the Dawgs in the SEC.

Boise St: losing most of there team to graduation. Players and coaches know how important this game is.I think we win.

South Carolina: best team we will play but it will be in Ga and we will not lose two in a row to Ga

Miss St: shouldn't of lost to them last year and now the games at Ga. Also they could lose there great coach to a better job

Vanderbilt: they sucked and now don't have a coach

Tennessee: they sucked and don't look to be any better. Athough there new QB Bray might be a top three QB in the SEC next year. Still a win for us.

Fla: they have nobody at QB and the great mind of Meyer that willed his crappy offense to a win against us is gone.

Auburn: Newton will be gone. Nuff said. They suck without Newton. Game will be in Ga. Also they might lose Galzhan.

Ole Miss: they suck and lose there QB.

Kentucky: lose there starting QB and maybe more. We handled them with Hartline and Cobb I'm sure we will do well without them.

Other SEC teams we don't play lose there qb's. Mallet, McElroy will be gone.

Murray will be best QB in the SEC next year. Garcia is the only good QB returning and I would take Murray over him any day.

In every SEC game we play we will have the better QB, kicker, and punter. Kicking and punting is more important than most give credit for.

I say we lose two games at most all of next season. We will lose Houston and Green but Murray returns and will be better and that is much more important than anything. Our offense might score less points but will be more consistent and control time of possession better with a better running game. Our defense will be a top two or three SEC defense next year.

Hows that for an extremely positive post???

Todd said...

I'm puzzled by the fact that Florida made such a fast decision to get "only" a defensive coordinator with no head coaching experience, when they could have gotten pretty much anyone they wanted. I'm also puzzled that they only interviewed one person, if that's true.

Good hire? Only time will tell.

UGA69Dawg said...

Let's say for a moment that Urban blindsided Foley again this year. Foley had to replace a living legend once and it was so so. Now he has the same problem but less time to react, if he wants to salvage recruiting for this year. He looks around and wow everybody he might want is busy with bowl games and might not be available until after the games. But wait there is one high profile HC in waiting at a major school that is not too busy to leave quickly. Hellooooo Will how soon can you get here, tomorrow great. Sometimes it's the simple answers that are right. Now Will might end up being the best coach money can buy or he might be Ron Zook 2.0.

He is a Saban disciple so his O will not be wide open, unless he has had enough of the defense wins games Saban. If he takes Applewhite I see a pro style running team. His style if it wins will still drive half his fan base crazy because there will be no flying circus. His D will be 3-4 and if he can get Kirby as his DC we will be able to call BS on Kirby for that lateral move thing.

UF is in for a cultural change Will will Boom MF the Gayturds but sometimes the HC has to be under control, a DC not so much.

Bizzaroneck said...

Muschamp is dead to me.

Anonymous said...

If you think UF will win a national championship in a year or two you need to put down the bottle or whatever else you're into. Never been a head coach, defenses aren't that good, and OBVIOUSLY his blood NEVER ran red and black!!! This will make it even sweeter when we are beating them the next 3 years at least!!

Anonymous said...

And the sad thing is, regardless of how "good" Muschamp will be in comparison to Spurrier, Meyer, or Zook - we could never beat any of them on a consistent basis.

Whose to say that changes now?

Anonymous said...

Scratch Muschamp off the list. Miami's top choices are Golden, Edsall and a Canadiian League football coach. If Georgia dumps Richt that will be our list. Demand improvement but be realistic what your options are Georgia fans.

Anonymous said...

he's dead to me

Willb said...

I think Fla made a decision based more on recruiting this year than off who they thought was the best coach for Fla.

They could of waited a few weeks and got a better fit for Fla. Fla is just about the best coaching job in college football. Chris Peterson, Gus Malzhan...... They could of gotten anybody they wanted in my opinion.

I will be more interested to see what they do with the coordinator positions. Imagine if they pull in Smart, or Malzhan. They could go for Greg Davis and have basically the whole Texas coaching staff from the last few years. I also wonder what Texas is going to do with there coordinator positions. They have more money to offer than anybody.

Will Muschamp just seems like a better fit for a school like Ga to me. He is a pro style coach.

On another subject t's weird to me to think that Richt is the longest tenured coach in the SEC. With all these coaching changes every year I'm glad that we have stuck with Richt. I believe it will pay off in the end. Regardless of who was ranked number one to end the season and win a national championship Richt in my opinion has twice had the best team in the nation at the end of the season. I can say with confidence that the 02 and 07 Dawgs were the best in the nation and would of beaten anybody in a national championship game.

Some people say that Richt hasn't won the big one, I say the system doesn't always give you the best teams at the end of the season. Ten seasons and two teams that were the best in the nation at the end of the year in my opinion is not bad.

OldDawg55 said...

Yeah, yeah...Muschamp is dead to some of you guys, ha, you'd wet your pants if you could have gotten him as DC! What a bunch of wimps! Good hire, Foley...take a chance on a damn good coach...doesn't matter if he went to Georgia or Slippery Rock...he may have liked to have been at Georgia but life moves does coaching jobs. He'll go after coordinators who are compatible with him and his philosophy. The whold downside to this is recruiting..we've lost the opportunity to raid the recruits of Florida and those who were undecided about the Gators will see a dynamic incoming coach who will sell them on the Gators. CMR had better get his act together and land some biggies or our future will be cloudy..especially against the Gators. Well done, Foley and welcome back to the SEC, Will Muschamp..we might as well get used to high profile coaches now because that's all that's coming to the SEC..yeah, I know, Vandy is an exception but you never know.

j.leonardjr said...

Bill Temple,

Tate says your QB getting blown up by Muschamp in the fraternity game was your fault for not picking up the blitz and that you would never play RB under Richt because you can't pass block.

92 Dawg said...

I don't know why everyone has been salivating over Muschamp, and even suggesting him as a replacement for Richt. Personally, I'm glad we DON'T have him coming to UGA. We've done the mid thirty year old, good ole boy, everybody likes him, UGA football star as head coach in back in '89, and we know how that unexperienced deal turned out don't we? What has he done to make everyone think he's such a great candidate... I think that him leaving UT was probably a great timed exit, because he may have been getting the boot very soon anyway. Congratulations Florida... i'm glad you didn't bring in Dan Mullen!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but when did grammar get so bad on here? It is incredibly frustrating to read "there" when you mean "their", "whose" when you mean "who's", and several other common mistakes. Seriously, I feel like I am reading the AJC and cannot buy your opinions if I do not think your education came from UGA.

ChrisDawg said...

Looks like Malzhan is going to be the head coach at Vanderbilt.

I really don't know why he is doing this. Vanderbilt??? I'm sure he could do better. He really must want a head coaching job.

He has been great every where he has been but I think he is pushing his luck with this one. He's not that good.

Muckbeast said...

So far the coaching merry-go-round is working out nicely for GA.

Urban Meyer out.

Malzhan to Vanderbilt.

Florida badly rushes into a hire of Muschamp. Sure, he might end up being awesome, but there are probably some genius HS coaches out there that you could get lucky on also. This is a rushed, panicked hire that doesn't scare me as much as Chip Kelly, Bobby Petrino, Leach, Peterson, or Patterson.

Anonymous said...

I think two most important factors of the hire are:

1. Florida had to hire someone with ZERO ties to Urban Meyer. If they hired someone that worked with Meyer before (Strong, Mullen) that leaves an opening, albeit a small one, for him to return in some capacity. I think Foley wanted no part of the Meyer coaching tree, and acted accordingly.
2. I'm not sure how prepared Urban Meyer was for a head-coaching lifestyle at a perennial power like Florida. Even after winning 2 national championships, you still must recruit and coach like your job is on the line every year. Your seat is hot every year, whether the fans/media say it is or not. Coaching in the SEC like coaching in the NFL. The job literally can consume you. Foley probably wanted someone that has experience in that kind of climate, which Muschamp clearly does. Florida was Meyer's first coaching venture at a school of Florida's demands and expectations.

BuLLdawg said...

Jeremy Foley is not a good Athletics Director for hiring football coaches. He has proven that.

Florida does win their bowl game. They are # 41 in the Final BCS Rankings, so they are not making into the Top 25 with the win.

Other Bowl Game Predictions, seeing as how NO ONE AROUND HERE has any guts to put up ANYTHING but personal flames, and never says what is going to happen, except that Georgia will beat Florida



7-3 SEC in Bowl Games
6-2 Big XII
4-4 ACC
3-1 MAC
3-2 CUSA
2-2 MWC
1-2 WAC
0-5 PAC-10

King Jericho said...


For once I agree with you. I think you're spot on with the bowl predictions and the assessment of Foley. He got lucky with Urban, but without McGarity there, he choked big time on this hire. Keep up the good work.

ChrisDawg said...

So Bulldawg you don't agree with anything at any program? That's good to know. You are possibly negative about every single thing on this planet.

I thought it was just the Dawgs.

You realize nobody will ever take you seriously because nothing you ever say is positive! Nobody can think everything is negative! For once say something positive!

ChrisDawg said...

Btw Jay Rome's dad said that his son is probably going to UGA if things stay the same as they have been.

Rome says his relationship with Lilly is his best of all the recruiters.

Looks like one of the big three might be a lock but you never know.

Anonymous said...

BuLLdawg nobody cares about conference bowl records. You think you're so smart give us individual picks so we can laugh at you later but I doubt you have the stones to do that.

BuLLdawg said...


You know no one will ever take you seriously, coming in here on a 20-Loss Record the last 5 years, 4-Loss Season on the Average the last 5 years

BRAGGING on how damn great we are.




Go ahead hiding behind your keyboard, put up your picks by game.

I pick Georgia tek to lose.

I picked EVERY Pac-10 team to lose.

I picked Georgia to win.

BuLLdawg said...

Fascinating, 2 days in a row, Aaron Murray provides the QUOTE of the Day :

"We’re ready to work hard and change the culture around here a little bit.”

Murray was asked what he meant by changing the culture.

“We just wanna win. It’s not good enough to go 8-5, and hopefully 7-6 this year," he said.

Interesting. I am quite certain that it is just fine that Aaron Murray is NOT SATISFIED with 8-5 & 7-6.

Quite fine that he says :


Ok for him to say :


Anonymous said...

^ Hates college football^

Anonymous said...

Smart, Muschamp and any other ex-player or any recruit for any sport from Georgia that goes out of state to play or coach should never be allowed to return to Georgia. When they die from a slow miserable painful death, they have to be buried in whatever hell hole they went to and not back in our red clay that they have turned their backs on. Am I too harsh?

Anonymous said...

Bulldawg you are badly underestimating the pac-10. I'm not sure you've ever watched their teams play if you honestly think they'll go 0 and 5

Bic Dawg said...


Anonymous said...

Boy its comical how some Richt apologist here are now against Muschamp since he is now the coach at Florida. Now these fans are attacking Foley while just a few months ago praising McGarity who worked under Foley and were saying it was a great hire. Looks like Foley is smart like a fox. I mean his sports program owns UGA but some fans are just in denial.

Joeski said...

Well, honestly, I'm put in mind of the adage: "You don't want to follow the legend, you want to be the man who follows the man who followed the legend." Not necessarily that Meyer is a legend, but 2 NC's and competing for the SEC championship in another is a pretty high standard to meet.

Add to that the challenges that a first-time head coach faces just growing into the job, I think Muschamp will have a challenging first few years in Gainesville, and who knows if the notoriously fickle Gator Nation will give him enough time to get his feet under him. Heck, somebody already registered ''

Anonymous said...

Well one thing is for certain which is no matter who is coaching at Florida they still have our (UGA'S) number . Also UGA hasnt even sniffed a NC for 30 years now.

Anonymous said...

Well one thing is for certain which is no matter who is coaching at Florida they still have our (UGA'S) number . Also UGA hasnt even sniffed a NC for 30 years now.

John L said...

Will Muschamp on Sportscenter when asked about replacing one of the most successful college coaches over the last 10 years: "Oh, I embrace it. Urban Meyer did a phenomenal job at Georgia... ugh, I mean at Florida"... hmmmm