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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wrapping Up the Hoops Hire

Georgia holds is second scrimmage of the spring today, and I'll have notes, quotes and stats from the practice session early this afternoon.

In the meantime, however, here's a quick run-down of the basketball events that transpired yesterday.

-- Believe it or not, Mark Fox says coming to Georgia was always a dream job for him, but he admits that winning won't be easy.

-- Fair or not, Damon Evans' first high-profile hire as athletics director will go a long way toward cementing his reputation. And on this one, the jury is still out.

-- Georgia's players aren't entirely sure what to think of the new head coach, but they are happy for the process to finally be over.

-- Fans were led to believe a big name could land at Georgia. Mark Fox isn't a big name, so while he may be the right man for the job, he still has a lot to prove.

-- What started as a methodical search ended in a frenzied day of interviews and airline flights with Mark Fox finally receiving an offer while wearing jeans and tennis shoes.

-- The AJC finds out three off-the-court facts about Mark Fox.

-- Georgia's still a football school, but Mark Richt is happy to share a bit of the spotlight with the new basketball coach.

-- Mark Fox says he doesn't know his new roster too well. He's not likely to be overjoyed when he finally does.

-- Fox wasn't who most people expected to land the job, but his background could make him the perfect person to turn things around for the basketball program.

-- Fox's interest in the Georgia job dates way back.

-- Despite the media firing plenty of questions at him, Fox seemed cool under pressure.

-- Looking back, it's crazy how many times the media got it wrong before they finally got it right.


Anonymous said...

I mean no offense to you David, you do fine work, but to say it's crazy how much the media got it wrong before they got it right belies the past: the media is frequently wrong about stuff like this, imo. I think the media is good at reporting, but they are no better at speculation than anyone else. That they got it wrong so much makes me think that UGA and Damon and his folks really did not leak things out; whatever leaks there were came from someone else with an agenda of sorts.

David Hale said...

Anon... I completely agree. There was a lot of storyline dictated by agents and outside sources. I tried my best to avoid that, but part of the problem is that editors want stories from their reporters and when Damon & co. won't talk at all, many reports are willing to take whatever info they get. For all the stories that were wrong, there was no doubt a shred (or more) of truth to all of them. But only one was completely accurate, and that was the last one.