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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stafford on Letterman

Matthew Stafford read the top 10 list on Letterman on Monday. You can watch the video HERE.

Here's the full top 10 in text form though...

Top 10 Thoughts that Went Through Matthew Stafford's Mind on Draft Day
10. You don't often hear, "Congratulations, you're going to Detroit"
9. Why am I the only one who came to Radio City Music Hall dressed as a Rockette?
8. If the Lions win one game this year, I'm a hero
7. Anybody dumps Gatorade on me and I'll deck 'em
6. Holy crap, I think I just pulled a hamstring
5. I didn't think anything could top the excitement of Heidi and Spencer getting married.
4. Is it me or does NFL Commissioner Goodell look like a young Larry Hagman?
3. Why am I here when I could be at that movie where Beyonce and that babe fight?
2. Why does Jessica Simpson keep calling me?
1. I'd gladly go #2 if it means not having to appear on Letterman


Anonymous said...


Saw a report that Ben Jones underwent surgery last week on a thumb. Any truth to it, and if so, how long is he expected to be out? I think we really need him to help anchor our line!!

David Hale said...

Looking into it...