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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Got a Question for Two-A-Days?

I'm taking your questions on Georgia for our final installment of two-a-days. So... what's on your mind? Anything that's concerning you for the upcoming season? Any players you want to know more about? Send your questions to by CLICKING HERE or just leave it in the comments section on this post.

1 comment:

Lee Munger said...

Any updates on the incoming freshmen for this summer. How are they preparing for the summer, and who will be the most likely to get early playing time, and who's headed for a readshirt now that we see how things have shaked out in the spring.

Also is it just me or does this year seem like the most up in the air of any in Mark Richt's tenure. We have good players but injuries, inexperience and other factors kind of make predicting how this team will do very difficult, at least for me, what are your thoughts on this?