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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Links (4/15)

Due to some minor (and potentially ongoing) computer difficulties, these links are being posted a good bit later than usual. Hopefully you found alternative ways to be unproductive this morning...

-- What looked like a blowout was actually pretty tense for one inning in Georgia's loss to Georgia Tech last night at Foley Field.

-- Here's a G-Day story that you probably didn't see elsewhere but is one you should definitely read. (By the way, I came across that link from Battle Hymn Notes, which I encourage you guys to start checking out. The content is usually very good.)

-- ESPN's Chris Low does a good job of giving Georgia fans some comfort that, at least they aren't the only ones suffering through a ridiculous amount of injuries this spring. Low has put together his All-Injured team of SEC talent, as well as a post about the high number of casualties Florida has suffered this spring.

-- It looks like Dexter Moody -- who was released from scholarship by Mark Richt -- is heading to Knoxville to play his college ball. (By the way, I love the glamor shot pose Lane Kiffin's got in his photo with this story.)

-- A few folks in Detroit are starting to wonder if Matthew Stafford might be a bit immature after the recent stories of his fued with the 49ers and his comments to friends.

-- Having said that, Stafford and the 49ers are apparently trying to patch up their earlier difficulties.

-- Mel and McShay both have Knowshon Moreno headed to Philadelphia (yay!) but now rumors are surfacing (and they make NO sense) that Dallas is interested in trading up for him. Um, don't the Cowboys already have three potential starting running backs?

-- USA Today profiles Suzanne Yoculan's attempt to win her 10th NCAA Gymnastics title in her final season at Georgia.

-- A key component to winning No. 10 for the Gym Dogs will be the performance of the oft-injured Tiffany Tolnay.

-- Georgia set a record for spring enrollment this semester. Given the economy, I think school is definitely the best place to be.

-- Is a show from your DVR schedule on the brink of cancellation? E! looks at shows that need saving.

-- And finally, for all you "Eastbound and Down" fans, keep this in mind before getting creative when you go to the ballpark.


Cheri Leavy said...

David, I loved following your pro-day updates on twitter and love seeing your site. It is great. Thank you for linking to Ryan's story on the Bulldawg Illustrated site. He did a great job in his tribute and that was his first post with us, top notch student intern! And great dawg! Thanks again for sharing!

David Hale said...

Glad to do it Cheri, and thanks for reading. Keep up the good work.