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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Links (4/9)

Sorry this post is late getting up today. While my birth certificate indicates I am not quite ready for a social security check, by body begs to disagree. I was all set to cover the Masters today, but while 80-year-old Arnold Palmer can still tee it up, my back is so sore that I can barely get out of bed. Oh, cruel fate!

But, never let it be said I allowed debilitating back pain to keep me from posting the links...

-- Doug Stutsman looks at how the relationship Tavarres King built with Joe Cox running with the twos last year will help the freshman receiver as he looks for a bigger role this season.

-- 960 the Ref landed a couple of good gets today. Check out the podcasts from interviews with Mark Richt and Mark Fox.

-- Blogging Pantsless takes a look at the headline grabber of the spring, Mr. Carlton Thomas. I've been talking to players all week this week for a post I want to do after spring practice on the most impressive players of the spring, and Thomas' name has been mentioned by EVERY player I've asked.

-- Mack Brown gets a sales pitch from Orson Charles and Chris Burnette, according to the Dawg Post (subscription required).

-- You may have already read this when it ran in Sunday's Telegraph, but I think it reads even better as a part of Jeff Owens' blog.

-- If you're planning to be in Americus on May 12 and you're into the whole FCA thing, stop by and see Ray Goff.

-- Alabama's Terrence Cody has apparently dropped a few pounds.

-- The Diamond Dogs split a doubleheader with Winthrop. But if that's got you down, Georgia Sports Blog reminds that Tech got the snot beaten out of it by Georgia Southern.

-- Remember the little war of words that landed Dave Perno an ejection against LSU last weekend? Well the Tigers' coach fires back at Perno in this story on TotalUGA.

-- The hoops team has gotten its first taste of practice under its new head coach.

-- Georgia softball topped Georgia Tech in a battle of top-25 teams.

-- Now this is just unfortunate. Although, from what I learned in health class, it's nothing Matt Cain couldn't clear up with a little ointment.

-- Great news... "Eastbound and Down" will be back for a second season.

-- And just in case being stuck on my couch with an aching back wasn't enough to make me feel old, this added the icing on the cake.


Anonymous said...

Hope your back feels better! At least you're not 83 like Hugh Hefner! Then again, he lives a pretty baller life for an 83 year-old.

Ben Rockwell said...

This sounds like damning praise: “I think this group is ready for some direction."