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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Links (4/14)

Busy day today, so this might be our only post. I'll be back Wednesday with a bunch of new stuff, however, so you have something to look forward to.

On to the links...

-- USA Today has a nice profile of Knowshon Moreno, tough guy extraordinaire.

-- Bleacher Report continues its coundowns with a list of the top 10 best single-game performances in Georgia history.

-- Get the Picture wonders if a good bit of the blame for Georgia's three losses last year can be pinned on the offense and special teams, rather than heaping it all on the D.

-- TotalUGA has some more video from this weekend's G-Day festivities.

-- Oklahoma State has already cracked the books to start studying for the Georgia game, according to the Tulsa World.

-- Pete Carroll doesn't think it was very wise for Georgia to have its spring game on ESPN. I don't think Mark Richt would be silly enough to break out anything from the playbook Okie State and company couldn't have easily found on film anyway. Oh, and every team in the country had a chance to break down Florida after its spring game aired last year. How'd that work out?

-- ESPN is predicting a much-improved season for Notre Dame this year. In other news, the sun came up today.

-- Anthony Dasher reports that Mark Fox is already hitting the recruiting trail hard. (Subscription required)

-- Of course, Fox is going to have some competition on the Southern recruiting trail.

-- Suzanne Yoculan and others talk to USA Today about the struggles of building an audience for college gymanstics.

-- The Diamond Dogs will host Georgia Tech today at Foley Field in yet another big game.

-- Georgia is back at No. 1 in the polls after its weekend sweep at Kentucky.

-- Matthew Stafford sounds pretty confident that he'll be a Detroit Lion in two weeks. Very confident.

-- First, we had Hurley wearing a Bulldogs sweatshirt on "Lost." Now, there's another UGA-Lost crossover. The guest list for Thursday's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" consists of Michael Emerson, who plays Ben, and none other than Matthew Stafford. (Oh, and Rachel McAdams, if you're interested in something other than football and Lost.)

-- Speaking of our favorite island drama, if you've had some trouble following the chain of events this season (or any other), ABC has a "Lost" timeline posted on its Web site that offers a good chance to catch up.

-- Another TV link for you: NBC is getting killed in the ratings these days, but I came across this blog post that takes a look at the offerings of the Peacock network in the early '80s -- the last time NBC was last among the networks. I do miss Sheriff Lobo.

-- Georgia may not have the highest paid assistant coaches, but it does boast the best-paid faculty in the SEC.

-- Remember when Facebook was only for students? Well, now it's turning out to be a prowling ground for cougars. I'll leave it to you to decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

-- I enjoy a cold beer at a ballgame as much as anyone, but I'm all for this suggestion by the Orange County Register's Jeff Miller on how the Angels should honor Nick Adenhart. It's one thing to tell people not to drive drunk, but the message is pretty easily lost when your stadium is covered in beer ads.

-- And finally, a few rememberances of Harry Kalas from players, from writers, and from plenty of others. But Harry's best calls are really the only way to properly pay tribute.


Will Q said...


Anonymous said...

keep it up Hale, I love your daily links! From one LOST fan to another: have you heard the rumor that in the last few episodes, whenever John Locke spoke off-camera, we heard Christian Shepherd's voice? Freaky huh?

Anonymous said...

David, the defense has been proclaimed the winner of the Spring game, since it was so low scoring.

Sure there were a few sacks and one really good pass break-up. However, I have the sick feeling that they were lucky rather than good. If the catches hadnt been dropped, then it would have been a different score. Thoughts?

David Hale said...

There were some problems defensively -- a few weaknesses were exposed, particularly by the tight ends. But I think overall the group looked good. Keep in mind, too, that two walk-on TEs were playing defensive end for the red team. Obviously, we won't know anything for sure until Okie State, but I think G-Day was, at the very least, a good reason to be cautiously optimistic.