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Saturday, April 11, 2009

G-Day: Who to Watch

With so many injuries and a somewhat contrived format, it's hard to really take a lot from today's G-Day game at Sanford Stadium. But that doesn't mean there aren't a few good storylines.

Here's who I'll be watching during today's game...

10. Darryl Gamble. He'll play some stand-up defensive end today, and it could be a tryout for a more full-time gig in that role in the fall.

9. Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger. My money says at least one of them gets some playing time in 2009. Their performances today could go a long way to deciding which one.

8. Kiante Tripp. He and Justin Houston will be the only scholarship D-ends playing today. I think we know what to expect from Houston, who has apparently blossomed this spring, but I'm far more curious to see how Tripp has handled his new position.

7. Geno Atkins. Mark Richt says he's been the most dominant player of the spring, that no one can handle him. It will be interesting to see Cordy Glenn & co. try.

6. Rennie Curran. Any chance to watch Rennie play has to be appreciated.

5. Brandon Boykin. To hear the other players talk about him, his position shouldn't be listed as "cornerback." It should just be "playmaker."

4. Carlton Thomas. He's gotten more hype this spring than the final episode of "ER." Here's hoping at least Thomas lives up to the talk.

3. A.J. Green. He says he's 100 percent healthy for the first time since August. Should be fun to see what he can do.

2. Caleb King. He was supposed to use this spring as his chance to nail down the starting tailback job. It hasn't happened, but leaving on a high note could set him up nicely for the fall.

1. Joe Cox. He has said all the right things this spring. Now is our first chance to see if he can put his arm where his mouth is.

So... who will you be watching today?

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