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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Links (4/7)

I definitely have to put baseball's opening day/NCAA basketball championship pretty high up on my favorite days of the year list. A Cubs win (along with a fine performance by the ace of my fantasy baseball staff, Carlos Zambrano) made it even better. Now, if only the weather hadn't been 20 below zero yesterday, I'd be all ready for summer.

Georgia takes today off from practice before returning to the field Wednesday for the final spring session in which we in the media will be allowed to do interviews afterward. If you didn't see my guide to this year's G-Day game, you can find it HERE.

I'll have a handful of posts today, but first, let's get to some links...

-- Willie Martinez and Georgia's defensive coaches have had to have a few tricks up their sleeves just to get through practice with so many injuries to the defensive ends this spring.

-- Speaking of the defensive ends, Ben Harbin (no, not Ben Harden) is one of the scout teamers currently filling the void at D-end.

-- Speaking of speaking of the defensive ends, the AJC's Tony Barnhart wonders if the Bulldogs will be able to develop a decent pass rusher at all this year.

-- A handful on injuries have given Fred Munzenmaier a chance to shine at running back.

-- Tim Tucker has some notes from yesterday's practice, including a health update on A.J. Green.

-- Love this post over at Bubba 'n Earl that looks back at the storylines of G-Day week each year of the Mark Richt era and wonders what the biggest story of this year's spring should be. In my opinion, there are plenty of good ones, but in truth, it's the nearly 30 guys in green that have defined the 2009 run-up to G-Day.

-- Of course, more importantly, Dawgs Online gets you set for G-Day by sharpening your spring overreaction skills.

-- TotalUGA has some video of Georgia recruit Nick Montana.

-- Let's face it, with two national titles under their belts, it's hard to win an argument with Florida fans right now. But if you want some leverage for your side, the fact that the Gators (and plenty of other national contenders) play a joke of a non-conference schedule should be at the top of your list. The bigger question, however, might be whether Damon Evans is wise in going so far in the opposite direction.

-- An already unpleasant offseason has gotten even worse for Florida State.

-- The Red & Black isn't getting too worried after the Diamond Dogs lost two of three to LSU.

-- 960 the Ref talks with baseball coach Dave Perno following the less-than-stellar weekend series.

-- A top recruit is bailing on a commitment to Nevada after Mark Fox accepted the job at Georgia. Unfortunately for the Dogs, he says he won't be following his would-be coach to Athens.

-- Should Mark Fox decide he wants to leave Georgia before finishing his six-year contract, he'll face a pretty hefty buyout.

-- Sic Em Dawgs has all the details of Fox's Memorandum of Understanding.

-- The Los Angeles Times has a list of 29 top travel destinations for 2009. Along with Belize, Tibet and Hawaii -- coming in at No. 24 on the list -- is none other than Athens, Ga.

-- I know it's not Bulldogs-related, but since it's Masters week (and I'm getting to cover Thursday's first round at Augusta!!!), I'll pass along this podcast from 960 the Ref with golf writer Jason Sobel.

-- It's been a while since we linked to anything mustache-related, but here's the Chicago Tribune's list of the top 50 mustaches ever. Hard to believe newspapers are going out of business with ground-breaking content like this.

-- And finally, as a child of the '80s, I was thoroughly entertained by this "Where are they now" list of classic WWF wrestlers. The three most interesting facts I learned: 1.) Miss Elizabeth died of an overdose in the home of Lex Luger, who you'll remember also happened to play college ball with Mark "Boca" Richt. 2.) King Kong Bundy is now working as a stand-up comedian. Look out, Carrot Top! And 3.) In addition to his role as a beef jerky pitch man, Randy "Macho Man" Savage has put out a rap album. Seriously. I know we're going through some tough times as a country, but it's stuff like that that just makes you happy to be alive.


Anonymous said...

So, David, do you think Fukudome hits his weight this year? Based on last night's game, it's going to be a long season for him. Hopefully he learns to love Iowa.

David Hale said...

No kidding... problem is, we really don't have another CFer to handle the job since we essentially gave away Felix Pie. I wish they would have just tried to re-sign Edmonds to at least have a platoon going there.

Anonymous said...

In Reed Johnson we trust.