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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Swansey Still Going

I spoke with Zac Swansey briefly yesterday just to see if the new basketball coaching hire had changed his plans at all. It hasn't.

Swansey said he has not heard from Mark Fox yet and said that it wouldn't matter even if he did. He said his motivations for transferring went beyond the coach, so the new hire won't affect his desire to leave.

He said he has begun the process of identifying possible landing spots after his transfer but has not yet narrowed down a list of potential schools.

Of course, a lot more was probably made of Trey Thompkins' "no comment" regarding questions of his future. Thompkins said Friday after Fox was announced that he inteneded to finish the academic semester and then figure out what he wanted to do down the road after he has had more time to get to know Fox.

Swansey and Troy Brewer announced their plans to transfer weeks before Fox was hired, which leaves Georgia with just 10 scholarship players on the roster (including the two recruits currently committed to Georgia). That also includes Travis Leslie, who missed the final few weeks of last season to concentrate on academics.

Fox said he will continue recruiting but would not simply offer scholarships in order to fill out the roster.

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