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Friday, April 24, 2009

Catching Up With... Knowshon Moreno

After meeting with fans at the Modell's Sporting Goods where he used to work Thursday, Knowshon Moreno spent some time chatting with media. Here's what he had to say...

(And no, I wasn't the one asking all the Eagles questions.)

(Also, if you're interested, the Philadelphia Daily News has some Knowshon info coming from NFL scouts.)

Q: What are you going to be doing for the draft on Saturday?

I'm watching with my grandmom and my family back at the house and after that we're going to Steve Antinucci's place to just see everyone there.

Q: Are you nervous?

I'm excited and kind of nervous in a way, because you never know what's going to happen. But whatever happens, it'll definitely be great, and I'll be very appreciative.

Q: Are you glad the process has finally come to an end?

Definitely. There's been a lot going into this entire process, from the combine, Pro Days, visits, things like that. So to be here already is really good, and we'll see what happens.

(Note: During the fan Q&A portion -- the video of this was posted earlier today -- Knowshon talked about a pregame ritual in high school in which he wore his grandmother's slippers before every game.)

Q: So will you where your grandmother's slippers in the NFL?

I think the guys at that level would probably make fun of me.

Q: Do you pay attention to what has been said or written about you over the past few months?

No, because no one knows besides the teams making the decisions. The guys at ESPN have their own opinion, but who knows? Anything can happen in the draft. It's like the lottery.

Q: You mentioned the Jets and Giants as possible destinations earlier, but you neglected to include Philly. Is that a place you'd like to play?

I did forget Philly. Well, they asked about the Giants and Jets, and those spots would be great. But Philly, that'd be nice, too.

Q: Have you had a lot of interaction with the Eagles?

Not more than the visit I went on, and that was a great visit.

Q: What are those visits like?

It's basically a meet-and-greet kind of thing. You go to wherever they fly you out to, meet the coaches, meet some of the players who are there working out. Basically they just want to get a feel for you again.

Q: Did you get to meet any players when you visited with the Eagles?

Reggie Brown was there. I got to see him for a while. There's a couple Georgia players on the Eagles, and it'd be nice to play with them.

Q: You played Pee-Wee football with UConn running back Donald Brown, who could also go in the first round of the draft. Have you talked to him much during this whole process?

A little bit. We were on a visit together (with the Jets). We went to the hotel room and just kind of chilled out. We didn't talk about the whole process but, we kind of looked at each other like, this is kind of crazy, you know? But it's a great experience. Not many people get to do it, and it only comes once, so you've got to enjoy it while it's here.

Q: You played quarterback on the Pee-Wee team with Brown, right?

The first year I was, and then, I'm not sure if I was for two years or then went to running back. But he told me a story about how, I think it was my first touchdown, I was playing quarterback and broke out. I started running down the sideline, and my pants started falling down because I had no belt. So I was running, holding my pants up, and I scored. He told me about that, but I don't remember it.

Q: What's it like looking around and seeing your jersey hanging up everywhere?

It really is kind of weird. I didn't think it would ever happen. When I first got to Georgia, I saw Thomas Brown and Kregg Lumpkin's numbers hanging up, and I thought, man, that'd be sweet if I had mine. And now it's happened, and it's awesome.

Q: Particularly that it's hanging up in the place where you used to work, that has to be strange, right?

Yeah, that definitely is. I remember working here, we did some funny things. Me and Mark Longo, who was a wide receiver, we both worked here together for about a year. I worked right here in sporting goods just stocking the shelves and helping people.

Q: Is it true that you didn't know who Herschel Walker was?

No, that's not true. Oh, wait, well, yeah that is true. I had seen him in a video game once. I was like, 'Who is this guy?' They said, 'Herschel Walker.' I said, 'OK, cool.' But once I got to meet him, it was real sweet. We didn't talk about football or anything. We just talked about life and hung out. That was a great experience.

* If you missed it yesterday, you can check out my Twitter updates from Knowshon's appearance HERE. Be sure to sign up to get updates live from the NFL draft in New York, too.


Anonymous said...

If I may, you should rename this segment, What the Hale is up with....I think it would give you street cred.

Kaylen said...

Where can a get a shirt like the one KM had on? That's freakin awesome!

And thanks DH for all your hard work!

David Hale said...

Anon -- Love the idea. I may have to change the name.

Kaylen -- You're not the first to ask. I emailed Knowshon's marketing guy who is looking into it for me.