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Friday, April 10, 2009

To Beard or Not to Beard

I had a post yesterday on Mark Richt's new focus on the minor details, which he hopes will extend to bigger-picture issues such as academics and off-field incidents. Part of the new philosophy for Richt, however, means that players won't be able to have beards during the season -- a rule that seems to have struck a nerve with some fans.

(After all, do you think Corvey Irvin could have had such a fine senior season if he still looked LIKE THIS?)

Dancing in the End Zone offers a friendly retort to Mark Richt's no beards policy. It comes replete with a photoshopped image of Richt with a Fu Man Chu and Joe Cox sporting a very Ulysses S. Grant look (or maybe it's an 1860s gold-rush era mountain man). Either way, I like it.

Also, I totally forgot that this new rule by Richt will essentially end the campaign I started with Paul Dehner of the Albany Herald to convince Richt to grow a mustache.

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