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Friday, December 31, 2010

From the locker room

MEMPHIS - I was on the field in the waning moments of the Liberty Bowl, and was struck by two things: The stunned, helpless frustration of the Georgia sideline, and the invective - not much, but notable - being hurled by a few fans at their Bulldog team.

No cursing, but when they're calling for Hutson Mason on the final drive, you know it's been that kind of game.

Afterwards, Blair Walsh probably had the kind of words that those fans would most appreciate.

“It’s embarrassing to be part of a losing season, it absolutely is," he said. "My three years haven’t been what I wanted them to be, success and the team-wise. And we’ll change that. The culture of our program is changing, and I think the players are changing as well. We’ve got a new regime of seniors in and we’ll go from there.”

More Walsh:

“Our attitude needs to change. We’re not entitled to win any games. Even though it was UCF, it was Conference USA, I think we felt like we were entitled to win this game. We can’t feel that way. They’re a great team, they absolutely are. But we need to play better and win. At the end of the day you’re playing football, you’re not playing conference, and which conference is better.”

Walsh mentioned that sense of entitlement a few times, including in a tweet he sent a few minutes later. Did the Bulldogs have a false sent of superiority over Central Florida just because of the difference in conferences? Who knows, but after Friday's game, UCF may be a bit more attractive to the Big East, and the SEC may be ready to give Georgia a big kick in the you-know-what for not representing the league well on national television.

A few more quotes:

- Richt was asked if he regretted kicking the field goal on the opening drive, rather than going for it on fourth-and-inches from the 3.

“Well if I’d known what the final score was, yeah. But I think it was the right thing to do at the time,” he said. “I think a couple players were upset that I didn’t go for it at that time. But I was like, if you wanna make it, make it on third-and-one, don’t tell me you wanna go for it on fourth-and-one.”

- Aaron Murray wasn't available to talk to the media. But Richt said the glove-wearing was because the quarterback had thrown in them under wet conditions in practice, and just felt comfortable doing so on Friday.

"I don’t think that was a factor (in Murray's performance)," Richt said. "It was more windy than it was wet. But I don’t think the wind was a factor. I think he just misfired, and probably tried to force it a couple times.”

- A.J. Green reiterated that he hasn't made a decision on the NFL, and said he wouldn't for at least a couple days.

But Walsh, who has also submitted his name to the NFL draft advisory committee, said he's coming back.

- Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo gave credit to Central Florida for mixing up its blitzes, and said Georgia didn't do a good enough job on third down.

"We've gotta go back and re-dedicate ourselves to doing what it takes, and that includes every single man, every single coach, everybody in the Butts-Mehre to do what it takes to be a championship team," Bobo said.


defactodawg said...

It’s time for Richt to move on and save us from another season of misery. Being blown out by Boise State on national TV will be the death knell for this program.

If I am Greg McGarity, I’m on a plane to Pasadena with a blank check for Gary Patterson. Blow out all of the good ‘ol boys and start anew.

UGA69Dawg said...

Mark Richt does not get it. He is in denial and has no frame of reference. He has never been associated as a coach with a losing team, not at FSU and not at UGA. It's like watching a pilot that has never been in a steep dive trying to figure out how to pull out before it's too late. It's too late Mark, bail out and save us from more years of bottom feeding.

Anonymous said...

Coach Richt will turn the program around. Let's not pull a TN here. Also consider how many coaches Alabama hired and fired between Coach Bryant and Coach Saban. Coach Richt has the 4th highest winning percentage of active coaches. Since Coach Richt came to UGA and won two conference championships, Dick Saban has had four jobs. Let' s keep things in perspective, and not get crazy folks.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:09, you're a fucking idiot! Does the name Gene Stallings mean anything to you? "Dick" Saban, in his four stints at Mich St, LSU, Miami and Ala has two titles and should get credit for three (left LSU loaded). Our bitch of a coach and his staff are spineless, lack fortitude and vision. Sink this ship - time to start over!

Anonymous said...

Lack of attitude....changes year will be different....

Same shit comments, different season.

Anonymous said...

So obvious that it is time for Richt to go. Program is in serious need of a culture change.

Anonymous said...

Next year is going to suck so bad. We'll be losing two of our only three real weapons. Our coaches seem to be depending on a yet uncommitted class of true freshmen to turn things around. I'll always be a Dawg fan, but I don't know if I can take the pain from an emotional investment in next year's season. It is going to be sooooo bad. Boise State will absolutely embarass us.

Anonymous said...

To those who insist Richt will turn us around:

Why do you think that? What has he done since 2005 to make you think he can pivot? (In 2007, we just had an extremely talented team that got hot).

Richt fired CMR a year late. He kept his S&C coach 2 years too long. It's like it's just now dawning on him that the SEC is leaving us behind.

I hope he fixes it, but I've seen nothing to make me think he will.

The team we put on the field next year is going to be awful folks. No AJ...No Houston...No Dent...No Durham...No Boling. Awful.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...I mean that Richt fired CWM a year too late.

Anonymous said...

On the plus side, we'll have a good kicker next year. His one kickoff per game will be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Booooooooo! booooooooo!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the Aaron Murray "lost year" is finally over.

Another loss, another 2 interceptions (should have been 5 without the drops), another fumble from Murray. And no offense points. And another loss against a team with a winning record.

Never fear, Lemay or Hutson will go 10-3. Ealey will run wild. Defense looked better.

Anonymous said...

We've gotta go back and re-dedicate ourselves to doing what it takes, and that includes every single man, every single coach, everybody in the Butts-Mehre to do what it takes to be a championship team," Bobo said.

Yup ole Bobo has that same worn out BS - time for him to pack his 15 kids and hit the road. He is in so far over his head it makes me dizzy.

OldDawg55 said...

I have a better suggestion: You faint hearted wannabees who tag onto glory and quickly jump off hard times, hit the road!! You couldn't coach or play on a middle school team but can pontificate on how to run an SEC football team. You make me sick with your whining and bitching. Shove it up your backsides and leave the Dawgs to the faithful. We're with you CMR..we know you'll right the ship and show us Georgia glory again. S*** we've had reality kick us in the teeth and we're gonna turn it all around. We don't want you naysayers around to junmp on the's only for the Dawg nation.

Rick said...

Old Dawg, I appreciate your loyalty...but you are senile and naive. When is enough enough old man? What good did you take from today? It is time for change...whether you, Prez Adams or "the board" like it. Change is sometimes good you old geezer!

Anonymous said...

Olddawg -

So, if you had your way...we'd still have Johnny Griffin...Ray Goff...Jim Donnan???

Muckbeast said...

OldDawg... wow.

This is now 5 disappointing seasons in a row. And yes, even 2007, because it was laying an egg against SC and Tenn that resulted in us not playing for either the SEC or National titles.

How can you "know" CMR will right the ship any better than someone who would claim to "know" he cannot.

You aren't just clueless, blind, and naive, but also a hypocrite.

Willb said...

The problem with most of you guys who are posting all of this negative crap is that it comes off as though you want Ga to fail. It's like you want games like tonight to happen so you can throw out more of your crap. You all post stats and records that show why your own team sucks? Really? I can understand having issues with things and voicing your opinions but I will never no matter how bad it ever gets at Ga turn into one of you guys! I guess that makes me naive and ignorant though right?

Not a single one of you seems reasonable or do any of you post any constructive criticism. "Richt sucks, bobo sucks....". Do you guys really think it's that simple? I assure you that nobody that is in charge of making such moves as the ones you guys want made look at things in such a simple manner as you guys do.

Yet this is the Internet and this is how people talk on the Internet..... I'm sure some of these recruits we are trying to get are on the net and reading this kind of crap and many of them probably view our fan base as not very devoted. Come to Ga have a bad game and all the fans will bail on you and all the coaches.

Anonymous said...

Wow..... These Mark Richt apologist never cease to amaze me. They hate facts and true criticism and love to use the new pop culture buzz word "haters". Guess what its time for some old skool football because this new skool crap aint workin.... the culture at UGA needs some big time changes

Anonymous said...

Central Florida is bad as losing to Vandy. The UGA program is an embarrassment to the SEC.South Carolina has even surpassed UGA which aint saying too much because they did their usual meltdown today. Pathetic. IM tired of the excuses and some of our blind homer fan base. Mark Richt must go !

Anonymous said...

Willb .... You are an idiot. one bad game? You are as stupid as Forrest Gump. You need to pull for a team like South Carolina dude. Some of us fans expect and demand better from this program which has been pathetic the last 5 frickin years going on 6. Fans like you dont like change and are so afraid and never winners. Fans like you need to go pull for a local pop warner football team when the score eally doesnt matter. Please stay out of Big Time College football Please !

cjack said...

There is no doubt that today was one of the lowest of the Bulldog era as I have known it. However as Blair Walsh said its time for a change. I am not calling for Richt's head Im calling for a complete overhaul of the UGA athletics atmosphere. It starts with the top with Adams and Mcgarity and goes all the way down to you and I - the Bulldog Nation.

I was able to witness the Auburn loss in person and was also asle to witness the celebration that ensued afterward.I thought to myself as I walked to the car, "Michael Adams would have a cow if he saws this right now." The site I was refrencing was Toomers Corner and the massive amounts of toilet paper that were strowed all over the streets. Auburn factors into their budget the cleanup of this weekly mess while Georgia did away with it because it was causing too much destruction. You cant win without a winning atmosphere. In the recent past I can guarntee we havent had that.

When it comes to coaching we have to continue to develop and change our ways. I was proud of the way the defense played today. It was the agressive, junk yard dawg style that I like to see. On offense I was unable to see any type of game plan attempting to be executed. The players have to work and execute above and beyond and mainly play with heart. Heart is the most important.
As for us - the bulldog nation - we have to support this team. United we stand, divided we fall. We are not going anywhere but down unless we are together. Its still great to be a Bulldog - I wouldnt wanna be anything else.

KTM said...


I don't want to be like Auburn. Auburn's program is run like Boss Hawg ran Hazaard County back in the day. I am proud to be a Georgia Bulldog. I like the football program, and I would rather they won than lost. But I do not want to sacrifice our standing in the world for a childish game.

Anonymous said...

Our Defense didnt plyt against a quality SEC opponent so stop the defense played good. We suck in all areas people ! wake up please because this program is nothing but fools gold !

Anonymous said...

cjack is just another blind homer and this is part of the priblem at UGA. I wish fans like these would go pull for Gamecocks.

Cjack said...

Ktm you missed the point of what I was saying. I have no desire to be like auburn either. I was simply saying to win championships you have to foster a certain atmosphere around the program. When you win allow celebration and excitement. Dont punish fans for coming and supprting or complain about llate kickoffs. Championship caliber teams don't play the majority of their games at noon. I want to win the Georgia way I just feel the culture of the way the athletic department is run needs to change

Anonymous said...

Cjack.... Mark Richt must go pal deal with it and quit blaming the fans !

John Hester said...

We are the Iowa of the SEC. Y'all talk like the '02-'05 run is where the program "should" be. Newsflash, if a running back from Wrightsville had decided to go elsewhere 30 years ago, being a Bulldog would be less prestigious than being a Jacket.

We're right about where we belong - mediocre. Unlikely we get out of mediocre for another ten years or so. Sure will be cool to see some NFL talent come through Athens again next year, just a shame it will be dressed in the visitor's jerseys...

Anonymous said...

This is crap. UGA has given these coaches plenty of money and resources to get the job done and they have failed miserably. Time for Big Changes indeed !

Anonymous said...

Just got back home from the game and many fans there were not happy with our performance including myself. The Boos were in the stadium tonight and the dawgs didndt seem to have that sense of urgency in the game. Very disappointing on this teams performance and preparation. Ive been a strog supporter of CNR but its sad to say that the time is near to look at other options for our program. GO DAWGS !

Anonymous said...

Go to hell, Willb.

Anonymous said...

I like what Blair said but blah f-ing blah...heard it all last year. I'm willing to give Richt 1 more year, if they are not in the SEC Champ game he's gone! Period

meat said...

I don't really care what the kicker has to say under any circumstance. His job never changes. Get it through the uprights whether the teams sucks or is championship contender. He is in no position to speak for the other 84. Write an article when Christian Robinson or Orson says something similar.

Muckbeast said...

> willb:
> You all post stats and records that
> show why your own team sucks? Really?

Yes. Because the apologists won't shut up so people try to make them face the facts. Sadly, they still stick their heads in the sand.

> willb:
> "Richt sucks, bobo sucks....". Do you
> guys really think it's that simple?

After 5 failed years in a row? Yes.

> willb:
> I'm sure some of these recruits we are trying
> to get are on the net and reading this kind
> of crap and many of them probably view our
> fan base as not very devoted.

Dropping turd after turd on the football field hurts recruiting a heckuva lot worse than comments on blogs.

> Dont punish fans for coming and supprting
> or complain about llate kickoffs.

Sorry, but no. Idiotic fans throwing their garbage all over the place for no good reason is unacceptable. That's not celebrating, that's just being a bunch of disgusting, inbred pigs.

John "Tech Fan" Hester:
> We're right about where we belong - mediocre.

You need to look further back in the history books at multiple national titles. Furthermore, as the 2nd most profitable athletic department in the country, that alone proves we should be great - not mediocre. But thanks for posting, Tech fan.

Anonymous said...

Im so sick of hearing about A.J. Green. To hell with A.J. Green... take your skinny little ass to the NFL and see hiw far you get. Im so disgusted with thus team and CMR.

Anonymous said...

Five (5) Years of Decline under Mark Richt since 2005 :

Worse than 4-Loss Season Average over the last 5 years.

21 Losses last 5 years.

1-13 vs SEC and never won a bowl game against anyone, ever.

But, they beat Mark Richt.

Conference USA.

Mark Richt over his last 5 years now, has a WORSE win percentage than Jim Donnan did in his 5 years at the helm here.

Before the game, for bad luck, Mark Richt rang the bell several times.

After the game, Mark Richt REFUSED to accept the runner-up trophy.

“We’ve got to make change,” Mark Richt said instead.

Aaron Murray ended the season with 21 sacks.

12 rushing attempts for Aaron Murray 4 yards to show for them, total.

Aaron Murray led his team to a LOSING RECORD as Starting Quarterback for UGA.

It was ugly.

He played against 5 teams who probably will end up in the Top 25 Final AP Poll. He lost all 5 and he lost, for good measure to 2 teams who cannot possibly end the season in the Top 25 Final AP Poll.

7 Losses.

Aaron Murray played against 8 teams in total this season who are cupcakes. He beat 6 powder-puff creampuff cupcakes.

Mark Richt ran his record to 17-24 for his 10 years against Top 25 Final AP Poll teams.

Mark Richt also ran his record to 3-9 for his 10 years vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams

Even more embarrassing than all of this, Mark Richt won the Fulmer Cup National Championship for the Most Arrested / Suspended Football Team in all of America.

3 MORE including notably Caleb Darnell King were SUSPENDED for the “bowl game” in front of 51,231 empty seats in Memphis Tennessee at a stadium which looks like a high school stadium, and not a good one at that. Going to the “bowl game” cost us more than we got for going to it, as I lobbied that we not play in a bowl game, that we beat no one and did not deserve to play in a bowl game. Further, it is my contention that we did the players more harm than good to allow this ragtag collection of misfit coaches Mark Richt has hired here to improperly coach these players for another 30 days. In addition, it put us behind other forward-moving programs by having to wait until tonight to even begin to admit that “We’ve got to make change.”

On offense, we beat no good team this season, lost 4 games with AJ Green and 3 without him.

As we have been doing the entire 10 years of the Mark Richt Era, his coaching staff – rated the dead last worst coaching staff in America all 10 years – Mark Richt did not beat the Top 10 actual teams he played this season, did not beat the Top 25 actual teams he played this season, and for good measure has averaged a loss to a not Top 25 cupcake every season of the 10 years as well.

10 years of the # 52 Total Offense, Mark Richt tried to lie about his offense this season, stating how great we were against CUPCAKES.

That is not the measure of The University of Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program.

If he thinks it is, he can MOVE ALONG.

# 11 All-Time in Wins

# 3 SEC All-Time in SEC Championships

We ran around there tonight against a nobody football team, looking like in game 13 that we did not know what we were doing.

We are worse in game 13 than we were in game 2.

Have you ever been to Memphis ?

Memphis for a “bowl game.”

Anonymous said...

10 years of Mark Richt and he has NEVER beat a Top 10 Final AP Poll team in ANY bowl game, EVER.

We are NOT on the national spotlight, on the national stage wining a big bowl game to end the season.

Instead, this bowl season, we hear Mark Richt, # 5 in his own conference in Win Percentage as Current Coach Current School and # 14 nationally over his 10 years, here, tell the Press that he is # 4.

He is NOT.

Tonight, we are 3 of 14 on 3rd Down Conversions, as we were ALL DAMN SEASON LONG.

Aaron Murray, in his ball hog fashion all season long, had 50 plays where he either ran the football or threw the football on this night.

He scored -0- points.

On the season, little Aaron Murray’s Losing Record as Starting Quarterback at Georgia, had rushing attempts for a grand total of 87 carries for a grand total of 2 yards per carry.

Not Accurate. Aaron Murray’s passes are not accurate. 10 of the 11 Starters on Offense returned this season. All but Aaron Murray. And, Aaron Murray was our best player on the team, offense, defense and special teams all season long. Again tonight, Aaron Murray was our best player. He played like crap; he scored -0- points, he hogged the ball and did NOTHING. He LOST. Again. It is what he does.


What cryptic statement is that Mark Richt ?

2 yards a carry.

He has 87 carries on the season.

Averaging 2 yards a carry.

LOST 7 games.

7 games as Starting Quarterback.

2 against cupcakes.

Beat 6 cupcakes.

Beat no one.

LOST to 2 cupcakes, in addition.

“Change” Mark Richt ?

Like what ?

What, pray freaking tell us all Mark Richt, are you going to “change ? “

A Season which should have seen us go 11-3 which would not have been acceptable, is 6-7.

This after our “re-building year last year 2009 of 7-5 regular season,” we go instead 6-6 this regular season beating no one again as we have done all 10 years of the Mark Richt Era and lost the bowl game to end with a LOSING SEASON.

God Almighty Mark Richt.

3 of 14 on 3rd Down vs Conference USA in Game 13 – Aaron Murray

# 52 NCAA Total Offense all 10 years of the Mark Richt Era.

# 74 in even getting a 1st Down this season – Aaron Murray

# 49 in Total Offense this season – Aaron Murray & Mike Bobo & Mark Richt

# 48 in 3rd Down Conversions this season – Aaron Murray

# 62 in being sacked – Aaron Murray

Do you think George O’Leary had any problems whatsoever in convincing his Conference USA team that they could beat this Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program nowadays ?

Do you really think he did ?

We lost to Colorado who ended the season 5-7 and fired their coach.

We lost to Florida who FIVE (5) other teams beat, but Mark Richt is only 2 wins in 10 years against Florida and even with all 5 other teams beating Florida, Mark Richt could not convince our players that we would beat Florida. Their coach, quit.

There is no spin you can put on it.

Mark Richt’s wife told him to be-prepared to make statements after the game that “change” must now happen, if we LOST.

Anonymous said...

17 suspensions in 1 year.

Hell yeah, change has to happen.

3 more for this latest game.

Another loss.

21 losses over these last 5 years of Decline.

Mark Richt does not know how to hire an Assistant Coach for his “coaching staff.”

Kansas State Lost 6 games playing SOS # 46 this season, but they beat UCF.

Southern Miss Lost 5 games playing SOS # 95 this season, but they beat UCF.

UCF is not a great football team, losing 3 games to the likes of this.

These teams beat UCF this season.

But NOT Mark Richt.

It IS what he does.

And, continues to do.

2 years in the 118-year History of Georgia Bulldogs’ Football, we have lost 7 games in a season.


Make that 3 times now.

7-Losses for the 3rd time in 118 years.

Congratulations Mark Richt, after 10 years here of hiring a sorry “coaching staff.”

53 years since Georgia Lost 7 games in a season.

53 years.

Your next job I am quite certain you will not hire your praying buddies, but actual coaches who actually played the position you want them to coach, who actually are experienced at winning at the position they are coaching.

You know Mark Richt ?

Someone as your assistant coaches who the recruits actually want to come play football from and learn from and not lose.

21 Losses in 5 years.

Jim Donnan did not lose 21 games over his 5 years here.

Mark Richt has LOST 2 more games the last 5 years than Jim Donnan lost in his 5 years here.

Mark Richt has a WORSE win percentage his last 5 years here than Jim Donnan had here in his 5 years here.

We fired Jim Donnan for losing 19 games in his 5 years here.

Ray Goff Lost 21 games from 1991 to 1995 five years. Mark Richt equaled that the last 5 years.

We fired Ray Goff after 1995 for losing 21 games his last 5 years here.

Vince Dooley lost 21 games total his last nine (9) years.

Mark Richt has accomplished 21 losses in the last five (5) years.

21 Losses Mark Richt last 5 years here

21 Losses Vince Dooley his last 9 years here

17 Losses Wally Butts 1941 to 1948 eight years here

Our Football Program under Mark Richt the last entire 5 years now, has fallen apart. It is broken. We win national championships nowadays in getting arrested/suspended. We don’t beat the good teams. We lose to a bad team too every year. 3-9 vs Top 10 and 10 more losses to not Top 10 in the final AP Poll all 10 years of the Mark Richt Era.

This latest senior class and latest quarterback are the worst football team since 1957 for Georgia.

53 years ago when we lost 7 football games all in 1 year.



Anonymous said...

Last Five (5) Years :

55-9 Ohio State
55-12 Florida
60-5 Boise State
54-10 TCU
53-15 Oklahoma
52-15 Virginia Tech
51-14 Southern California
50-15 LSU
50-15 Texas
49-15 Wisconsin
49-16 West Virginia
49-15 BYU
49-16 Utah
48-16 Oregon
48-18 Missouri
48-18 Alabama on the field
47-17 Penn State
46-18 Auburn
46-22 Hawaii
45-20 Cincinnati
45-21 Boston College
44-20 Texas Tech
44-21 Georgia Mark Richt last entire 5 years

Do you want to try to tell me he is the fourth (4th) best coach again please ?

# 23 in wins the last 5 years The Georgia Bulldogs.
All of these college football programs are better than we are these last 5 years now.

Kris Durham moped off the field tonight, crying his heart out. We owe these boys more than this, deserving as they are of a better coaching staff and deserving as they are of a disciplined coaching staff who actually have discipline over the players not the players over the coaching staff. We owe these boys more than this 44-21 over the last entire 5 years. We have not beat a Top 10 Final AP Poll team since 2006 when we beat # 9 Auburn; and, we Lost 4 games that year. We owe these boys more than this in this great state of Georgia which finds only 3 other states with more high school recruits who go on to play in the NFL; yet we simply cannot sign these players in-state especially on Offense. But, our Defense and our Special Teams have been poorly coached and poor personnel decisions have been rampant in this football program for 10 years now today.

And, it has caught up with us.

5 years of Decline of the Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program.

Most unfulfilling season of 7 Losses in over 50 Years for Georgia.

“Wins” this 6-Win season :

3-9 Louisiana Lafayette

6-7 Tennessee vols

6-7 Georgia tek

6-6 Kentucky played the # 91 Strength of Schedule

2-10 Vanderbilt

1-10 Idaho State

6 “Wins” over teams who in fact are 49 Losses 24 wins.

24-49 record of all the wins Mark Richt won all season long.


Lost more than twice as many games as they won, and that is all Mark Richt beat.

We also lost to 7-5 Florida and to 5-7 Colorado.

We played the # 45 Worst Strength of Schedule in the Nation this season, according to the NCAA SOS rankings, and we have a LOSING RECORD.

Damn it.

We lose to everyone. We beat no one. I am fed up with it.

Anonymous said...

We've gotta go back and re-dedicate
ourselves to doing what it takes, and
that includes every single man, every
single coach, everybody in the Butts-
Mehre to do what it takes to be a
championship team," Bobo said

LMFAO same old song and dance



Muckbeast said...

I hate to say it, but Richt has to go. It is painfully obvious that he has completely lost the team.

We should be able to beat UCF purely on talent, but our guys just didn't give a crap compared to UCF. That falls on the coach.

And Mike Bobo... lol... he should be coaching high school.

Johnny Moses said...

Good lord people. Yesterday was as bad as it gets for a dawg fan, but I don't think it's time to drop a bomb on the program. If we change coaches right now we're going to have another year of crap, maybe 2, possibly 3. After everything Richt has done for our program he deserves 1 more year to at least try and right this ship. If he doesn't win 10 or 11 games at the minimum next year than I say can him, but 1 6-7 year is not enough of a reason to can him. Sorry. Go ahead and flame away

BuLLdawg said...

1 year of 6-7 Johnny Moses ?

5 years of 21 losses.

That is what it is.

Next season, he loses 14 seniors from this team and the top juniors. His commitment list is lackluster and does not fill the holes this team has. He faced a schedule strength # 45 this season and has a losing record against it. He has beat 1 Top 10 Final AP Poll team the last 5 years, # 9 Auburn 2006 when he lost 4 games that season.

Next season, he does not have 8 games against cupcakes like he had this season.

He states clearly for all that Mike Bobo stays for running up stats against the 8 cupcakes we played this season, winning 6 of them.

The recruits in-state refuse to play here.

# 23 football program over the last 5 years

What is he going to do ?

Fire all the coaches he hired ?

What makes you think the next round of coaches will be any better ?

17 suspensions this season.

Out of Control is out of control.

Thank you

Johnny Majors

Anonymous said...

I think the Dawgs coaching staff need to look up the definition of "insanity" as I haven't seen any different results the last 3 years. Looks like we'll probably get one more year of CMR (based purely on 2 early tenure SEC championships) but it won't matter. The Dawgs are awful and I'm not sure how you get better losing your two best receivers and two best defensive players. So it's a matter of time. Maybe it's for the best as I don't think we fare any better sinking the ship right now. Maybe Grantham makes strides next year and the new coach comes in in 2012 with Murray as a third year starter and maybe a decent running back.

In any event, the sorry dawgs are still my dawgs, but I may have some extras available next year!

Anonymous said...

It amazes me all of these idiot Richt supporters who are so blind and think that people who are calling for him to be fired aren't "real bulldog fans". It makes me sick. Richt has lost control of the program and his players do not respect him. Who gives a shit if he is a nice guy? Fans don't give money to the University of Georgia for a 6-7 Liberty Bowl Team and a coach who is a nice guy. "Real" fans want championships. It sure would be nice to go to a game in Athens in October or November which actually mattered. Until Richt is gone, we wont win more than 9 games in a season. And that is being generous.