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Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Links (4/13)

Happy Monday morning, folks. After an action-packed weekend of football and golf, today marks the first day in a long time when I don't have anything specific I need to cover for a story. That doesn't mean I'm taking it easy by any stretch, but the blog postings will probably be a bit lighter for the foreseeable future. I do have a handful of projects on tap for the next few weeks, however, so just because spring practice is over, that doesn't mean we're done with football until July.

In any case, let's kick the week off with some links...

-- Last week Bleacher Report counted down its top 10 running backs in Georgia history. Now they've got a list of the 10 best quarterbacks to don the red and black.

-- Georgia Sports Blog checks in with some final thoughts on G-Day that covers all the essentials.

-- But if you still haven't had enough, Get the Picture has even more analysis that also comes with a special bonus video of a top new prospect at kicker.

-- says the reports that Dexter Moody -- whom Georgia released from his scholarship last month -- would sign with Tennessee are untrue... for now. (Subscription required).

-- has some footage of Garrison Hearst talking about Knowshon Moreno on G-Day and has a pretty sweet photo gallery from the day's events.

-- The Huntsville Times says Georgia's attendance for G-Day simply made Alabama look even better. (Link fixed)

-- Tim Tucker quite rightly points out that, at the end of spring practice, we're no clearer on any of the key questions surrounding the team than we were before.

-- Corvey Irvin may be rising up a few draft boards after some good workouts.

-- Georgia clinched the SEC women's tennis title over the weekend.

-- T Kyle King has his always exceptional wrap-up of Georgia's three-game sweep of Kentucky on the diamond over the weekend.

-- Nothing like a little smack talk by gymnasts.

-- Bad news for my buddies Jason and Tyler... this article in the San Jose Mercury News discusses San Jose State's desire to get "Super Seniors" to finally graduate and notes that Georgia is doing the same by considering revoking senior perks such as priority parking and sports seating.

-- I think we've got a few readers who are "How I Met Your Mother" fans... here's a story on how the show has kept the pregnancies of two of its stars hidden all season.

-- As excuses for punching a guy go, this one has to rank right up there at the top. My favorite part of the story is the use of the phrase "quite understandably" in the quote.

-- And finally, the Onion's AV Club has a list of the top 24 acting performances by musicians. Personally I prefered David Bowie in both "Labarynth" and "Zoolander" over "The Man Who Fell to Earth." More importantly, I don't see how you leave Billy Idol in "The Wedding Singer" off the list. See, Billy Idol gets it. Why can she?


Bill M. said...

yes! finally some love for "How I Met Your Mother". good one dave

BulldogBry said...

the comments after the Corvey Irvin article are pretty funny.

But I'm glad to see him do well.