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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jones Has Surgery

Georgia center Ben Jones had surgery on his left thumb last week, according to the UGA athletics department, but he is expected to have made a full recovery in time for summer workouts.

Jones joins Vince Vance, Chris Davis and Trinton Sturdivant among Georgia's injured offensive linemen, but all are expected to be ready to go by the start of fall practice in August.


Pitbull said...

Which OL will be 100% by early June?

Boling, Sturdivant, Jones, Glenn, Vance, Anderson, Strickland, AJ, Lee, Owens, Hardin, Perez?

Chris Davis by late June?

Josh Davis by mid September?

Pitbull said...

Is there a list anywhere of the 20 to 25 guys who were supposed to miss the G day game?

I think I saw a few of them, Jackson, Wilson, White, Robinson, getting G day PT.

Anyone else see walking wounded on the field?


David Hale said...


Your O line analysis is spot on. Josh Davis is really the only guy questionable for the season (and frankly, it wouldn't shock me if he ended up with a medical redshirt if it looks like the rest of the line is shaping up well.

As for the players who missed G-Day, I don't still have the complete list, but here's a few: Durham, Samuel, the O linemen you mentioned, Owens, Dobbs, Longo, Banks, C. Washington, R. Battle, Dewberry. Of that group, only Dewberry is questionable for the start of the season and Durham, as we know, is out for the year.

Pitbull said...

Lost a long post re: OL.

Any updates on size and conditioning of our top 10 or 11 OLs?

With a bunch of LBs and safeties on the 3 deep chart, doesn't that bode well for our special teams?

I loved watching Dewberry on kicking teams. The guy would fly down the field.

Williams looked good, too.

I'm hoping we see a lot of Dewberry, Dowtin, Williams, Robinson, White, maybe Hebron, and Rambo, Banks & Pugh on special teams this fall.

Faster, stronger, deeper special teams could mean a lot to us.


David Hale said...


It's too early to put much stock in any OL stuff because so few have practiced at full speed. The real key will be seeing how they all show up at the start of fall camp.

In regards to special teams, I think you identified a huge (yet mostly undervalued) issue from last year. Where all those injuries really killed Georgia was on special teams. The talent on the field for kickoffs and punts this season will be significantly better.