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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fleeting thoughts: On 2010, and looking ahead

I’m traveling today – flying to Washington, then driving to Athens – so you’ll forgive me if this can’t quite be that in-depth. Here’s the ol’ college try:

- This will certainly go down as one of the most disappointing years in recent Georgia history. At least in 2008, when there were all those national championship expectations, the team still got 10 wins. This year the expectations were a bit lower, but to finish with a losing record, as Mark Richt said after Friday’s game, nobody would’ve predicted that.

- A.J. Green’s four-game suspension to start the season will be remembered for derailing the season, at least the start of it. But Green was on the field for the Liberty Bowl debacle, when his team managed just six points.

It’s possible that the offensive performance against UCF was an isolated event, a product of a bowl system that creates a month-long layoff. But it certainly shows that Georgia’s offense, despite all the points it scored in the second half of the season, had a lot more problems this year than just the absence of Green for four games.

- Aaron Murray’s performance in the Liberty Bowl was a big reason for the loss. Blame the gloves all you want, but it just seemed that the month-long layoff stunted the momentum Murray had coming off the season.

Still, Murray will remain one of the lone bright spots from 2010, and is setting himself up for a long, record-breaking career. But the strength of his win-loss record remains an open question.

- The grade on the hire of Todd Grantham and his defensive assistants is incomplete. Grantham brought a fire to the sideline, along with the meeting room, that apparently had been missing under the previous regime. But the numbers were only slightly improved, and too often the defense couldn’t make stops when it needed them most.

- There were few standouts on this team: Murray, Green (when eligible), Justin Houston and Akeem Dent. The kickers too, and Brandon Boykin’s kick returns.

But ultimately what this team lacked this season was enough playmakers, and enough stability at a bunch of spots: Offensive line, tailback, secondary. That says a lot, obviously.

There were also players whose potential seemed under-utilized, either because of their youth or just not being able to get them involved enough: Orson Charles and Alec Ogletree are the first two that come to mind.

So what now? Here’s what to watch in the coming days and then weeks:

- Anyone clamoring for a coaching change, or any further changes on the staff, is almost certain to be disappointed. The administration at Georgia made its decision on 2011 a long time ago, and a four-point loss in a bowl, no matter how ugly, shouldn’t alter that.

But Richt and the current staff will definitely feel like they’re on notice for next year. I wouldn’t put a specific record to be hit, but Greg McGarity said when he was hired he wanted the team to be “in the hunt for championships.” For Richt, that'd be a good start.

- A.J. Green should make it formal within the next week or so and announce he’s going pro. Few can blame him. Houston is also likely to make the jump, although I think there’s still a chance the staff could convince him to return. (They’ll try to tell Houston that one more good year could vault him into top 10 status).

Guard Cordy Glenn is a 50-50 shot, in my estimation, to go pro. Boykin seems more likely to return, but that will change if he gets a high draft rating from the NFL advisory committee. It’s harder to get a read on tackle Trinton Sturdivant.

- The recruiting trail will be quite busy for Georgia, which hasn’t received a commitment since August. The month before signing day could be as critical as any in Richt’s tenure, with a number of targets capable of playing, or even starting, right away. That includes tailback Isaiah Crowell, junior college nose tackle John Jenkins, defensive end Ray Drew and possibly a few others.


Anonymous said...

Send a strong message to the Georgia Administration ` Close the Damn checkbooks people. Then you will see change, otherwise, its business as usual with mediocrity and more embarrassing losses.

Anonymous said...

I don't think closing the checkbooks is the answer.

Let's accept a few truths:

1. This year was awful.
2. Anyone with an open mind has to be honest and say that it doesn't look like UGA is going to turn it around in 2011.
3. Richt will be the coach in 2011.

Assuming those things to be true, I don't expect Richt to be the coach in 2012. Closing the checkbooks won't get him fired this offseason.

Anonymous said...

Mr. McGarity will be disappointed because the only thing my Dawgs are in the hunt for is 3rd or 4th place in the SEC East. Im more excited about 2012 because I know thats when the changes will have been made for UGA football. Go Dawgs

Anonymous said...

Closing the checkbooks would send a message for next year but it would not have an immediate impact on changes now. Money talks and BS walks and right now the football program is BS.

Anonymous said...

I was up a lot of the night last night thinking about the loss and really the whole season and I have to get this off of my chest to someone; someone who understands. I think that the college football game has changed and Oregon and teams like them have done it. Boise State is another team. The idea of putting your foot on the accelerator and not letting up until the game is over is the idea that has come. If Chip Kelly had this team and the talent that was on this team he would have had an undefeated season for sure. He would never have allowed it to get out of hand the way it has. The Bulldog nation is understandably upset because they realize that with the talent that this team has had for the last 5 years and to not have a national champion or even an SEC champion out of it is unacceptable. Mark Richt really has no excuse or no answer. Our recruiting should be in the top of the nation with the talent that is available in this state and yet it seems that we have to beg these guys to come here and they still would rather go anywhere else but to Georgia. We should be able to hand pick the top guys, they should be begging us to come here. It is academically a good school one of the top ones, it has a good atmosphere it has it all, so what is the problem. The team and the staff! The way they play the game the lack of fire, courage, panache, they don't strut out of town they crawl and I for one am so sick of watching my beloved Bulldogs loose that I want to scream. You watch the way Oregon plays Auburn and don't be surprised if Auburn looses, only because Oregon's coach Chip Kelley has a fire in his belly and it transfers to his team. Mark Richt has conservatism in his belly and it transfers to his team.
Sorry to tie you up with all this but I had to get it off of my chest and it helps to write it down. I feel better now. I love the Dawgs. I want to be able to say GO Dawgs and feel they are going to really go somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Something just seems strange about Coach Richt and it is getting more and more noticeable. Look at his halftime interviews with the reporterettes and the way he's changed over the years, yesterday was another example - what was with the smug smirk about Murray's picks and the remark about "settling him down before we get fancy"? It's a very odd behavior pattern and highly dissimilar to the way he used to be.

I remember the 2003 Clemson game, in all that heat, and the reporterette asked him at halftime if the heat was a problem for his players and he very irritably said "they aren't allowed to let it bother them!" - can anybody honestly imagine him saying that or anything like it now?

Another observation is the silly shades he wears on sunny days - looks like one of the Blues Brothers - they are very offputting and make it appear that he doesn't really want to be part of the team, doesn't want anyone to see his face - the whole thing is just strange and quite frankly sad.

Anonymous said...

I have long supported Coach Richt, but yesterday was it for me. AJ needs to announce his NFL departure because he seems to have checked out already and riding the "Me" train>

Anonymous said...

Really? We would be undefeated if Chip Kelley was our coach? No way! And you were up a lot last night thinking about the dawgs and the season? Give me a break, maybe that is our problem. Our fans are all spoiled and take it all too seriously.

I mean, we're nitpicking things like Mark Richt's sunglasses for gods sake. I think the last 2, maybe 3 years have been unacceptable, but when our fans start crying about what kind of sunglasses our coach wears we obviously aren't thinking straight.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:09.... Whats wrong with a passionate Dawg Fan doing a little nitpicking ? Maybe you need to go support your local Pop Warner team where wins and losses doesnt really matter you jack wagon...

Anonymous said...

there's not another coach in America that wears Blues Bros shades and Coach Richt never wore them before the last year or two either, just trying to figure the dude out

something is very different than it used to be, if you can't see it yoou aren't watching, Bro

Anonymous said...

Not a single offensive lineman should leave early after the preformance yesterday. And our fans should be embarassed of themselves as well. You drive to Memphis to complain, boo your team & call for coaches to be fired. If you're going to do that stay @ home. While you're in the stadium you support your team.

Anonymous said...

Hey Seth Happy New Year now.

You note A.J. was on the field and the results were similar to the entire year. Perhaps it has nothing to do with A.J. and more to do with the fact that Bobo and his staff were on the field.

Bottom line this staff has done less with more over the past 3 years than any team in the SEC.

The month off reference - WTF - UCF was off too.

Aladawg said...

Let me preface this by saying I have been an adamant Coach Richt supporter. He will be back this fall, but I am at a point to say this year will be it for my support if we don't win the East. The uninspired performance reiterates the lack of urgency. Coach Richt has a very difficult path. I can't see Green, Houston, Glenn, Boykin or Sturdivant staying. I can't see us salvaging recruiting. I hope I'm wrong.

On another note, do any of y'all see potential elbow issues with Murray. His arm strength looked really bad yesterday and with the gloves re-added I just feel something more significant is wrong there.

Well, all we can do is hope that it turns around this fall; otherwise we have 3-4 years of rebuilding a program and staff......yuk


Anonymous said...

Step up a level and look at the lack of commitment to winning by President Adams and others. Football is treated as a cash cow. It does not get to spend even as much as TCU does on football and instead turns over $50 million or more to make UGA competitive at horse jumping, women's softball, and other sports. The administration says it has top 10 aspirations but does not have top 10 spending. See ESPN:

Anonymous said...

Do you remember back in 2002 or 2003 when Pat Dye said he didn't think the Bulldogs were "man enough" to beat Alabama that year? Well Pat Dye is a jackass, but the offensive line would fit that description this year. I don't understand because Stacy Searels played for Pat Dye at Auburn but his line has no heart, and the laugher is that several of those guys think they could be drafted into the NFL. They are delusional. I say any underclassman from this six win team that wants to inquire about the NFL, go ahead sell your jerseys and go. I think that Aaron Murray and the gloves looked just as ridiculous as Danny Wuerffel did with the gloves as a Redskin with similar results. I think people might think that the defense had a good day only giving up ten points, but UCF dropped a lot of passes and the QB made some errant throws. One last point: Coach Richt should take some of his multimillion dollars and reimburse all the Georgia fans that made the trip to watch that crap last night. He should be embarassed to associate himself with that debacle.

Anonymous said...

Coach Richt needs to come down harder on all these players getting in trouble to regain control of the team. Also the change that needs to be made is in the form of FIRING recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner, he goes after these fast athletes and top recruits, great, but doesnt mean squat if they cant tackle or play the game!

Anonymous said...

I have always been a pro-Richt fan. This bowl game made me re-think that attitude. I am almost embarrassed being a Georgia Bulldog right now and that is a shame.

Anonymous said...

Several thoughts:

First, I don't recall more than a handful of offensive linemen who were truly NFL ready after their junior year and worthy to leave for the draft early. None of our current OL fit that mold. If there's one lick of sense among the entire group none will leave.

Second, anyone who thinks that their donations are significant enough to impact the personnel decisions when their donations stop should share with me some of what they're drinking. I'm pretty sure that no one in the Butts-Mehre building will notice or care if you stop your donations. There will always be others willing to donate and get season tickets. I didn't get so much as a reminder postcard that my donation was due in a few days the year I had to stop giving to get season tickets (had to choose between Hartman fund or pay for the delivery of our second child), and I certainly did not receive any calls when the deadline passed and my check wasn't in the mail.

I am disappointed beyond anything I could have imagined when this season started, and share many of the concerns voiced by others on this blog over the last several days, but as Seth pointed out, it has been made crystal clear that the head coaching job will not see a different face next year, so let's just stop with all of the continued choruses of who should be fired, reassigned, etc. I, for one, will look forward to seeing what the S & C changes bring in our team during the offseason, watch on signing day as usual for any last minute signees to make an immediate impact (Crowell), and will continue to support my team and my coach next year. If things go badly next year, let the chips fall where they may. BUT, if we go and win a championship next year, all of you who are down on our coach now go ahead and refrain from celebrating if he leads us to the promised land...if he's such a bum that he doesn't deserve your support this year in our/his lowest point, then go ahead and avoid the hypocrisy of jumping back on the bandwagon when things are going well.

Happy New Year to all. Here's to a great 2011 for the Bulldog Nation.

Anonymous said...

@anon4:40 you are just another blind homer Richt apologist. How much longer should fans accept this inept coaching from this staff? Im tied of seeing teams like Florida ,and Bama winning championships with many players from the state of Georgia. If Richt goes 7 - 5 next season you apologist will be right back here saying give him another year. Its time for Richt to go.... wake up bud !

Anonymous said...

How much NFL talent has passed through the arches since this coaching staff has managed to even win their six team division. The number selected quarter back, a first round running back, one of top recievers in college football. That's just the cream of the crop. A recruit expecting to have a successful college career would be foolish to commit to UGA. Have you noticed how the number of nationally televised games and national coverage has dropped to almost nothing. That is the kind of attention an NFL bound high schooler craves. Fact is only an idiot would commit to UGA, so you can bet that our committments will be a bunch of idiots that continue to do stuff like chop block in key situations. We will continue to see these morons drive drunk on suspended licenses, skip academic counseling sessions before a bowl game, and sell their jerseys. The players and coaches are all idiots. I'm a UGA grad and love my school, but can only wish that I liked my football team. Truth is, I'm embarassed by their off field antics and total underachievement on the field. I'm sure we will hear all the offseason talking points about culture changes, going back to fundamentals, emerging leadership, etc. At the same time the Athens-Clarke County jails will be filling up with idiot Bulldog football players. Maybe our basketball team will start to represent our school better under Fox.

Willb said...

I'm not quite sure how to feel about this season. It was a disappointment no matter how you look at it.

The only positive to come out of this season in my opinion was Aaron Murray. There were other smaller positives but Murray is obviously the player we should be the most grateful to have looking forward. A lot of fans are going to look at last night and say hes not our future and he did play bad last night. Yet I know Murray is better than that. The fact that he is a freshman first year starter cannot be ignored. Not an excuse but a fact. With all things considered he played great this season. Freshman qb's in the SEC just don't normally perform the way he did.

As far as Mark Richt goes this was not his best job and he deserves some criticism for the way his team played this year. My biggest problem is our team seems to always let our foot off the gas no matter who we our playing. Our offense seems to completely lack a killer instinct that a lot of these great teams have. I thinks Ga's offense has in some ways been like this for Richts entire tenure yet we don't have the defenses we used to have to make up for it.

Yet unlike a lot of fans I believe Richt has earned the right to coach another year. I also think he is our best chance at winning next year. As hard as it is to say it I think Bobo might be the best coach for next season also. Aaron Murray is a tremendous talent and I just don't think that changing the system that he has been learning for two years would be a good idea. Now if this was a QB transition year and we were going to have a new starter next year I'm sure we would make a change at oc.

Right now our best shot at winning next year in my opinion is keeping Richt and even Bobo. Athough if he has another year even close to this I'm sure they will both be gone. I think he needs at least ten wins next year.

I think fans can make too much of players leaving early and graduating. This is college football and your best players seem to leave every year whether it's graduating or leaving early. In most cases it is not as bad as it looks. I can look at the past ten years and look at who left and I'm sure everyone was saying what will we do now.

New players will play and in this case they will probably play better. It's not like were a ten win team losing a lot of talent. We pretty much weren't very good this year so let's give some other players a chance.

Anonymous said...

IM tired of the same ole crap year after year. Next year ,next year blah blah blah. You Richt apologist need to wake up. This trend started back when the Dawgs lost to WVU in the Sugar Bowl. MARK RICHT MUST GO PERIOD! This loss is bad as Michigan losing to App State and Richt should have been sent packing after he didnt accept the runner up trophy.

Anonymous said...

Willb is an idiot. Do us a favor and go support Vandy.

Jimmy the Saint said...

"Greg McGarity said when he was hired he wanted the team to be 'in the hunt for championships.'"

2010 Fulmer Cup winners. Done and done. Contract extensions all around.

Anonymous said...

I just did some quick web research. I found a USA today article that showed Richt's total compensation (University and Non-University at just a bit over $3.5M). Does anybody think he's earning this? He is one of the top ten highest paid coaches in the country. I am so sick of hearing what a great Christian he is. He is pretty stealing from the University. He got the big contract and now doesn't earn his money. I guess that's an opinion. Here's a very select list of coaches that make less than HALF of that.
Gary Patterson, Chris Peterson, Randy Edsall, & Kyle Whittingham.
Who wouldn't take one of these guys over Richt right now? Who thinks that we couldn't get at least one of them by offering to DOUBLE their salary? Don't tell me that we can't afford it. Other schools manage to buy out their over paid coaches with a lot smaller athletic profit than UGA.

By the way, I left Jim Harbaugh off the list, because I couldn't find a trustworthy source for his salary. That said everything that I did find had him pegged between $1M and $1.5M.

Anonymous said...

With Murray, AJGreen, JHouston performing as they did, I would have thought we would have been domnant. A great team only needs one or two top echelon players- we had three.

Anonymous said...

when the money dries up then changes will come.....

Anonymous said...

What will happen: No coaching changes will be made, but a bunch of promises to change the culture will be forthcoming.

Next year, we suck again. Richt gets fired. We have a much noted and highly publicized coaching search in which a bunch of really big names turn us down and get big raises to stay where they are. We hire a no name coordinator who is pumped up by the administration as being the second coming of Bear Bryant (despite the fact that he was like the 5th guy that UGA publically offered the job to). We have a terrible 2012 under him, but hey, we're rebuilding. We have a mediocre 2013 and settle into the pattern that we have followed for years at UGA with very few exceptional years in between. We are the freaking Chicago Cubs of college football.

Aladawg said...


As I said earlier in so many words, my patience is wearing thin with Coach Richt, but Will B. is absolutely right that Bobo and Coach Richt are our best chance to win the East next year. The fact is Greg McGarity feels as do many Bulldogs that Richt's history earns him another year. Now, it is time for us to accept that fact and THINK about what we say. Our long term future are our recruits. ABSOLUTE IDIOTS like ANON:5:27 saying absolutely foolish, stupid comments like he or she did on this blog will only further harm the program, our program. Personal attacks are out of hand. It is obvious to all of us that 2011 is a turning point in our program. Large and small donors absolutely do impact the AD's thinking and that is a good way to signal displeasure. Making vile comments do nothing, especially anonymously, to help the program. We know if Coach Richt, the coaching staff and the team don't get it in gear then further change will occur. They need to win the East next year. Let's leave it at that and ask wise "Football" questions. Will B., you understand where we are, you love Georgia and you and I and many others will now look to recruiting in a positive manner.If you are a stud high schooler know that there will be opportunities to play, compete and help UGA right away!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aladawg.... I bet the Dawgs wont even sniff second place in the East next year. How about if Richt wins 8 or more games next year then no criticizing the program from us fans who expect better. Now If the dawgs win 7 or less thens fans like you and Willb go support a team like Vandy or perhaps channel your almighty loyalty to the Gym Dawgs. Deal?

ChrisDawg said...

Anon 8:44 Richt will be back! What is the use in talking the way you do?

If you are a true fan you will want Richt to do great! Why waste this space with this crap?

You guys are speaking as though you want Ga to fail just so you can be right. Get over it and root for your team!

Anonymous said...

Stop saying "we" when referring to the football team, I am pretty sure none of you are on the team.

Anonymous said...

Well Chrisdawg.... by your logic then Jim Donnan should still be the coach instead of Richt. I dont want Richt to fail I want him gone. Enough is enough and its time for a change. Like I said go pull for Vandy or the gamechickens. Wake up dude it aint happening under Richt.

Anonymous said...

As a Gator fan, I'm disappointed in our season, too. But at least we didn't suck it up as bad as you guys. Please keep Richt and company. They are great Christians and should be hired for life at UGA.

Anonymous said...

Whats crap is UGA's performance the last few seasons that Blind Homers like ChrisDawg refuse to see. If UGA gets a new coach after next year and brings UGA back to respectabilty, then he and us fans who are demanding better will be right there waving our little UGA flags.

Anonymous said...

UGA = Laughing stock of the SEC East (and the SEC East sucks this year).

I can't believe there is any Georgia fan or alum that still believes this coaching staff can "turn things around." What the hell does that even mean. Is another 8 win season turning things around? Is another 10 win runner up in the division turning things around? Other schools demand championship contention from their coaching staffs. Here at Georgia, we pay our coaches top dollar to try to "turn things around."

I'm beginning to think all the fans wanting to keep these losers around for a another chance at further putting this program underwater are closet Tech and Gator fans.

UGA69Dawg said...

Seth how about some of you media guys manning up and asking the hard questions once in your professional life. How about: Coach Richt what do you specifically think went so terribly wrong with the team this year? What concrete plans can you give us to set this straight? Do you think the team will be able to compete on a high level next year given the loses to the NFL draft or will it be a rebuilding year? At what point do you feel a coach should be held accountable for the team not winning? How do you judge your assistant coaches performance? Do you think the fans really believe all the platitudes about trying harder when they have heard the same thing from you and your assistants for the last 3 years. Can you explain why Georgia has had so much trouble with off the field issues for the last few years, given the suspension policy? Do the players really even care that they are suspended or are they just to self absorbed that they think the rules are for everybody else? Do you feel that the lack of self discipline on the player's part is to blame for the on field performance of many of the same players?
Why do you feel that the offensive line underperformed this year? Why do the players appear to be confused even in the games later in the season? Do you think that any change to the offensive scheme to make it easier would help the players perform better?

That's just a few feel free to ask them if you have the guts.

Anonymous said...

I'd add, "Do you feel you've earned your salary this season?"

Anonymous said...

Richt is the Obama of coaches. He'd never answer those questions directly. "Hope and Change and New Attitudes and New Leadership and Start Over and Get back to what made us successful and Hope and Change."

It all translates to, "I don't have a damn clue what to do anymore. But I'm gonna pray real hard that things work out and I'm going to keep cashing my 2.8 million dollar pay check."

Aladawg said...

Hey Anon 8:44

You obviously cannot read either.8wins won't be acceptable for me. Nothing less than winning the East will suffice in my eyes as I said earlier today in 2 posts. READ the posts of 1:22 and 8:33 you knucklehead! Otherwise listen to what Chris Dawg said as well. Intelligence, unlike what you exhibit, was used in his comment..........oh, sorry literacy is not in your vocabulary.

ChrisDawg said...

I think everyone here would agree that the early 80's were the golden ages for Ga football right?

Does anyone know what the records of the three previous Ga teams were before we won a national championship?

1980: 12-0
1979: 6-5
1978: 9-2-1
1977: 5-6

Looks to me like Ga was going through a bigger slump then to me. Wonder if fans like you guys were calling for Dooleys head?

I don't accept losing either but I understand that it is a part of football that no team can bypass. Two bad seasons in a row in not reason to freak out.

Please nobody tell me we have been sucking for longer than two years. Obviously if you do them you think Ga is some other school. We don't churn out ten win seasons at will at Ga.

David Not Hale said...

This is in remarks to anons comment at 11:31. I don't recall Richt's comments about settling Murray down before they open it up, but I'm not surprised. Something is up with the coach and Aaron Murray. I have never seen the coaches bash their QB as much as this year. From the USC game to the UCF's, they have had some problems with Murray. You could say the biggest F up this year was not knowing what they had in Murray. But throughout the first part of the year, they handcuffed him, and then blamed him for the offense's problems. If it wasn't for Murray, our record would not be as good as 6-7. Could someone please tell me why our coaches distrust our QB so much. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aladawg... what did you say about personal attacks. You unknowingly illustrate hypocrisy beautifully. You also accept Richt and Boo BOO is UGA best chance in winning the East. Comical ! Please save it because it aint gonna happen.

BuLLdawg said...

53 Years since Georgia Bulldogs Lost 7 games in one season.

Five (5) Years of Decline under Mark Richt since 2005 :

Worse than 4-Loss Season Average over the last 5 years.

21 Losses last 5 years.

4.2 loses per season average over the last entire 5 years now.

Mark Richt over his last 5 years now, has a WORSE win percentage than Jim Donnan did in his 5 years at the helm here.

“We’ve got to make change,” Mark Richt says, stating the obvious.

Aaron Murray ended the season with 21 sacks.

Aaron Murray led his team to a LOSING RECORD as Starting Quarterback for UGA.

It was ugly.

He played against 5 teams who probably will end up in the Top 25 Final AP Poll. He lost all 5 and he lost, for good measure to 2 teams who cannot possibly end the season in the Top 25 Final AP Poll.

7 Losses.

Aaron Murray played against 8 teams in total this season who are cupcakes. He beat 6 powder-puff creampuff cupcakes.

Mark Richt ran his record to 17-24 for his 10 years against Top 25 Final AP Poll teams.

Mark Richt also ran his record to 3-9 for his 10 years vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams

Even more embarrassing than all of this, Mark Richt won the Fulmer Cup National Championship for the Most Arrested / Suspended Football Team in all of America.

On offense, we beat no good team this season, lost 4 games with AJ Green and 3 without him.

As we have been doing the entire 10 years of the Mark Richt Era.

His coaching staff is rated the dead last worst coaching staff in America all 10 years.

Mark Richt did not beat the Top 10 actual teams he played this season or over his 10 years, did not beat the Top 25 actual teams he played this season in 5 tries, and for good measure has averaged a loss to a not Top 25 cupcake every season of the 10 years as well, tallying 2 more of those this season.

Next season he will not face the 8 cupcakes he faced this season, in 8 games vs not Top 25 teams he faced. Again, he played 13 games in what could have and should have been a 14-game season. The SEC East was down again this year, and this year there was not a great SEC East team at all.

Next season, he not does not face 8 games vs Not Top 25 opponents, but he also loses 14 seniors and his top juniors with a lackluster recruiting class – not filling our holes again.

The coaches blame the players.

The players blame the coaches.

The fans are 67 percent saying this is Mark Richt’s last season.

67 percent.

That is 2 out of 3 of us saying Mark Richt has his last year 2011.

10 years of the # 52 Total Offense, Mark Richt tried to lie about his offense this season, stating how great we were against CUPCAKES.

That is not the measure of The University of Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program.

If he thinks it is, he can MOVE ALONG.

# 11 All-Time in Wins

# 3 SEC All-Time in SEC Championships

We ran around there against a Conference USA team to lost to a 6-loss, lost to a 5-loss and lost to another team. We are looking like in game 13 that we did not know what we were doing.

We are worse in game 13 than we were in game 2.

10 years of Mark Richt and he has NEVER beat a Top 10 Final AP Poll team in ANY bowl game, EVER.

We are NOT on the national spotlight, on the national stage wining a big bowl game to end the season against a Top 10 Final AP Poll team. TCU did.

Instead, this bowl season, we hear Mark Richt, # 5 in his own conference in Win Percentage as Current Coach Current School and # 14 nationally over his 10 years, here, tell the Press that he is # 4 nationally. He isn’t # 4 in his own conference.

He is NOT.

3 of 14 on 3rd Down Conversions in the bowl game, as we were ALL DAMN SEASON LONG. Against a Conference USA team who never had won a bowl game and who previously was 1-13 vs SEC all-time.

Aaron Murray, in his ball hog fashion all season long, had 50 plays where he either ran the football or threw the football on this night.

He scored -0- points.

BuLLdawg said...

On the season, little Aaron Murray’s Losing Record as Starting Quarterback at Georgia, had rushing attempts for a grand total of 87 carries for a grand total of 2 yards per carry.

Mike Bobo threw Aaron Murray under the bus after the bowl game.

Mark Richt threw Aaron Murray under the bus after the bowl game.

Not Accurate. Aaron Murray’s passes are not accurate. 10 of the 11 Starters on Offense returned this season. All but Aaron Murray. And, Aaron Murray was our best player on the team, offense, defense and special teams all season long. Again in the bowl game, Aaron Murray was our best player. He played like crap; he scored -0- points, he hogged the ball and did NOTHING. He LOST. Again. It is what he does.


What cryptic statement is that Mark Richt ?

2 yards a carry.

He has 87 carries on the season.

Averaging 2 yards a carry.

LOST 7 games.

7 games as Starting Quarterback.

2 against cupcakes.

Beat 6 cupcakes.

Beat no one.

LOST to 2 cupcakes, in addition.

“Change” Mark Richt ?

Like what ?

What, pray freaking tell us all Mark Richt, are you going to “change ? “

A Season which should have seen us go 11-3 which would not have been acceptable, is 6-7.

I love the fan who said after the game had we won it, he would be a Mark Richt Apologist.

I love the other fan who said he used to be a Mark Richt-0-File but no longer.

This after our “re-building year last year 2009 of 7-5 regular season,” we go instead 6-6 this regular season beating no one again as we have done all 10 years of the Mark Richt Era and lost the bowl game to end with a LOSING SEASON.

God Almighty Mark Richt.

3 of 14 on 3rd Down vs Conference USA in Game 13 – Aaron Murray

# 52 NCAA Total Offense all 10 years of the Mark Richt Era.

# 74 in even getting a 1st Down this season – Aaron Murray

# 49 in Total Offense this season – Aaron Murray & Mike Bobo & Mark Richt

# 48 in 3rd Down Conversions this season – Aaron Murray

# 62 in being sacked – Aaron Murray

Do you think George O’Leary had any problems whatsoever in convincing his Conference USA team that they could beat this Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program nowadays ?

Do you really think he did ?

We lost to Colorado who ended the season 5-7 and fired their coach.

We lost to Florida who FIVE (5) other teams beat, but Mark Richt is only 2 wins in 10 years against Florida and even with all 5 other teams beating Florida, Mark Richt could not convince our players that we would beat Florida. Their coach, quit.

There is no spin you can put on it.

Mark Richt’s wife told him to be-prepared to make statements after the game that “change” must now happen, if we LOST.

17 suspensions in 1 year.

Hell yeah, change has to happen.

3 more for this latest game.

Another loss.

21 losses over these last 5 years of Decline.

Mark Richt does not know how to hire an Assistant Coach for his “coaching staff.”

Kansas State Lost 6 games playing SOS # 46 this season, but they beat UCF.

Southern Miss Lost 5 games playing SOS # 95 this season, but they beat UCF.

UCF is not a great football team, losing 3 games to the likes of this.

These 3 teams beat UCF this season.

But NOT Mark Richt.

It IS what he does.

And, continues to do.

2 years in the 118-year History of Georgia Bulldogs’ Football, we have lost 7 games in a season.


Make that 3 times now.

7-Losses for the 3rd time in 118 years.

Congratulations Mark Richt, after 10 years here of hiring a sorry “coaching staff.”

I got every bowl game correct January 1 New Year's Day.


53 years since Georgia Lost 7 games in a season.

BuLLdawg said...

Your next job I am quite certain you will not hire your praying buddies, but actual coaches who actually played the position you want them to coach, who actually are experienced at winning at the position they are coaching.

You know Mark Richt ?

Someone as your assistant coaches who the recruits actually want to come play football for and learn from and not lose.

Someone they will not want to get Arrested / Suspended and have the face as their coach.

21 Losses in 5 years.

Jim Donnan did not lose 21 games over his 5 years here.

Mark Richt has LOST 2 more games the last 5 years than Jim Donnan lost in his 5 years here.

Mark Richt has a WORSE win percentage his last 5 years here than Jim Donnan had here in his 5 years here.

We fired Jim Donnan for losing 19 games in his 5 years here.

Ray Goff Lost 21 games from 1991 to 1995 five years. Mark Richt equaled that the last 5 years.

We fired Ray Goff after 1995 for losing 21 games his last 5 years here.

Vince Dooley lost 21 games total his last nine (9) years.

Mark Richt has accomplished 21 losses in the last five (5) years.

21 Losses Mark Richt last 5 years here

21 Losses Vince Dooley his last 9 years here

17 Losses Wally Butts 1941 to 1948 eight years here

Our Football Program under Mark Richt the last entire 5 years now, has fallen apart. It is broken. We win national championships nowadays in getting arrested/suspended. We don’t beat the good teams. We lose to a bad team too every year. 3-9 vs Top 10 and 10 more losses to not even Top 25 in the final AP Poll all 10 years of the Mark Richt Era.

This latest senior class and latest quarterback are the worst football team since 1957 for Georgia.

53 years ago when we lost 7 football games all in 1 year.


Do you want to try to tell me he is the fourth (4th) best coach again please ?

# 23 in wins the last 5 years The Georgia Bulldogs through January 1, 2011.

All of these college football programs are better than we are these last 5 years now.

Kris Durham moped off the field after the bowl game, crying his heart out. We owe these boys more than this, deserving as they are of a better coaching staff and deserving as they are of a disciplined coaching staff who actually have discipline over the players not the players over the coaching staff. We owe these boys more than this 44-21 over the last entire 5 years. We have not beat a Top 10 Final AP Poll team since 2006 when we beat # 9 Auburn; and, we Lost 4 games that year. We owe these boys more than this in this great state of Georgia which finds only 3 other states with more high school recruits who go on to play in the NFL; yet we simply cannot sign these players in-state especially on Offense. But, our Defense and our Special Teams have been poorly coached and poor personnel decisions have been rampant in this football program for 10 years now today.

And, it has caught up with us.

5 years of Decline of the Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program.

Most unfulfilling season of 7 Losses in over 50 Years for Georgia.

“Wins” this 6-Win season :

3-9 Louisiana Lafayette

6-7 Tennessee vols

6-7 Georgia tek

6-6 Kentucky played the # 91 Strength of Schedule

2-10 Vanderbilt

1-10 Idaho State

6 “Wins” over teams who in fact are 49 Losses 24 wins.

24-49 record of all the wins Mark Richt won all season long.


Lost more than twice as many games as they won, and that is all Mark Richt beat.

We also lost to 5-7 Colorado.

We played the # 45 Worst Strength of Schedule in the Nation this season, according to the NCAA SOS rankings, and we have a LOSING RECORD.

Damn it.

Ray Goff lost 21 games his last 5 years and was fired.

Jim Donnan lost 19 games his 5 years and was fired for that as well.

BuLLdawg said...

Ray Goff lost 21 games his last 5 years and was fired.

Jim Donnan lost 19 games his 5 years and was fired for that as well.

Mark Richt has lost 21 games the last 5 years leaving us # 23 in the nation over the last 5 years.

Jim Donnan had a better winning percentage his 5 years here than Mark Richt has his last 5 years.

It has been 53 years, 1957 since Georgia lost 7 games in a one season.


We cannot recruit.

If you think that by not saying the truth as in this post by me, that the recruits will not find out that we are # 23 over the last 5 years, you are a moron.

Field goal from the 2-yard line and Mark Richt complained after the bowl loss that if the players wanted to get a TD, they should have done it on the previous play. That’s right Mark Richt, complain to the players at the end of this season, as you previously complained about the Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Fans that we don’t know what we are talking about.

We are # 2 in the Fulmer Cup Most Arrested / Suspended football program over the last entire 5 years now and # 23 over the same timeframe in won/lost.

2007 season we beat no one. We lost to 2 cupcakes. We beat no one.

2002 season we beat no one. We lost to a cupcake. We beat no one.

2001 season we beat # 4 vols. We lost 4 games.

2005 season we beat # 6 LSU. We lost 3 games.

2006 season we beat # 9 Auburn. We lost 4 games.

2008 season we lost the only 3 games we played; everyone arrested.

2009 season we went 7-5 regular season. Lackluster bowl.

2010 season we went 6-6 vs # 45 SOS. Lost lackluster bowl.

2003 and 2004 all our players were Jim Donnan recruits still.

2011 cannot be other than more of the same.

2011 Commitments are not great and they do not fill the needs yet again. Our best recruit is a QB kicked off his team, and another recruit in the same boat. No Tailback. No Fullback, No Wide Receivers, No Offensive Line, no one on the “coaching staff” Mark Richt hired and we are to believe that he can all of a sudden now, hire a coaching staff.


67 percent of Bulldog Football Fans say this is Mark Richt’s last season in his 10 times having 1 year’s experience at hiring a coaching staff, instilling discipline on the field and off, preparing his football team, recruiting for needs in-state, and beating the top teams so that he can beat a Top 10 Final AP Poll team then in a bowl game. Which he has never done.

Last Five (5) Years :

55-9 Ohio State
56-12 Florida
60-5 Boise State
55-10 TCU
54-15 Oklahoma
52-15 Virginia Tech
51-14 Southern California
50-15 LSU
50-15 Texas
49-15 BYU
49-16 Wisconsin
49-16 West Virginia
49-16 Utah
49-18 Alabama on the field
48-16 Oregon
48-18 Missouri
47-18 Penn State
46-18 Auburn
46-22 Hawaii
45-20 Cincinnati
45-21 Boston College
44-20 Texas Tech
44-21 Georgia Mark Richt last entire 5 years

53 years since we lost 7 games in a season : 1957.

Pippy Poppy Puppy said...

There is so much madness in Bulldog nation it scares me. All the fans are doing is blaming anybody within 100 yards of the program for the teams struggles. We weren't very good in the late 70's, but we turned it around and won a national title in '80. Why can't you people be a little patient. You all act like you could do better and that Mark Richt is an idiot. It really is sad we have this many sofa coaches around here just sitting on their asses saying that they have all the answers and our coaching staff has no clue what to do. Get real people. Mark my words, Richt will right this ship next year and we will win the east. Go ahead and call me crazy, but it won't bother me because I know I'm right.

BuLLdawg said...

You are as right now, saying that, as you were saying it last year - when I told you so. And, when you said I was wrong.

I was not wrong.

We have no Fullback, we have no Tailback, we have no wide outs, we have no OL. Our QB is 6-7 as Starting QB. We beat no Top 10 Final AP Poll team since 2006 and we lost 4 games that season.

We average over 4 losses per season the last 5 years.

4.2 losses a year the last 5 years.

It has been since 1957 that Georgia Bulldogs lost 7 games in a season.

He can right the ship by winning what ?

8 games ?

He isn't any good at beating the great teams, 3-9 vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams in his 10 years.

He isn't any good at hiring a coaching staff, and isn't going to learn how to overnight.

He doesn't have any discipline. The players and coaches all say and do whatever they want to do.

Jim Donnan has a better winning percentage his 5 years here with 19 losses his 5 years here.

Mark Richt has 21 losses his last 5 years.

We also are # 2 Fulmer Cup the last 5 years.

2 of his recruits for 2011 were kicked off their High School team.

Mark Richt has lost 10 games like the Colorado game this season, in his 10 years here. 10 losses to not Top 25 Final AP Poll teams.

He can move along.

I am a Bulldogs' fan; not a Mark Richt fan.

Anonymous said...

Florida hires an OC that has coached in multiple Super Bowls and did wonders with the Chiefs offense. We have an OC that has had so much success that NOBODY has come to hire him. Great coordinators get head coaching jobs and last year ours (DC) had to be fired) and the other will never sniff a HC job because he is not an elite coach. That game plan and preparation were pathetic.

Richt's excuses and attitude has become a cancer in that program. I really wanted him to succeed but after 3 years of watching this program slide and the attitude and manner in which they play, I highly doubt it gets turned around.

Anonymous said...

Coach Richt, Bobo and Grantham:

You have an offseason and two games to get this turned around. Get it together, demand execution and raise the intensity in workouts, practices and scrimmages. Develop leaders who will hold their teammates accountable. In the games put the pedal down and play fearless, aggressive football. QUIT MAKING EXCUSES.

Beat Boise and SC and you have the chance to turn it around. Lose one or both and its over.

Anonymous said...

Another thing thats being overlooked here is recruiting. Weve been told that we have talent at UGA. Do we ? Its about the Jimmy's and the Joe's and like bulldawg said we dont have them right now. Mark Richt has allowed this program to tank.

Anonymous said...

Murray gets rewarded with more playing time for keeping games close, that keeps all other QB's off the field. If Murray gets a big lead, Richt sits him, and lets another QB play, penalizing Murraty for good results.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why Murray was bench after 3 to's in the Florida game? Accountability? How about after the 1st half, 2 to's and 0 points? Accountability? Or does Murray always get a pass?

BuLLdawg said...

I do not give


a pass.

I point out clearly he is a


50 plays he called his own number

6 points put up

50 plays either pass or he ran

His runs were 4 yards and he took carries away from his Running Backs, all of whom were doing better running than he.

I told you Aaron Murray COULD NOT RUN THE BALL.

You disagreed.

He can't.

87 carries on the season 2 yards a carry.

# 74 in NCAA in 1st Downs - Aaron Murray

# 49 Total Offense - Aaron Murray

# 48 on 3rd Down Conversions - Aaron Murray

Again, yesterday, Aaron Murray on 3rd Down Conversions, was 3 of 14.

# 62 in the nation at being SACKED - Aaron Murray.

His passes are not accurate.

6-7 as Starting QB - Aaron Murray

It has been since 1957 that Georgia lost 7 games in a season.


BuLLdawg said...

What I want to know is :

Where are the vocal MINORITY

who said I was


You recall, of course, that BEFORE the Spring G-Day Game, I said that this 2010 season would be


that Mark Richt has done NOTHING HERE

that he is 3-9 vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams

that he is 17-24 vs Top 25 Final AP Poll teams

that he is 13-12 vs SEC East the last 5 years

that he is # 2 All-Time in the Fulmer Cup National Championship for Most Arrested / Suspended since 2006.

that he is 2-8 vs Florida

that he cannot beat the great teams

that he loses 1 a year to NOT Top 25 teams, such as Colorado 5-7 fired their coach, this season.

that his coaching staff sucks

that we are # 23 in won/lost over the last 5 years

that we average 4-loss seasons over the last 5

actually 4.2 losses a season over the last 5 years

that it has been since 1957 that UGA lost 7 games in a season.


We find this this morning :

"Will 2011 be Coach Mark Richt's final season at UGA?"



67 PERCENT of us, say yes.

So, what I want to know is WHERE ARE YOU - you who said I would be EATING MY HAT this morning ?

Where are you - you vocal minority ?

BuLLdawg said...

Remember, I told you I would be back when the season was over and tell you


So, where are YOU

Don't have a pair to come back and face the music,


Mike said...

I don't necessarily agree with the hate and name calling, but the facts are the facts. If Mark Richt is going to be our coach in 2011 then I wish he would get rid of Garner and demote Bobo to Q.B. coach and get us a top notch O.C. Garner has been recruiting the wrong players and I don't think he is that great of a d-line coach. Bobo's offense never has any new schemes or wrinkles, SOS AND VERY PREDICTABLE! We have made changes in S&C now make some on the offensive of the ball! Give Richt his one more year (unless Jeff Fisher is available)and tell him to make major changes and get this fixed or be prepared to move on.

Anonymous said...

hey better damn do something, there is no we need to change, we need to do this or that, he damn sure better if mark richt knows whats best for him. get off you f*cking high horse because you ARE NOT untouchable. There is no hope, he will get fired before he makes any real changes. He does not learn, he cannot learn. He is too old school and conservative for "change". you have no balls mark.

Anonymous said...

Not going to get into the back and forth, but in the interest of accuracy, I do want to point out that UGA's last 7-loss season came in 1990.