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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Links (4/28)

Some early afternoon links for your viewing pleasure...

-- Vikings defensive end Jared Allen calls Matthew Stafford's new contract "outrageous" but Stafford's agent, Tom Condon, is fighting back.

-- The Detroit Free Press's Jamie Samuelsen isn't necessarily bashing Stafford, but he is critical of the Lions' selection of him, saying it flies in the face of the team's overall philosophy. I think it's funny to hear "Detoit Lions" and "overall philosophy" in the same sentence.

-- When you're a potential No. 1 overall pick, you get Jimmy Fallon. But once you're actually THE GUY, well then you get to the big time. (Still, feel free to sign Fallon's petition to reunite the cast of "Saved by the Bell.")

-- The AJC's Tim Tucker wonders how the hefty new deal has changed Stafford.

-- The Pride of Detroit blog offers five likes and five dislikes about the Matthew Stafford era in Detroit.

-- Georgia might be playing a game at the Georgia Dome in 2010.

-- Tons of good stuff in Marc Weiszer's notes, including news that Mark Richt won't be allowed to attend Chris Burnette's graduation and CJ Byrd has signed a free agent deal with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

-- A potentially valuable JuCo point guard has spurned Georgia on the recruiting trailing, choosing instead to play ball at... Charlotte? Mark Fox is supposed to be available to the media on Friday, so hopefully we'll have some more details on the Hoops team, because the secondary info that has come out over the past few weeks has not been very good.

-- Mark Richt and Mark Fox addressed fans on the topic of change at an Augusta Bulldog Club meeting.

-- Get the Picture wonders if there's some serious problems in the Pac-10 that USC is continually getting so much better talent than everyone else.

-- Recent UGA transfer Angela Puleo has landed at Vanderbilt.

-- 960 the Ref has a new interview with baseball coach Dave Perno.

-- Georgia's women's golfers will be heading to the East regional.

-- In the age of potentially catastrophic computer viruses, I've often wondered why anyone would want to take the time ane effort to create something that provides them only anonymous glory and no monetary reward. Then I see something like this and it all makes sense.

-- While ESPN's new ponies-infused redesign looks great, the verdict on the new look over at the AJC remains up for some debate.

-- The Hollywood Reporter has some potentially good news for "Scrubs" fans.

-- And some more good news for Brian Perkins: "Chuck" has a good chance to survive next season, too.

-- And finally, here's a fun quiz for you: Mental Floss has you guess whether a statement is a random Twitter post or an entry from Doogie Howser's journal.


Anonymous said...

I like the new look AJC. Unfortunately for them, I don't subscribe, then again, they also don't deliver to my area anymore, so it's not possible anyway.

Anonymous said...

Byrd has NOT signed. He will Thurs. CMC