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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Links (4/22)

I'm working on a very small amount of sleep, so we're going straight to the links today...

-- Matthew Stafford's selection as the top overall pick isn't a done deal yet, but the Detroit Lions expect to have a contract in place with whomever they take at No. 1.

-- With Stafford poised to be the first overall pick, the Miami Herald looks at just how risky it is to draft a quarterback early.

-- The talk about Knowshon Moreno landing with the Eagles has really heated up the past few days. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

-- Speaking of Knowshon, I'll be in his home town in New Jersey tomorrow to talk to him about the draft while he's spending time with students from his old high school. Be sure to sign up to follow me on Twitter so you can keep track of the event.

-- I've been surprised by the reaction to my Georgia Tech Two-A-Days post in which Coley Harvey suggested Tech considered itself a national-title contender. But Dawgs Sports does a nice job of pointing out why it's a big deal for UGA fans.

-- ESPN's Chris Low talks about 10 unspurprising things he learned this spring and 10 things that he wasn't expecting at all.

-- Some days, the stars align, and the media serves up gobs of material right in Senator Blutarski's wheel house. Today is one of those days.

-- Rich Poythress took Kennesaw State behind the woodshed Tuesday, smacking three home runs in the game.

-- Georgia Sports Blog wonders what the Dawgs lost with the defection of basketball recruit Daniel Miller. Regardless of his talent, this is a bit of a rocky start in terms of PR for Mark Fox, but in the end I'm not sure it's really a bad thing at all. He's bringing in HIS guys, and Miller may not have been one of them. Reasonable fans know this won't be a quick fix for Fox.

-- The Athens Banner-Herald writes that those World Cup rumbings at Sanford Stadium were more rumor than fact.

-- It's a quasi-rerun tonight, but the producers of "Lost" discuss the particulars of this season and what's to come with Variety to at least fill a bit of your Lost fix for the day.

-- Meanwhile, here's a link for my pals Brian Perkins and Daniel Shirley: Bill Lawrence, the creator of "Scrubs," talks about the show's final episodes in this interview.

-- I'm loving Deadspin's continuing coverage of Kenny Powers sightings at ballparks everywhere.

-- And finally, Deadspin also lets us know that, just when you thought ESPN was getting its act together, it's not.

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